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Which courier service to choose for delivery to Canada from the USA in 2023

In 2023 there are thousands of transport companies that deliver parcels all over the world. How to choose a suitable courier service from such a variety and not spend a lot of time comparing the time, terms and costs of tariffs? The Time Saving Machine team took care of solving this problem and created a unique system for selecting courier firms for international transportation. This service is called — an aggregator.

How the TSM works in the logistics world

Aggregator stays on the Time Saving Machine website. There you can use convenient and easy calculator for legal entities and individuals. TSM works with both of them according to the transportation contract and for 100 % prepayment due to invoice. You need to complete the gaps with necessary information in 7 steps:

  • the sender’s address with postcode;
  • the recipient’s address with postcode;
  • the description of each item in the parcel with weight and size of the box in one line;
  • how urgently do you need to deliver cargo — 24 hours, 1–3 days, about 7 working days or another variant;
  • what is important to you in this delivery — speed, safety, package, price, special terms;
  • leave your phone number for connection with manager and getting rates from different courier services.

Aggregator is a kind of online platform which contains a lot of partners from the logistics sphere. Among them the most famous:

  • DHL;
  • TNT;
  • UPS;
  • FedEx;
  • DPD.

The TSM also has direct contracts with such transport companies as: Aramex, City Express, Deutsche Post, Major Express, Pony Express, Dimex, Gett, Bringo, Dostavista. It means that Time Saving Machine makes international cargo shipping without extra charge and offers the clients on the same price the advanced service:

  • communication with the personal accompanying manager that helps to complete transport and customs documents for example for shipping from the USA to Canada;
  • reliable packaging of every parcel, especially of fragile goods;
  • monitoring of parcel movement along the logistic route from the America to Canada with track number;
  • notifying the recipient of the courier’s arrival 1 hour before the visit;
  • delivery from the USA by courier from hand to hand before 10:00 am as you wish.

Such a way of working saves the client’s time on calling several transport companies, comparing tariffs, delivery time and transportation costs. So if you want to order the delivery from America to Canada of parcel with personal belongings or letter with documents for the University, please, follow the website and leave a request for shipping to Canada in online chat with the manager or use active links to WhatsApp and Telegram.

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