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Which courier service to choose for delivery from the USA to Europe?

There are dozens of courier services ready to ship a parcel to Europe right away, and all of them offer various terms and conditions when delivering to any country in the European Union. This fact has both positive and negative sides, as at first glance it may seem attractive to have a wide selection of companies, but it also makes the choice very difficult and time-consuming. 

That is the reason for a single aggregator platform to bring the comfort of clients to the highest possible level. The platform connects 128 different courier companies around the world and has an extensive infrastructure to process all types of shipping services and offer attractive options to everyone who needs to have a letter or a parcel sent from the United States of America to Europe. 

Instead of spending countless hours in search of the perfect courier service, just fill out the easy application form on the official website, and specialists from the logistics team will always provide assistance with gathering the necessary documents and selecting the most cost-efficient option currently available in North America that meets all your demands and requirements.

These are the most popular companies connected to the aggregator platform:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • TNT
  • FedEx International
  • USPS International shipping services

Time Saving Machine’s team conducts quick research on the current terms offered by various courier companies and selects the most suitable option for its clients, whether it be urgent “express” or cheap economy shipping to Europe. The extensive routes developed by the logistics department allow you to quickly and reliably deliver goods from the USA to European countries and from Europe to the USA at any time. 

If urgent Europe shipping from America is needed, TSM finds the best solution at the moment, choosing among such shipping companies as DHL express shipping, UPS express shipping, TNT express shipping, USPS International shipping & mailing, or FedEx international priority services. Then the client concludes a shipping services contract with TSM and skips all the bureaucracy, saving time and getting the most comfortable conditions for any delivery. 

Remember that Time Saving Machine provides hand-to-hand, America-to-Europe shipping services without either the Sender or the Recipient needing to travel to an office or pick-up point. All you need to do is fill out an application form on the official website when and where it’s convenient for you, whether it be at the office or at home. Then, let the courier pick up the shipment whenever it is convenient for the Sender and wait for the parcel to travel to the destination country within a short period of time.

What documents are needed to send a parcel or cargo to Europe from the USA?

To get a proper answer, provide the customer service rep with more information about the item that is going to be shipped to Europe. As for the standard documents required for any type of delivery, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Air waybill if the shipment is dispatched by air
  • Bill of lading if the package is delivered by sea transport
  • Invoice or proforma invoice if the package is not being exported for commercial purposes

There are some specific requirements for some goods and products. If the parcel contains food products, then a certificate of conformity, receipts, and a phytosanitary passport are needed. Some types of products, e.g., perishable goods, cannot be dispatched and may also require a specific type of packaging to ensure the safety and integrity of the items being shipped.

If you need to ship a parcel that contains some printed materials or media, it is necessary to fill in the data about them, including: the time of creation/recording, the author, the amount of pages/tracks/media files, and the publisher.

Remember that some pieces of art may be included in the list of the USA’s cultural heritage items and cannot be exported from the United States. If paintings or sculptures are going to be shipped, provide the information about the materials, take photos and/or videos of the goods, get the relevant certificate from the Ministry of Culture, and collect everything together to avoid any problems that may occur during the delivery process.

If you don’t know how to get started, there is an easier way: contact the Time Saving Machine company, and your personal service managers will provide all the necessary information on every question, and prepare the documents for the shipment to be delivered successfully.

How much does it cost to ship from the USA to Europe?

There are some factors that may affect the overall cost of the delivery services:

  • Weight and dimensions of the shipment - heavy and bulky items increase the overall cost of the shipping services 
  • Addresses and indexes of the Sender and the Recipient - European countries have different logistics routes and distances between loading and unloading points.
  • The selected delivery option: urgent delivery, standard delivery or economy delivery

As for the delivery options, the company offers three main types of delivery:

  • Urgent - Express shipping from US to Europe, which normally takes 1-3 days. It is the most expensive, but also the most time-efficient option.
  • Standard - Basic option that balances price and speed of delivery, and takes from 5 to 15 working days.
  • Economy - Budget saving choice that takes 21-28 days to be completed, as it is normally processed using consolidation warehouses and combined delivery.

The options offered by Time Saving Machine include door-to-door delivery of a package to European countries, which is already included in the shipping cost for every shipping option chosen by the client; no extra charges.

How to pack a parcel?

To ship items properly, it is important to pack the contents properly in order to provide the highest level of protection and avoid any risks of damage, breakage or leakage of the contents.

