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What documents is it necessary to prepare for sending a parcel from the USA abroad

International shipment requires not only reliable packaging and a responsible carrier, but also proper preparation of documents for customs. The aggregator Time Saving Machine team has collected the main necessary documents for export from the USA, depending on the contents of the shipment.


To send letters from the USA to Europe, Africa or Asia, it is enough to fill out a bill of lading with the following information:

  • the address of the sender in America with the postal code and contacts;
  • the address of the recipient in other country with the postal code and contacts;
  • the description of the sending documents.

Clothes, footwear, bags and accessories

To send personal belongings from the USA such as clothes, shoes, bags and accessories the customer needs to prepare:

  • invoice;
  • proof of purchase if things are new;
  • inventory;
  • list of package.

Remember that there should be less than 5 same types of one thing, otherwise the customs will decide that the client tries to supply the commercial shipment. For example, 5 skirts with one or different sizes but the same model and color will be arrested.

Medicines and biological active additive

To send medicines and biological additives from America abroad all types of medicines must be carefully packed in factory tare. It is also necessary to give the TSM manager the next data:

  • the doctor’s prescription that has recommendations for use for the recipient;
  • certificate of conformity;
  • proof of purchase in pharmacy;
  • description of medical product;
  • recommendations for storage and transportation.

If the sender in the USA does not provide these documents, then the customs will stop cargo at the border and give it back to the client.

Samples and commercial shipment

To send samples and commercial shipments from America to different countries it is important to provide:

  • safety data sheet;
  • certificate of conformity with the chemical composition of the manufacturing material;
  • description of the goods;
  • confirmation of the estimated cargo value;
  • invoice;
  • contract between the sender and the recipient;
  • packing list.

Otherwise the cargo will be left at customs in a temporary storage warehouse before the documents are prepared. It may take a week or two and no one wants to pay for the delay of transportation, because free storage is for only 1–2 days.


To send from America the equipment it is necessary to give the manager the same documents as for export of commercial cargo, but with additional recommendation for transportation. Because there are such cases when the equipment has large sizes and it is important to prepare special fasteners for shipping the machine abroad and sometimes these mounts need to be certificated and the document should be in the package of papers for customs.

Remember, that each type of cargo has its own number of documents for customs. So if you want to send collector’s edition books, works of art or paintings, be ready to give the letter from the Ministry of Culture that the parcel does not represent value for the cultural heritage of the country. If you want to send plant products or seeds, it will be necessary to prepare a phytosanitary certificate. In 2023 there are too many types of papers that have to be prepared before export of cargo and experienced managers of the aggregator Time Saving Machine help clients to understand the nuances of the package of documents for customs.

Please, follow the website of delivery service and contact the manager in online form, WhatsApp or Telegram. Leave there your application for the shipping from the USA.

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