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Which courier service to choose for delivery to the UK from the USA in 2023

Covid–19 quarantine has taught people to value time and use the Internet to the fullest. In 2023 people began to use online food and clothing delivery services more often, instead of wasting many hours shopping in malls. Such optimization also affected courier firms. People do not want to spend weeks surfing hundreds of transport companies’ websites and comparing tariffs, costs, terms and conditions. To solve this problem we created an aggregator — the Time Saving Machine.

How the TSM works in the logistics world

Time Saving Machine is an aggregator that contains offers from different delivery services. TSM partners with whom the transportation service has a contract are connected to this platform. Among them:

  • DHL;
  • TNT;
  • UPS;
  • FedEx;
  • DPD;
  • Aramex;
  • City Express;
  • Deutsche Post;
  • Major Express;
  • Pony Express;
  • Dimex;
  • Gett;
  • Bringo;
  • Dostavista.

With the aggregator the customer can complete the online form for the shipping from the USA to England at once with some simple parameters and in a few minutes get all available rates from courier services that are connected to this platform in one browser tab. When there are different delivery tariffs sorted by speed, price and conditions in front of the client’s eyes, it becomes faster and easier to choose a suitable variant of international transportation.

As for cost there are several factors affecting it — distance between the sender in America and the recipient in Great Britain, weight and sizes of the parcel, description of things in a box, wishful terms and time of supply. The TSM managers arrange delivery from the USA to the UK without extra charge and gives the customer the following service:

  • help of the accompanying manager in completing transport and customs documents. The client just need to send the necessary information and wait until the manager fills out bill of lading, invoice, declaration, packing list;
  • reliable packaging of fragile goods, letters, commercial cargo, personal belongings, raw materials and furniture in cardboard boxes, wooden case, containers;
  • monitoring of parcel movement along the logistic route from the America to England with track number;
  • delivery from the USA by courier from hand to hand.

Shipping from the USA to the UK: instruction for use

The TSM courier express delivery service has been working in the logistic sphere since 2014 and during this time the company’s team made the following system of cooperation between managers and customers. If the client wants to order shipping from the USA to the UK he or she needs contact with manager and gives the next information:

  • the sender’s address in America with postcode;
  • the description and photo of each item in parcel;
  • the weight and dimensions of the box;
  • the recipient’s address in England with postcode;
  • the wishful terms and time of supply from the America to Great Britain;
  • the readiness of cargo for shipping.

When the manager has made the calculation and the client decides which tariff is suitable for him or her, the TSM team draws up a transportation contract with the customer. This document has legal force and serves as a guarantee of delivery from the USA to the UK. After signing the contract, the customer receives an invoice, because TSM arranges shipments only after 100 % prepayment.Do you need parcel delivery to London from New York or Washington? Please, follow the website of the TSM transport company and chat with the manager in online form or use active buttons there with links to the official courier company contacts in the messengers — WhatsApp or Telegram.

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