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TNT Express, a renowned international express delivery service, stands as a pivotal provider of cargo and mail transportation solutions catering to both corporate entities and individual customers. Leveraging its extensive network and well-established routes, TNT Express ensures swift and reliable deliveries, with shipments typically reaching their destinations within 3-5 working days. Utilizing a seamless combination of air, land, and sea transport modes, the company offers comprehensive door-to-door services, facilitating efficient and hassle-free logistics solutions for a diverse clientele. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, TNT Express continues to be a trusted partner in the global shipping industry, delivering parcels and documents with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Why does the logistics operator Time Saving Machine choose TNT-Express Worldwide LLC?

The aggregator of international logistics, courier and transport companies Time Saving Machine in 2014 signed a contract with TNT-Express LLC, which in 2021 automatically switched to FedEx. During the cooperation, we learned the disadvantages of cooperation and the positive aspects that we are willing to share. 

The Positive Aspects of the TNT

Developed logistics network. With wide geographical coverage and presence of offices and branches in most countries, fast international delivery of documents, cargo and packages is accessible to everyone.
Access to the home or office. There are rates that include door-to-door delivery by courier. The sender and the recipient do not have to visit the ordering points.
Special tariffs. Provide transportation, routes and trained personnel for those wishing to order the transportation of pets, dangerous goods, medicines or equipment.
Express Delivery. Routes developed over the years enable urgent delivery of documents, goods and packages even between continents.
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11% discount when signing a contract for b2b
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TNT Tariffs

The TNT Express Worldwide official website does not operate in disputed territories and in states under sanctions. When you select a calculator to calculate international shipping on the official TNT Express website, the page automatically goes to the FedEx calculator, which offers one or two express courier delivery rates: international priority delivery in 1-2 business days and economy delivery in 2-3 business days. Total amount for transportation between countries depends on the purchase of additional services to the base tariff. Let's take a look at the examples of TNT (FedEx) shipping rates in the table.

From To Shipment/ Documents Weight, kg Economy DropOff (USD) International Priority DropOff (USD)
UK Germany documents 0.3 $20.03 $38.79
Italy Portugal parcel 3
Thailand France parcel 5
UAE Czech Republic documents 0.5
Poland South Korea parcel 1.5

The price for international delivery in 2024 is formed by the courier company TNT based on:

  1. the contents of the parcel;
  2. urgency of transportation;
  3. weight and dimensions;
  4. the complexity and distance of the route;
  5. purchase of additional services: preparation of accompanying documents, packaging, insurance.
TNT Calculator: Calculate International Shipping Costs and Times

Depending on the country from which you are logging in, the TNT Delivery website offers registration or transfers  to a FedEx calculator. For those who don't know, TNT and FedEx merged in 2015. Managers of the aggregator of international courier delivery services Time Saving Machine will help you understand online tariff calculations - employees know exactly which transport company to use in a given direction. 

Phone number to contact a TSM consultant: +1 213-459-5581, we answer questions in messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram. If there are difficulties in delivery to countries under sanctions, then we draw up multimodal routes with other transport companies, with which we have been cooperating since 2014.

Calculate the delivery TNT

Legal shipments are calculated in the office of the legal entity

By submitting the information, I give my consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" dated 27.07.2006, and I have read and accept the terms of the user agreement, the privacy policy and the offer agreement.

About TNT

TNT was founded by Ken Thomas in 1958 in Australia, who in 1946 began delivering goods by road across the continent. The abbreviation TNT stands for Thomas Nationwide Transport. With the purchase of the aircraft in 1980, the express delivery service TNT became the first company on the planet capable of delivering urgent shipments between continents.

Seeking a monopoly in international postal services, the Dutch logistics company KPN acquired TNT in 1996, which was a subsidiary until 2011, when it again became an independent division of TNT Express.

In the spring of 2015, the American international delivery company FedEx bought TNT Express from its Dutch competitor. Today, in many countries, you can still find branded vehicles and couriers in TNT uniforms, but the legal entity was liquidated in 2021.

