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What is forbidden to send to Russia from Europe in 2023

The events of 2022 have become landmarks for Russia. 9 packages of sanctions entailed customs bans on delivery of goods not only for legal entities, but even for individuals. The Time Saving Machine team monitors the situation in the world and has prepared the list of sanctioned goods that are forbidden to send to Russia from Europe in 2023.

The list of sanction goods for delivery to Russia

Export restrictions from Europe to Russia are available on the Internet. But there are so many of them so it is difficult for a person that works far from foreign economic activity to understand the endless prohibitions. The TSM team made a brief summary and based on this information the managers prepared for customers a sanction list that contains all types of:

  • perfumes and toilet waters;
  • beauty and make–up products and tools for the care of the skin, including sunscreen or suntan preparations and manicure or pedicure instruments;
  • care products for hair;
  • pre–shave, shaving or aftershave creams and gels;
  • deodorants;
  • bath preparations;
  • depilatories;
  • bags, trunks and cases;
  • women’s, men’s and children’s clothes;
  • women’s, men’s and children’s footwear;
  • textile of cotton, wool, synthetic fibres;
  • household appliances;
  • gadgets;
  • spare part for cars;
  • sports gear;
  • hygiene equipment.

The Time Saving Machine company knows how it is important for Russian people to maintain the usual standard of living and continue to use goods from European stores despite the current situation. So the TSM team made new logistics routes to deliver sanctioned goods to Russia in a legal way.

If you want to order the supply of goods from any European country to Russia, please, follow the active link to the website of the courier company and contact the manager. Send him or her full information about the cargo with photo, weight and sizes. The manager checks items according to the sanctions lists and selects the appropriate logistic route and tariff. There are 3 of them:

  • urgent way by air courier in 24–72 hours;
  • standard supply in 4–15 working days;
  • economy variant in 21–28 working days.

Please, go to the website, write a message to the manager in online chat and order the delivery of sanction goods from Europe to Russia.

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