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«From a tent to a smartphone»: what can be sent from Cyprus to Russia in 2023 and how to receive a parcel with closed borders

In 2022–2023 a lot of people moved to Cyprus from Russia. All of them had their personal reasons, but there are a few factors that may contribute to this trend:

  • Climate: Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers, which may be attractive to Russians who are used to colder climates;
  • Economic opportunities: Cyprus has a growing economy with a prosperous real estate market, which may be appealing to Russians looking to invest or start a business;
  • Investment-friendly environment: Cyprus offers various tax incentives and is considered a business–friendly country, making it an attractive destination for wealthy Russians;
  • Cultural similarities: There are many cultural similarities between Cyprus and Russia, including Orthodox Christianity, which may make it easier for Russians to integrate into Cypriot society;
  • Political stability: Cyprus is known for its stable political environment, which may contrast with the political uncertainty that some Russians may experience in their home country.

Therefore, when 10 packages of sanctions were imposed on Russia and transport links were stopped by closing the borders, the residents of Cyprus wondered how to send a parcel and documents to Russia? The TSM team has prepared a detailed answer to this question

Present situation with carriers for international shipping from Cyprus to Russia

Before the events of 2022 there were several transport companies that delivered parcels from Cyprus to Russia. Here are some of them: DHL Express, UPS, FedEx and TNT. All of these courier services are connected to the aggregator online platform and use different types of transports, such as: planes, trains, ships and trucks. In 2023 they stopped to serve the Russian Federation territory so there is only one logistic firm that connected to the aggregator and makes exports from Cyprus to Russia despite the restrictions. It is the Time Saving Machine company.

What shipping rates from Cyprus to Russia are available in 2023?

TSM has been operating in the international logistics services market since 2014, so when Europe and America announced their intention to stop transport links with Russia in 2023, the courier delivery service quickly laid new logistics routes for sending parcels from Cyprus to Russia. We  work on a legal basis through friendly to the Russian Federation countries, because the management of TSM understands how important it is to save the possibility of delivery for people.

In 2023 there are three available tariffs:

  • urgent way of transportation by personal air courier on plane with shipping time from Cyprus to Russia 2–5 days and the price higher than 500 euro;
  • standard express delivery by courier in 5–15 working days which costs more than 176 euro;
  • economy variant of sending parcels to Russia that takes 21–28 working days and made by combining cargo using a consolidation warehouse with a price more than 117 euro.

The cost of delivering a package to Russia is determined by the transport company's shipping expenses and the chosen tariff, alongside other crucial factors such as the delivery speed, shipping location, package weight, size, and competitiveness of the market. The faster the shipping, the more expensive the delivery cost becomes, leaving the package's destination heavily impacting the transportation fee, with farther and remote locations incurring higher charges. In addition, larger and heavier packages can cost more due to their size and necessary handling.

Also the important aspect for the price is the service. By ordering parcel delivery from Cyprus to Russia in TSM company, every customer receives the following services:

  • Assistance from a personal manager in completing customs paperwork;
  • Experienced TSM employees handling the collection of certificates and passports for cargo;
  • Courier delivering the package from hand to hand for an effortless experience for the sender and recipient;
  • Tracking of parcel and letter movements based on logistics routes;

The Time Saving Machine team also gives the client guarantees. The shipping from Cyprus to Russia requires full prepayment and a signed transportation contract with both individuals and legal entities to ensure reliable and guaranteed delivery by TSM.

What is prohibited to send from Cyprus to Russia

There are several common limitations placed by customs that obstruct the shipment of certain items including, but not limited to:

  • Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • Sexually explicit materials;
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps;
  • Indian currency;
  • Firearms, explosives and ammunition;
  • Human organs and body parts;
  • Live animals, including all types of livestock;
  • Endangered species of flora and fauna;
  • Radioactive materials;
  • Hazardous chemicals and waste products;
  • Agricultural products that lack proper certification and documentation;
  • Precious and semi-precious stones and jewelry that lack proper documentation and certification;
  • Cultural artifacts that lack proper permits and approvals;
  • Electronic cigarettes and vaping products. 

This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change. It is important to always consult the applicable authorities before shipping goods from Cyprus. The TSM courier service managers are always aware of any changes in customs legislation and can advise customers on the admissibility of sending items from Cyprus.

What items are most often sent from Cyprus to Russia

People often order shipping from Cyprus to Russia for the following items through the TSM service:

  • cosmetics;
  • tea and coffee;
  • presents for relatives in Russia;
  • clothes and footwear;
  • sport equipment;
  • tourist equipment for outdoor activities;
  • electronics.

What documents are required for international deliveries to Russia from Cyprus

Here is the general list of documents that may be required for customs clearance for international shipments from Cyprus to Russia:

  • Commercial Invoice (stating description and value of goods);
  • Proforma Invoice (if goods are not being sold);
  • Bill of Lading (for ocean shipments);
  • Air waybill (for air shipments);
  • Packing List;
  • Certificate of Origin;
  • Import/Export Permit (if applicable);
  • Customs Declaration Form;
  • Insurance Certificate (if goods are insured);
  • Export License (if goods are restricted);
  • Other relevant documents as required by the specific country's customs regulations.

In the Time Saving Machine company, a personal support manager is assigned to each client and helps to fill out the accompanying documents for customs correctly.

How to pack parcels and documents for delivery from Cyprus to Russia

Transporting fragile items and liquids from Cyprus to Russia requires certain precautions to ensure their safe delivery. It is essential to select a sturdy box or container that can withstand the weight of the items and provide adequate protection during transit. Inner packaging materials like bubble wrap or foam should be utilized to safeguard fragile items from damages. For liquids, containers must be appropriately sealed and wrapped in plastic to prevent leaks during transportation. The right padding material, like packing filler or crumpled paper, should be utilized to fill any empty spaces in the box, preventing the items from shifting around. Proper labeling with the words "Fragile" or "Handle with care" is crucial in alerting the shipping company and delivery personnel to take extra care. Additionally, it may be wise to consider insurance coverage for valuable or irreplaceable items, or opt for shipping options that include insurance.

For delivery of letters from Cyprus to Russia, please, use the cardboard envelope or reliable safe package that protects attachments from dust, UV–rays and damages.Do you need to send parcels and documents from Cyprus to Russia? Please, follow the courier delivery service website and contact the manager in online chat or in WhatsApp and Telegram. He or she will answer all of your questions about delivery to Russia.

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