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What Gifts to Send Abroad for New Year 2024 and How to Ship a Gift Parcel from Russia Overseas

The years 2022 and 2023 have been exceptionally tumultuous times globally, with great upheavals scattering many Russian families and friends far from their homeland to live temporarily or permanently abroad. Given the immense distances now separating loved ones, the upcoming New Year holiday in 2024 takes on extra significance. The New Year is a time when people feel especially eager to reconnect with and pleasantly surprise distant relatives and friends by sending to Russia thoughtful gifts.

Selecting gifts that authentically represent treasured elements of Russian culture and heritage requires consideration. Additionally, securely shipping these parcels abroad requires research and effort to ensure intact arrival, so rely on the experts at TSM international courier delivery service to do the needed research for you. In this expansive, detailed guide, we will thoroughly cover diverse gift recommendations suited for different recipients of all ages, best practices for safe gift packaging and international shipping, mandatory customs documentation requirements, realistic delivery timeframes, and cost comparisons between postal carriers. With the insights provided in this article, readers can feel confident in their ability to thoughtfully select meaningful gifts, professionally pack them, efficiently ship them from Russia, and successfully deliver delightful New Year’s surprises to treasured recipients worldwide, no matter how far away they may temporarily reside.

Gift Ideas for Children Living Abroad

Children universally love receiving surprises, especially when living far from their homeland. Gifts that reflect cherished Russian cultural traditions and heritage can provide a meaningful connection and a touch of home in a foreign land.For kids who have moved abroad with their families, classic Russian storybook characters like the round, charming Cheburashka or intricately hand-painted Matryoshka nesting dolls will not only delight them for hours but also stimulate their imagination. These timeless gifts evoke memories of beloved books and fables from their early years, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity in a new and foreign place.

Decorating even a small Christmas tree with ornamental characters from favorite Russian cartoons fosters festive excitement and holiday spirit. The twinkling lights and familiar faces from Russian animation create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making the holiday season even more magical for these young adventurers in a new world. Books of fairytales by renowned literary icon Alexander Pushkin or traditional folk stories like the adventures of brave Vasilisa transport kids into the rich Russian oral storytelling tradition. These tales not only captivate young minds but also introduce children to the creativity of their ancestors through magical stories that have been passed down through generations. To satisfy their cravings for the sweet nostalgic flavors reminiscent of home, consider including classic chocolate candy bars like “Alyonka” or condensed milk “Sgushenka” in their gift package. These treats not only tantalize their taste buds but also demonstrate your care and understanding of the comforting Russian flavors they miss.

For cuddly companions, plush stuffed animals and brightly knitted toys depicting whimsical Russian creatures become cherished huggable friends. These toys not only provide comfort but also encourage imaginative play, allowing children to create their own adventures inspired by Russian folklore. Each thoughtful Russian-themed gift idea aimed at kids explores their heritage, promotes joyful play, and fosters learning about Russian culture and creativity. These gifts help maintain a child’s sense of identity and connection to their motherland while living abroad, ensuring that they carry a piece of Russia with them on their international journey.

Gift Ideas for Parents, Grandparents, and Relatives

Pavlo Posad Scarves and Orenburg Shawls are exquisite gifts that embody Russian culture and craftsmanship. Pavlovo Posad scarves, adorned with bold folk art designs, serve as stylish accessories suitable for any season. Meanwhile, Orenburg shawls, with their delicate lacework and luxurious silky tassels, epitomize Russian elegance. When sending to Russia, rely on TSM's expertise in gift delivery to ensure your parcels arrive intact and on time. These gifts not only provide warmth and style but also connect your loved ones to the rich traditions and artistry of Russia.

Matryoshka Dolls, Parekh Boxes, and Fedoskino Miniature Lacquer Artwork are more than mere ornaments; they encapsulate the essence of unity and artistry. Matryoshka dolls, known for their nested design, symbolize the layers of family bonds. Parekh boxes, adorned with intricate patterns, are functional pieces of art. Fedoskino miniature lacquer artwork offers a glimpse into the creative world of Russian artisans, showcasing their talent and imagination. These gifts evoke cherished memories of Russia and its cultural richness. Gzhel Tableware elevates everyday dining experiences with its vibrant floral motifs and intricate designs. Soviet-Era Collectibles, including porcelain figurines, propaganda posters, and pennants, serve as poignant reminders of Russia's complex 20th-century history. Russian Gift Baskets, brimming with premium teas, natural honey, preserved fruits, and traditional sweets, provide a comforting taste of home. These cultural treasures bridge the geographical gap, allowing your relatives abroad to feel closer to their Russian heritage and the warmth of family connections.

