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The way to send a gift for the New Year and Christmas from Vietnam into Kazakhstan in 2023

In the beginning of November starts the best time for buying and sending gifts to your relatives and friends for the New Year party. There is no huge demand in shops yet and the wishful goods are still available in stocks. But what to do if in 2023 you change the place of residence into Vietnam from Kazakhstan where your relatives stayed? If it is not possible to give a present personally in Kazakhstan then trust the courier service to deliver your parcel with the New Year gifts from Vietnam to Kazakhstan. 

How to deliver parcels with the New Year gifts from Vietnam to Kazakhstan in 2023

In 2022 emigration into Vietnam from Kazakhstan stays straight after moving citizens of the republic to Russia. Almost everyone of emigrants has family, friends and partners in Kazakhstan that they would like to congratulate on the New Year holidays by sending presents. But they should start looking for reliable courier service for delivery of the New Year gifts to Kazakhstan already in November. Only in this way presents will be delivered on time and on New Year’s Eve. Don’t postpone the search for a company until December. In the last month of a year delivery services will be overworked and if you send the parcel in the middle of December it does not mean that your relatives will get it on New Year’s Eve. Some delivery services don't even take orders at this time because of it.

It takes a lot of time to find a reliable courier company that will deliver a parcel from Vietnam to Kazakhstan. But you can try an international and Kazakhstan courier services aggregator Time Saving Machine that will select offers from different transport companies and find the suitable one in terms of cost and time. TSM’s manager takes information from the client, selects a cost-efficient rate from courier services and logistics companies that are connected to the site of the aggregator.

The service TSM is suitable for businessmen. While working with TSM they don’t need to call in different courier delivery services and compare the terms and cost of transportation to Kazakhstan from Vietnam.

Every rate includes a delivery service from hand to hand that means the courier picks up the parcel with New Year's presents from the address in Vietnam, takes it within international air delivery and after arriving into Kazakhstan gives it to the courier of the local representative office. The last one delivers the parcel to the recipient. TSM has an extensive partner network in 240 countries and on the territory of Kazakhstan, which allows you to deliver parcels to any corner of the republic at a good price.

International Courier Service Time Saving Machine is an aggregator that has direct contracts with such courier delivery services as:

  • UPS;
  • AVIS Logistics;
  • Aramex;
  • FedEx;
  • EMEX;
  • DHL;
  • Smartdelivery;
  • TNT.

Usually clients of aggregator Time Saving Machine send from Vietnam to Kazakhstan such gifts for relatives, friends and partners as:

  • local traditional the New Year souvenirs;
  • Christmas tree toys;
  • jewelry from local handmade artisan;
  • locally produced chocolate;
  • sweaters, socks, head–dress and pajamas with a Christmas print.

Business companies also choose TSM to deliver their branded products: cups, planners, pens, Christmas balls. They send gifts from Vietnam into Kazakhstan to remind partners about successful cooperation and show the importance of maintaining cooperation in such a difficult time.

But senders should be careful because Kazakhstan has its own stop list with sanctioned goods from Europe that will not be entered by the customs of the republic. Please check your gifts according to this stop list. The last one you can get at the customs online service or from the TSM manager.

How much does courier delivery of parcel with gifts from Vietnam to Kazakhstan costs

Not only Kazakhstan businessmen are waiting for presents for the New Year 2023 from their partners in Vietnam, but also relatives of emigrants. Delivery service of gifts to Kazakhstan from Vietnam for private persons is organized by TSM in a similar way. To calculate the price and find the terms of international delivery the client TSM from Vietnam should make an online application on the website or tell the manager the following information:

  • sending address with an index in Vietnam;
  • description and photo of the Christmas gift for customs documents;
  • dims and weight of the parcel;
  • delivery address with an index in Kazakhstan;
  • planned terms of delivery.

The aggregator manager selects a suitable rate for sending a parcel from Vietnam to Kazakhstan on New Year's Eve 2023? while the aggregator logistician creates the optimal delivery route. Also the team of courier delivery TSM helps their clients to prepare the documents on the parcel for customs, make a delivery contract and issue an invoice for payment. The courier service Time Saving Machine works on 100% prepayment and offers three options for mutual settlements for the convenience of customers:

  • money transfer to TSM’s operating account from client’s business company;
  • online transfer from private person;
  • payment on Robokassa on the delivery service website.

The payment for the international delivery is made in agreement with the manager TSM in tenge, Russian rubles and euros, dollars, yen, yuan and in other currencies. The courier is assigned to pick up the parcel from the sender in Vietnam immediately after the manager receives the payment confirmation. TSM’s team is interested in delivery in time and don’t take parcels to transit if they are not sure that the client's gift will get around to Kazakhstan on New Year’s Eve.

Please trust aggregator TSM and order delivery by courier from Vietnam to Kazakhstan at the following contacts:

  • phone number +1 213-459-5581;
  • e–mail:
  • WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber: +1 (407) 864-4877

write to the chat on the website:

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