83 000
Number of Employees
2 653
Number of offices in the world
30 289
Vehicle Fleet
$16.85 billion
Annual turnover

TNT Express: tracking parcels and documents by shipment number

TNT Express offers a robust tracking system allowing customers to monitor parcels and documents with ease using shipment numbers. This efficient tracking service ensures real-time visibility and updates on the status and location of shipments, empowering customers with valuable insights into their delivery process. Whether it's tracking a crucial business document or monitoring the progress of a valuable package, TNT Express's tracking system provides peace of mind and confidence in the delivery journey. With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, TNT Express continues to be a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike, delivering parcels and documents with speed, precision, and transparency.

Do's and Don'ts of TNT Courier

Subject to compliance with the conditions and the provision of permits, TNT delivers certain categories of dangerous goods. It will not carry alcohol-containing perfumes and electronics containing lithium batteries. It is also not possible to send via TNT Express:

cold and hot weapons and ammunition;
machines designed for three-dimensional printing of weapons;
dual-use goods;
animal bones, carcasses and skins;
human organs and ashes;
narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
perishable foods;

If you need to urgently send delicacies, a beloved pet, a laptop with a lithium battery or an expensive smartphone, then the logistics department of the international express delivery service Time Saving Machine offers non-standard solutions for sending parcels by couriers from hand to hand. Ask questions to the consultant in the chat on the website or in WhatsApp, Telegram messengers, we accept calls by phone: +1 213-459-5581. To calculate the cost of international transportation, fill out the feedback form on the website, the manager will study the request and call back with ready-made tariffs.

Additional International Shipping Fees

In addition to the standard TNT courier delivery rates, be prepared to pay for:

customs clearance services: examination and completion of accompanying documents;
increased responsibility for the delivery of the shipment;
for the proper packaging of particularly fragile items;
provision of packaging for temperature-sensitive cargoes;
cargo that is of non-standard shapes and sizes;

Get turnkey rates for international delivery of documents, cargo and parcels without hidden fees from the aggregator of courier, transport and logistics companies Time Saving Machine by filling out a form on the website, for more prompt communication use WhatsApp, Telegram or call +1 213-459-5581.

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Packaging by TNT

TNT has special packaging requirements for international shipments, as the integrity of the contents depends on the reliability of the container. TNT will not accept a parcel if the package is wet or damaged, because a small puncture can turn into a huge hole during transportation. The box should be made of durable dry cardboard or, better, plywood, without unnecessary inscriptions and even more so barcodes and QR codes, since the sorting center can send the parcel by mistake to another country. 

If the weight of the cargo exceeds 70 kg, the box is additionally attached to a wooden pallet. If several boxes are planned for shipment at the same time, then the container is placed on a pallet, then wrapped completely with stretch film and fastened with straps for reliability. 

The TNT delivery service provides cardboard boxes and envelopes, safe bags, and tubes as standard.Managers of the international courier delivery service Time Saving Machine will tell you how to properly pack a cargo of a non-standard size, dishes, sculptures, paintings and electronics. Please describe the contents of the parcel in the feedback form on the website  or start a chat via WhatsApp and Telegram messengers. At TSM, employees know the international packaging standards for international shipping.

11% discount at the conclusion
11% discount when signing a contract for b2b
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TNT Express in Russia

In Russia, the international courier company TNT appeared in 1989, when it provided delivery services through local contractors. The first office appeared in Moscow in 1993, five years later in St. Petersburg, after 2000 it began to serve 11,000 settlements in the Russian Federation. TNT Express World (CIS) opened offices in Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Samara, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk. In other cities of the country, it is represented through agents who have used the TNT brand. 