Gift Ideas for Foreign Friends

For foreign friends living overseas, typical Russian souvenirs and cultural items make wonderfully novel and intriguing gifts that provide a taste of Russia's rich heritage, especially when shipping to Russia. Traditional hand-painted matryoshka nesting dolls depicting vibrant floral patterns and charming rosy-cheeked wooden bears clad in colorful finely embroidered woolen scarves provide a universally recognizable symbol of Russia that captures foreigners' imagination. Whimsical hand-painted good luck talisman balalaika musical instruments decorated with delicate naturalistic floral and folk designs give a melodic and visual sampling of quintessential Russian creativity and whimsy. Intricate decorative jewel-toned birch bark boxes, ornately hand-inlaid with shiny metals or mother-of-pearl, demonstrate centuries-old natural wood craftsmanship techniques passed down through generations of artisans.

Beautifully embroidered premium silk shawls in vibrant traditional elaborate patterns like the floral Pavlovo Posad design convey excellence in traditional Russian needlework handicrafts. Hearty edible treats like decadent assorted chocolates, shortbread tea cookies formed in fancy vintage presses, thick fruit preserves made from wild northern berries, and premium hand-harvested amber honey - properly sealed with all mandatory quality certifications - offer iconic rich flavors showcasing Russian food traditions. Thick, plush sheepskin ushanka fur hats, expertly hand-stitched valenki felt boots, and chunky cable knitted pure wool blankets embody treasured traditional Russian practicality and protection against the harsh elements. Any authentic gift expressing warm Russian hospitality, boundless creativity, bold style, or comforting cuisine makes a profoundly thoughtful present for foreign friends eager to learn firsthand about Russia's diverse cultural heritage. When considering what to send as a gift from Russia, rely on the delivery from Russia and shipping from Russia expertise of TSM to ensure timely and reliable delivery of these iconic Russian cultural treasures.

How to Safely Pack Gifts for International Shipping

For treasured mailed gifts like souvenirs from Russia to survive long journeys fully intact, they require extremely secure and resilient packing materials. Sturdy study cardboard boxes with two to three inches of dense shock-absorbent cushioning snugly surrounding all contents generally work best. Materials like bubble wrap, foam sheets, biodegradable loose-fill peanuts or natural wood shavings effectively prevent damage from drops, crushing forces or vibration during transit. Especially fragile decorative items like Christmas tree glass ornaments, snow globes or ceramic figurines demand added protective steps. Each individual breakable ornament or object first needs surrounding with plastic bubble cushioning wraps or foam sheets to pad it safely. Then place the wrapped fragile items into a durable rigid plastic bin or hard-sided cardboard box filled with additional cushioning. This secondary container should have 2-3 more inches of padding materials like crumpled paper or foam peanuts that prevent the fragile goods from shifting. Mark the exterior of the outer shipping box very conspicuously with large labels like “Fragile!”, “Handle with Care!” and “Keep Dry” so all handlers are extra gentle and careful when transporting it. Securely seal the outer box with water-resistant reinforced tape applied firmly along all outer seams and edges to keep out moisture. Include extra cushioning at the top as well to prevent contents from shifting during the transit journey. With this degree of meticulous mindful packaging, the treasured gifts have the greatest chance of traversing the miles to arrive fully intact into the eager hands of loved ones, no matter how far away they may be. Trust the expertise of TSM for reliable gift delivery from Russia when you want to send a gift from Russia.

How to Pack Christmas Tree Ornaments for International Shipping

As vintage Christmas tree glass ornaments are extraordinarily fragile, they require extremely meticulous packing preparations when shipping internationally to prevent any heartbreaking breaks. Start by taking your time to individually carefully hand wrap each ornament in a protective layer of plastic bubble air cushioning wrap or foam sheet padding to gently secure it. Smoothly wrap the padding to completely prevent any ornament hooks, wires, caps, or delicate draped fabric tassels from potentially poking through. Nestle the fully wrapped glass ornaments very snugly together like puzzle pieces into a sturdy rigid leak-proof plastic storage bin or extremely durable heavy-duty cardboard box. Fill any remaining space with 2-3 inches of extra loose cushioning materials on all sides like loosely crumpled soft paper or polyethylene foam peanuts. Avoid any empty space around the ornaments so they cannot shift and rattle around to hit each other during transit. Tape the ornament box very securely completely closed on all sides with reinforced waterproof packing tape or strong vinyl overwrap banding. Then place the sealed secondary ornament box precisely centered with care into a larger outer corrugated shipping carton filled with additional cushioning material or insulation foam sheets surrounding it for added protection. Mark the outer shipping box very conspicuously on all sides with a huge "Fragile! Handle with Extreme Care" labels and prominent arrows pointing upwards stating "This Side Up! Do Not Tip or Turn Upside Down." For your priceless antique ornaments, only ships using the fastest 1-3 day express courier transport time possible so they do not spend prolonged time being jostled in long transit. With this degree of meticulous watertight cushioned packaging and gentle handling care, your precious family heirloom ornaments and holiday decorative keepsakes can arrive completely intact across international oceans and borders to proudly adorn treasured trees for generations, sparkling with cherished memories, no matter how very far from home they travel.

