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The way of parcel and documents shipping from England to Russia in 2023

Before the events of 2022, most of the import and export to or from Russia were taken over by such courier services as DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. Prices and delivery conditions varied depending on the type of product, weight, size, delivery time and other factors. But usually the supply from England to Russia took from 2 to 7 days.

Nowadays, when international firms for delivery refused to serve the territory of the Russian Federation and left the people of this country without the possibility of both sending abroad and receiving parcels from Europe, then through the aggregator you can order delivery from England to Russia only in the courier service Time Saving Machine and that how it goes.

Delivery from England to Russia: variants and conditions

There are several variants of international shipping England to Russia in 2023 for clients of courier delivery service Time Saving Machine:

  • international delivery by personal air courier on plane. It is the fastest way of transportation, but also the most expensive option. It is suitable for the shipping of small parcels or urgent orders;
  • standard express delivery by courier from hand to hand from the sender in England to the recipient in Russia. This type of transportation usually works faster and more expensive than the postal service Royal Mail Russia delivery, but longer and cheaper than shipping by a personal air courier;
  • multimodal delivery by combined cargo with using different types of transport, including sea and consolidation warehouses. This option is the most economical, but the slowest one. For such delivery, it is necessary to take into account shipping time from England to Russia, customs restrictions and additional transportation costs to the destination.

Terms and cost of good delivery from England to Russia

There are some factors that affect the shipping cost from England to Russia include the size and weight of the goods, the transportation method, the distance between the destinations, any customs tariffs or import taxes, and any additional services requested. So if you choose the first way of parcel delivery from England to Russia by air courier, it will take 2–4 days without including the day for picking up the goods from the sender. If you would like to get a standard courier service for sending a letter from England to Russia, for example, it takes 5–15 working days. If you order the economy variant, be ready to wait for 21–28 working days.

What service the client gets from TSM for shipping parcels or documents from England to Russia

Choosing a Time Saving Machine company for delivery from England to Russia, the transportation customer receives the following service:

  • connection with personal accompanying manager that helps to complete the documents for customs in a right way;
  • advices for reliable packaging;
  • monitoring of movement of package according the logistic route;
  • delivery by courier from hand to hand according to the transportation contract and after 100 % prepayment.

What documents it is necessary to prepare for sending a parcel from England to Russia

When ordering delivery from England to Russia through TSM transport company, each client is assigned a support manager who helps to correctly complete documents for export or import cargo for customs, because after 10 packages of anti–Russian sanctions in 2023 the shipping to this country is complicated.

So there are certain documents that should be prepared in the most cases of delivery:

  • invoice: this document is needed when the parcel contains commercial goods, personal belongings or samples. It outlines the value and description of the goods being shipped;
  • customs declaration: this document is required for all international shipments, and it provides information about the contents of the package, including the value, quantity, and tariff classification;
  • export license: if the goods being shipped are subject to export regulations, an export license might be required;
  • certificate of origin: this document is required for goods that are subject to import tariffs, and it certifies where the goods originated from;
  • package list: this document contains the information about weight, sizes and quantity of boxes.

Which information the customer should give to the TSM manager for order the delivery from England to Russia

To order the shipping from England to Russia, please, give the TSM manager the following information:

  • the sender’s and recipient’s full names and addresses with postcodes;
  • the contact details (phone number and email) of both the sender and recipient;
  • the weight and dimensions of the package(s) to be delivered;
  • description and photo of each content of the package(s);
  • the desired delivery date and time;
  • any special instructions or requirements for the delivery;
  • any necessary documentation for international shipping, such as customs declarations or import/export permits.

The main points of customs clearance when delivering goods from England to Russia

When delivering goods from England to Russia, customs clearance is necessary, which may have its own peculiarities:

  • declaration for import of property: when delivering goods to Russia, it is necessary to fill out a declaration for the import of property, which includes information about the cargo, its value, and other characteristics. The declaration can be filled out independently or with the help of a customs broker;
  • payment of customs duties: when importing goods to Russia, it is necessary to pay customs duties, which may vary depending on the type of goods and their value;
  • compliance with packaging requirements for goods: certain packaging requirements must be observed for customs clearance, for example, certain goods require special packaging and labeling for transportation;
  • verification of compliance with customs regulations for goods: when processing goods through customs from England, it is necessary to check whether the goods comply with Russian customs regulations. For example, for the import of meat products or alcohol, relevant permits are required;
  • special conditions for certain categories of goods: some types of goods require a special customs clearance procedure, such as importing goods containing cryptographic means, which requires special permission from the Federal Security Service;
  • consulting with experts or customs brokers: in case of difficulties during customs clearance of goods from England, it is recommended to consult with experts or customs brokers, who can help complete all necessary procedures with minimal difficulties.

What has the TSM team already transported from England to Russia

The Time Saving Machine company has been working in the international delivery market since 2014 and has not lost its grip after the closure of borders along with sanctions. The TSM team of experienced logisticians has laid reliable routes from England to Russia, which allow clients to deliver:

  • different documents;
  • clothes;
  • footwear;
  • accessories;
  • raw materials;
  • furniture;
  • electronics;
  • cosmetics;
  • sweets;
  • presents for Birthday party, Wedding, the New Year, the 8th of March.

Do you still have questions about the delivery from England to Russia? Please, follow the TSM website and contact the manager in online chat or in WhatsApp and Telegram. He or she will answer all your questions and help to make a request for international shipping.

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