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Which courier service works with Russia in 2023

The last year became a turning point in the logistic world. One by one international courier services had stopped shipping cargo, parcels and letters to the direction of the Russian Federation. Largely this was influenced by 9 packages of sanctions against Russia. But in 2023 there are some transport companies that adjusted the circumstances and continue to make deliverу to Russian people.

Just like that is the transport company Time Saving Machine. It has been working since 2014 and made new logistician routes after allowing the sanctions against Russia.

3 ways of delivery to Russia in 2023

The TSM managers works with the Russian Federation in 3 ways:

  • urgent shipping by plane with air courier in 1–3 working days;
  • standard express delivery by courier from 5 till 15 working days depends on the distance between the sender’s and the recipient’s cities;
  • economy variant with transportation combined cargo through the consolidation warehouse in 21–28 working days.

All 3 variants have different cost and time of delivery, but the same service. On the day of the client’s application to TSM a customer gets a personal support manager. The last one learns from the client all the necessary information about the shipment and makes a calculation of transportation according to the tariffs. If the customer agrees to send the parcel or documents through a courier company, the manager signs a contract with him or her and issues an invoice for payment. The Time Saving Machine company ships cargo only on 100 % prepayment. Logisticians do not assign a courier to the delivery route without receiving money to the settlement account. When the future transportation is paid, the manager helps the client with completing transport and customs documents for the parcel, which must be ready for the arrival of the courier. Then the manager monitors the movement of the shipment along the logistics route and informs the customer about the delivery of the parcel to the recipient in Russia. The TSM courier company works «from hand to hand» conditions and gives cargo to the recipient without breaking the deadline of transportation.

The announced delivery dates in all 3 tariffs do not include the time spent on:

  • making an application for supply;
  • filling out transport and customs documents for international shipment;
  • signing a contract with a courier company and paying the invoice;
  • date of collection of the parcel or letter from the sender.

The Time Saving Machine company also has additional services of insurance and repackaging of the shipment in a more safe way.

Please, follow the link on the TSM’s website, contact the manager and order the reliable delivery to Russia from all over the world.

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