Required Customs Documentation

For international gift parcels to smoothly and successfully clear customs inspection controls when crossing international borders, detailed customs declaration forms are required to legally accompany each and every shipment. These mandatory forms must be thoroughly completed in English, with all details printed legibly or written in clear handwriting in duplicate or triplicate copies. One full set of the completed customs documentation must be placed securely inside the sealed package. The other complete duplicate sets must be adhered visibly to the exterior of the parcel itself, typically inside a shipping pouch or customs envelope. The comprehensive itemized manifest listing the contents, quantities, values, weights, sender/receiver names and addresses enables the shipment to fully comply with regulations and legally pass customs verification when crossing international borders, including when shipping to Russia. Any food items, alcoholic beverages, or plant materials also necessitate extra official quality and compliance certifications from health agencies along with mandatory factory-sealed tamper-proof packaging as per governmental biosecurity regulations. Only complete, fully accurate, and valid accompanying documentation empowers hand-picked parcels stuffed with gifts to smoothly traverse oceans, borders, and customs checkpoints to successfully reach delighted recipients worldwide.

If filling out customs documents seems complicated to you, let the specialist from the international courier service Time Saving Machine take care of it. TSM employees fill out invoices and bills of lading for delivery from Russia as well as delivering packages and goods to Russia from abroad and vice versa every day, so they know exactly how to fill out customs paperwork correctly and without mistakes. When submitting a delivery request, send photos or videos of the gifts that need to be sent from Russia abroad to your TSM personal manager, so the description in the documents will be more precise.

Delivery Timeframes and Postal Rates from Russia Overseas in 2023–2024

The international delivery specialists at TSM Company leverage their extensive experience and positive reputation to provide Russian clients with excellent overseas shipping services in 2023-2024. TSM has partnered with major global carriers like DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, Aramex, and China Express, giving clients access to the best rates without needing to contact each carrier individually. TSM does not increase the carriers' rates - the carriers compensate TSM directly. Long-term TSM clients enjoy discounts up to 20% for frequent shipments. TSM accepts all major currencies and ships any goods allowed by customs, shipping from Russia from documents to large equipment. Personal managers assist individual and corporate clients with customs documents like invoices and bills of lading at no extra cost. TSM delivers door-to-door worldwide, even to remote villages, and assigns each client a dedicated account manager. With offices globally, TSM provides urgent 24 hour deliveries or scheduled shipments within 3-15 days. TSM’s logistics experts proactively resolve customs delays. As few carriers currently serve Russia, TSM’s ongoing Russia services are a key advantage. TSM ships food, medicine, and more by meeting import regulations.

With thoughtful Russian gift selection, meticulous protective packaging techniques, streamlined customs documentation preparation, and prompt carrier shipping, special New Year’s surprises can realistically reach distant loved ones anywhere across the world. The sheer joy sparked on the recipient's face when they are unwrapping a heartfelt gift from Russia, seeing it has safely journeyed so many miles across oceans and borders into their hands, makes all the thoughtful effort exceptionally worthwhile. Follow these tips to reliably spread Russian holiday cheer and deliver meaningful gifts for a very happy New Year, no matter how far away your special people are!

Are you sending to Russia and overseas? Get tailored shipping guidance from the specialists at TSM Company. Reach them by phone at +1 213-459-5581 or use their services at Their expert team leverages extensive expertise in global shipping regulations to guarantee timely and secure delivery of your important parcels and documents in both directions. TSM facilitates gift shipping between Russia and anywhere worldwide. With offices globally, TSM expedites gift and document delivery between Russia and overseas in 3-15 days based on client needs. TSM logistics experts ensure quick customs clearance by properly completing all required paperwork like inventories, declarations, and bills of lading. By handling customs formalities, TSM enables smooth transport of client gifts between Russia and any overseas origin point in both directions. TSM specialists advise on optimizing documents to avoid border delays when shipping gifts between Russia and abroad.

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