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Legal shipments are calculated in the office of the legal entity

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Book UPS Parcel Delivery with TSM

UPS is one of the world's leading U.S. delivery services for documents, packages, and shipments.

Beginning in 1907, delivery service UPS has grown into a global shipping service offering shipping services to customers all over the world.

An extensive network of logistics infrastructures of the UPS courier service, thousands of warehouses, processing centers, a fleet of cargo aircraft, and vehicles  help to ensure the speed of transportation.

The company has developed special programs and applications that allow you to track a UPS parcel by tracking number in real time, which ensures transparency and security in the delivery process, and allows customers to optimize their logistics processes.

UPS is actively implementing technology to reduce environmental impact and reduce pollutant emissions.

Why Time Saving Machine Chooses UPS

Since 2014, TSM has been cooperating only with 124 time-tested carriers. Despite the discontinuation  of UPS courier delivery activities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and a limited geographic coverage area, the partnership with the delivery service continues in 2024 as usual. 

With UPS Express Mail , more than 1,000 packages are delivered to recipients around the world each year. Based on our experience, Time Saving Machine shares the strengths of the UPS courier service.

Positive aspects of UPS

Leader among UPS courier companies . During its operation since 1907, the company has developed a global network with delivery of shipments to 220 countries worldwide
UPS improves service and order processing speed with artificial intelligence. UPS service employs around 700 bots to optimize storage in warehouses, processing more than 350,000 items per day
Reliable delivery of goods by UPS transport company. The company TSM has revealed statistics that show less than 1% of the loss of packages by the UPS delivery service, which indicates the reliability of the shipment.
11% discount at the conclusion
11% discount when signing a contract for b2b
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UPS Rates

The cost of international delivery by UPS depends on both the weight, the dimensions of the banner, the deadline, the distance between the sender and the recipient, the characteristics of the contents of the parcel, and the seasonality.

From To Shipment/ Documents Weight, kg UPS, Online Order UPS, Phone Order
Norway Kazakhstan parcel 4 kg
Taraz Astana documents 0.5 kg
Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan parcel 4 kg
Russia Kazakhstan parcel 1 kg
Italy Russia documents 0.5 kg
Germany China documents 0.9 kg

The UPS delivery service offers rates based on distance, route complexity, and time requirements. 

For the delivery of UPS parcels, documents, and cargo within the United States, the customer will have to choose one of the 5 proposed options with a fixed price, depending on the size of the cargo and the deadline.

There are 2 UPS rates available for international shipping:

  • UPS Express Plus: UPS Express Courier Delivery . The carrier arrives to pick up the goods before 12:00 noon and within 24-48 hours, transports the goods to the recipient's address;
  • UPS Express: Express package delivery in 2-4 business days;
  • UPS Standard: 7 to 12 days delivery, suitable if you need to save money.

The faster and farther the mileage a package needs to be transported, the higher the cost of UPS shipping.

UPS Calculator: Calculate Shipping Costs and Times

To calculate the cost of international shipping with UPS, please contact WhatsApp, call: +1 213-459-5581 or fill out the feedback form on the website. 

Time Saving Machine offers both standard outsourced shipping rates and extra-urgent delivery by a personal agent from TSM from 24 hours, depending on the distance.

Calculate the delivery UPS

Legal shipments are calculated in the office of the legal entity

By submitting the information, I give my consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" dated 27.07.2006, and I have read and accept the terms of the user agreement, the privacy policy and the offer agreement.

About UPS

UPS was founded in 1907 in Seattle, Washington, USA, then called the American Messenger Company, delivering local mail and other small packages within the city. Due to the growing demand for services, executives expanded their business.

In 1924, the company changed its name and became known as United Parcel Service. During this period, various innovative methods and technologies were introduced: the use of sorting centers and the development of loading standards to optimize the delivery process. UPS was one of the first companies to use air transportation to expedite shipments between cities.

In 1999, UPS was able to raise additional capital to expand its reach and range of services.

In 2024, UPS will be present in 220 countries around the world, offering urgent cargo delivery, logistics support, technological solutions and continuously introducing new technologies, innovations to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

536 000
Number of Employees
24.3 million
Daily shipments
291 units
Fleet of jet aircraft

The history of UPS logistics company is an example of how ambition has enabled the small company to become a global leader in the delivery of goods and mail.

UPS: Track Packages & Documents by Shipment Number

To find out the status of the cargo and track the parcel, the UPS provides an identification code assigned to each shipment and written in the bill of lading. 

A TSM specialist sends a tracking number, which is copied and pasted using the link on the official UPS tracking website. 

If the shipment does not change location within 3-5 days, the site stops working, or the tracking number is not tracked, contact TSM Manager. For tracking assistance, the TSM manager will provide the link with the tracking number for UPS on the Timesaving machine website.

