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What kind of information it is necessary to note for submitting application for parcel delivery from the USA abroad

The Time Saving Machine company is an aggregator that contains supply offers from different delivery services that are connected to the platform that gives clients opportunity to compare tariffs. For the last one it is necessary for the customers to give the managers the standard package of data and the TSM team explains what kind of information it should be.

If you need to send a parcel from the USA to Europe, Africa or Asia, through the courier service Time Saving Machine, you need to contact the manager and leave a request for the selection of the tariff and calculation of the cost and time of international delivery. To do this, you need to give the manager the following data:

  • the exact address of cargo collection in the sender’s city with postcode;
  • contacts and passport data of the sender in America;
  • contacts and passport data of the recipient in other country;
  • the exact address of delivery in the recipient’s city with postcode;
  • wishful terms of supply from the USA abroad;
  • photo and description of the attachment;
  • weight and sizes of the parcel;
  • estimated value of the cargo;
  • necessity of insurance or additional service.

You can send from the USA anything that is not prohibited by customs legislation. The manager of the Time Saving Machine transport company helps to check this.

If the sending box contains personal belongings, such as clothes or footwear, please, specify brand of the manufacturer, type, size, color and material of each item.

If you want to send a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or other gadgets, please, remove the battery, put electronics into its factory box with purchase receipt, warranty card and instructions for use inside. Then give the TSM manager a link to an online store where it is possible to buy such items. This can help to get the necessary characteristics of goods and confirm the cost of gadgets.

If you are going to send medicines from America to other countries with international courier delivery service, be ready to provide prescription and appointment of a doctor, instruction for use and check for payment. Pills must be closed and packed in the factory box.

If you want to send works of art or paintings, please, confirm that the art object is not of cultural value to the United States of America.

The Time Saving Machine company has been carrying out international transportation since 2014 under a typical contract and after 100 % prepayment. Each client is assigned a personal support manager that helps the sender to prepare a package of documents for customs, including to complete an invoice.

To conclude a contract, receive an invoice for prepayment and book a courier for a logistic oute, legal entities need to send a company card with bank details to a personal manager. As for individuals, they need to give the TSM team the customer passport data of the transportation.

Please, follow the website of aggregator and leave a request for the selection of the tariff in online chat, WhatsApp or Telegram.

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