  • For letters, documents and paperwork, use cardboard envelopes and additionally protect fragile items with packing bags.
  • For parcels, use universal cardboard boxes or wooden crates. If the contents of the parcel include liquids in bottles, consider packing them into cardboard boxes designed for bottles or special tubes to insure safe international shipping.
  • For cargo, consider using foamed rolled polyethylene, air bubble film, or corrugated cardboard sheets.

If proper packaging for the goods is needed, contact your personal representative with your request. Keep in mind that packaging services are provided only in the offices of Moscow and Almaty.

What is forbidden to send in parcels from the USA to Europe?

There are some types of items that are prohibited for international delivery and transportation in the USA and most of the European countries, including:

  • Ammunition, weapons, explosives, military gear and technologies;
  • Psychotropic substances, drugs, and illegal chemicals;
  • Biological lifeforms, including plants and animals;
  • Hazardous and radioactive materials and objects;
  • Items of cultural heritage, relics, and artifacts;
  • Counterfeit products, goods, and illegally obtained items;
  • Restricted communication equipment;
  • Classified items.

These shipping restrictions are subject to constant changes, so make sure to check with the relevant customs regulations and authorities to get the latest data and avoid negative consequences regarding transportation of restricted items. 

Get up-to-date information by contacting your personal manager and get a consultation on any question concerning the delivery of forbidden goods to Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain and other European countries and to get the fastest delivery times. The Time Saving Machine company is always committed to finding the best, the most favorable, and the safest options for customers and making sure that the dispatched items will always arrive at their destination. It is also worth noting that the contents must be described in detail, and the information about the items must be truthful and up to date, as the shipments are inspected by the customs authorities, and if the contents and the description don’t match, there may be serious consequences, e.g., the shipment will be confiscated, detained or destroyed. Always remember that such conditions may vary and be applied both by the USA and the recipient’s country, whether it be France, the UK, Germany, Italy, etc.

How to apply for delivery to Europe from the USA?

Time Saving Machine offers an easy solution to apply for delivery, and offers the best suitable solutions in any situation. Just fill out the application form on the official website and send it to the TSM team anytime, whether it be business days or weekends. As soon as the process is completed, your personal manager will stay in touch and clarify the details about the shipment’s expected cost based on current international shipping rates and delivery times, as well as provide consultation on all your questions regarding customs regulations, special requirements, and terms that may apply to the packages and shipments throughout their journey to a specific country in Europe.

How to get a discount on international shipping?

Time Saving Machine prioritizes affordable costs for international shipping and mailing services for its clients and always provides the best available international delivery options. TSM is able to find the cheapest available shipping costs and ways to deliver parcels and packages for its customers. As shipping rates are subject to constant changes, the TSM team keeps its finger on the market’s pulse to always provide the latest data and offer the most cost-efficient and reasonable prices and shipping times to its clients.

For legal entities, the company provides a discount for sending commercial documentation, product samples, technologies, goods and business correspondence right after concluding a contract. TSM values long-time business relationships, and makes sure that organizations always get the best quality of delivery service for a fair price.

Time Saving Machine offers promotional campaigns that include 10% discounts to private individuals for services rendered by the company. Visit the official website and use the available discounts for your preferred delivery destination.

How to track the delivery of a parcel to Europe from the USA?

Time Saving Machine always provides its clients with tracking tools for shipments being delivered during business days, weekends and holidays. Depending on the specific delivery contract and selected courier company, clients can use the tracking number for a parcel, package or cargo sent to Europe and have constant access to the current destination and up-to-date information about the shipment. Parcel tracking numbers are not the only feature that is offered to customers, as personal managers always keep in touch to provide up-to-date information about the current status of the shipment.

Ship packages internationally and track them using UPS, DHL, USPS, TNT or FedEx tracking tools on their official websites, or contact your TSM representative using online chat or your preferred messenger: WhatsApp or Telegram. TSM reps always notify clients when their parcel has arrived at its final destination.

Time Saving Machine makes sending packages, parcels and cargo safe, reliable, affordable and easy. Send mail, documents, passports, cargo, goods, materials, and pieces of art from the USA to Germany, France, Italy, Spain and any other country n Europe using Time Saving Machine.If you need fast and reliable courier shipping services with customs clearance to Europe from the USA or vice versa, contact the TSM specialists via chat, fill out the form on the website, or call: +1 213-459-5581

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