Do's and Don'ts of UPS

Logistics operator UPS undertakes the transportation of goods that are not prohibited by law. Transports goods, parcels, forwards documents for individuals and legal entities.

Toxic, explosive, flammable substances, narcotic drugs, weapons and ammunition are not allowed for delivery. 

TSM's logistics department preliminarily examines the contents of the shipment and approves the items allowed for export and import into the recipient's country. 

To transport a non-standard shipment, Time Saving Machine finds options thanks to an extensive network of contractors consisting of 124 companies. Do you want to know the shipping price? Fill out the form on the website.

Additional International Shipping Fees

UPS charges additional fees for the following services:

delivery of non-standard cargoes;
transportation over long distances, in case of spending more fuel and lubricants or transportation to countries with a state of emergency;
storage of parcels in the warehouse;
delivery of dangerous goods.

A personal manager of Time Saving Machine selects a delivery rate for shipments depending on the customer's requirements in terms of time and budget. If additional services are required, the employee calculates the cost and agrees on the amount with the client in advance, in order to exclude surprises when issuing an invoice for payment. 

The customer will not have to additionally pay for the registration of a bill of lading and an invoice, delivery by courier from address to address, the services of a personal manager, tracking the parcel along the route. 

The transportation option is selected in one call mode, based on the client's request. To calculate the cost, write to WhatsApp.

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Packaging from UPS

Depending on the characteristics of the shipment, the packaging material is selected: boxes, plywood boxes, wooden crates. Documents are placed in sturdy safe envelopes to protect them from moisture or dust. To eliminate the effects of shaking and vibration, a shock-absorbing material is used: anti-stress film, paper, air cushions. 

When delivering goods through the Kazakhstan office of TSM, a personal manager helps to choose the appropriate material for packaging and size, based on the dimensions of the parcel, using a sufficient number of layers to fix the cargo and exclude from shocks, shaking, vibration during transportation. Fragile cargo is marked with markings for careful handling by the company's employees. 

If you don't know how to pack your parcel, contact your personal TSM manager on WhatsApp.

11% discount at the conclusion
11% discount when signing a contract for b2b
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UPS in Kazakhstan

The UPS Kazakhstan delivery service helps individuals and businesses to transport personal and commercial cargo to 220 countries around the world. 

With distribution centers and warehouses, the company offers customers numerous shipping options, storage services, and inventory management, allowing businesses to focus on core goals without worrying about the logistical aspects.

UPS offers a variety of transportation options to Kazakh citizens, including express shipping and international cargo transportation.

UPS's network spans Kazakhstan and more than 220 countries and territories around the world, ensuring that packages are delivered on time and safely, no matter the destination.

The company provides customers with access to a tracking system that allows real-time tracking of the location of the shipment, helping to reduce the risk of loss and improving service standards for customers.

For international parcel transportation, please contact a TSM consultant on WhatsApp.

UPS Worldwide

UPS is the world's largest supply chain company with experience in logistics since 1907. During the transportation of multi-sized shipments, the delivery service has managed to gain the trust of individuals and a reputation as a reliable partner for businessmen.

Despite the wide coverage of 220 countries, there are countries to which UPS mail is not delivered: North Korea, Guinea, Somalia, Somali, Cuba, Seychelles and Comoros, South Sudan, Mauritius, Libya, Russia.

UPS delivers 11.1 million consignments per day
UPS Delivery Service will use the logistics experience accumulated since 1907 to transport goods seamlessly to 220 countries worldwide without the risk of delay or loss of shipment.
In the fleet of the largest international delivery service in the world – UPS, 125 thousand units of textiles.
To protect the environment, UPS uses recycled materials and introduces new technologies.

UPS Value-Added Services

The UPS shipping company offers customers services for an additional fee:

provision and manufacture of packaging material: plywood boxes, wooden battens, boxes, thermal boxes;
notification of delivery of mail to the addressee;
Execution of customs documents.

A personal manager of Time Saving Machine clarifies the need for services and informs about the final cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
How Does UPS Shipping Work?
The UPS transportation company provides services on transportation of parcels, documents and cargo to 220 countries of the world in a regular mode, with office hours from 9:00 to 18:00.
How Does UPS Courier Shipping Work?

UPS delivers packages by door-to-door courier. To fill out an application, tell your personal manager the exact address of the sender and recipient, contact details, agree on the time and date of the carrier's visit.

Wait for the carrier and hand over the mail, along with the bill of lading filled out by the logistics department.

How do I know where a UPS package is?

To track your UPS package, follow the link on the official website of UPS which will be provided by TSM consultant via WhatsApp or website  and enter the tracking number indicated on the bill of lading sent by your personal TSM manager.

If the shipment does not move within 3 days, contact the personal manager of the Time Saving Machine service to clarify the information about the parcel.

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