After the merger with FedEx in 2016, it continued to operate on behalf of TNT Express, but in 2021, the legal entity  TNT Express World (CIS) LLC was liquidated. Vans with the TNT brand drove around the cities throughout the year, couriers delivered parcels and documents. After the events of February in eastern Ukraine, TNT Express, led by FedEx, ceased operations in the territories of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. A message for Russian users appeared on the official websites: "All FedEx and TNT services for international and domestic transportation to/from/within Russia are temporarily suspended until further notice." TNT does not ship to and from Russia.

TNT in the world

Under the TNT brand, the company operates in India and Europe, in other countries it operates under FedEx, but couriers and vehicles with the TNT logo are still found in many countries. 

At the end of December 2023, due to changes in the customs legislation of Vanuatu, the import of shipments began to be delayed by an average of 10 working days, and delivery between China and Europe was suspended. In general, TNT carries out express delivery of documents, cargo and parcels around the world as usual. 

At the end of 2023, FedEx/TNT suspended economy rate delivery from China to Europe, instead offering a more expensive option, notifications about the resumption of mail did not appear on the site. Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, the Baltic States, Portugal and Austria have suspended the delivery of parcels containing dangerous goods. 

Countries to which TNT does not provide international delivery services: Somaliland, Sudan, South Sudan, Iran, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Saint Helena, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, North Korea, Russia — since March 2022. 

TNT Express offers a variety of delivery options and services tailored to different customer needs, such as home delivery, pick-up points, and others. Time Saving Machine — the manager will offer alternative carriers and rates for comparison.

TNT Express (now known as FedEx) is actively investing in technology and development that enables us to offer state-of-the-art and efficient delivery solutions.
Provides convenient cargo tracking tools, allowing customers to be informed about the location of packages and documents in real time.
Thanks to the FedEx acquisition, the network's coverage has grown even more, making international deliveries even faster.
TNT Express offers a variety of delivery options and services adapted to different customer needs, such as delivery to the home, to the delivery points and others.

TNT Value-Added Services

The list of additional services of the TNT courier company, for which you will have to pay, includes:

non-stackable cargoes of non-standard dimensions and dimensions;
preparation of accompanying documents — invoices and waybills for customs control;
delivery of dangerous goods and biological substances of category B;
additionally levy a tax of 7 to 18% on goods imported from Vietnam, Thailand and India;
indexation of the exchange rate markup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
What are the delivery times for my region?

On average, TNT's international service is capable of delivering door-to-door shipments in 1 to 3 business days. The speed depends on the availability of airports near the settlements of the sender or recipient, the complexity of the route, and weather conditions. If the addressee or addressee is located in a state that is under sanctions, for example, in Russia, then it is better to contact the Time Saving Machine, the logistics department offers logistics routes for the delivery of parcels, documents and goods even to hard-to-reach regions. 

How much does TNT courier shipping cost?
The calculation of delivery rates by courier companies is standard - it depends on the dimensions, weight of the cargo, contents, hazard class, and the length of the delivery route. In TSM, an aggregator of international courier companies, managers provide the rates of all partners connected to the platform for comparison — the client does not need to call delivery services on their own and repeat the same information about the shipment.
How to track a package sent by TNT courier company
Each parcel, document, cargo, after the invoice is issued, is assigned an ID or track number. To check the status online, you need to visit TNT Express World (CIS) LLC official website and enter the numbers from the invoice in the line, after which you need to click "search". If the shipment does not change status for a long time, then you should contact the TNT (FedEx) hotline in the country of origin.
What documents do I need for international shipments?
As a rule, it is necessary to fill out an invoice and an invoice, which thoroughly describes the contents of the parcel. For liquids, you need to provide a safety passport, for seeds - a phytosanitary passport, in order to transport art objects without hindrance, you will need a certificate from the Ministry of Culture.
Are parcels opened?
Customs authorities inspect each shipment with X-rays. If the contents of the parcel correspond to the invoice and the permits provided, then the box will not be opened. If foreign objects are found, even a small note, there is a risk of being opened by a customs inspector. Please be as honest as possible with the manager placing the order so that there are no delays in delivery or fines.
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