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Delivery to the embassy, consulate and other state organizations

Embassies are an important part of the development of foreign relationships. Through embassies and consulates people solve the problems with certification of documents, legalization of foreign documents, obtaining a passport, registration of citizenship, making a certificate for return in case of passport loss and many other questions. We will tell you about the most popular of them in this article.

There are such situations when Russians who stay abroad need the notary accompanying them. For example, you need to draw up a power of attorney or certify a copy of the document that you are going to use on the territory of the Russian Federation. There are no Russian notaries abroad, so you can find a local one, but his power of attorney is made in a foreign language. In this way you must translate the document into Russian. But after that it requires legalization. So it is much easier and faster to contact the consulate directly. Consuls will help you to certify:

  • contract;
  • power of attorney;
  • will;
  • a copy and an statement from the document;
  • signed statement.

The next step is to choose a reliable transport company that delivers documents from the embassy and consulate. An example of such reliable service is Time Saving Machine that specializes in courier worldwide delivery of documents. The company also has strong competitive advantages over other similar services, such as information protection, transportation security and a good reputation. The Time Saving Machine has been regularly carrying out visas from service centers and embassies since 2014 and makes courier delivery of documents personally to the recipient from hand to hand.

Nowadays it is popular to order the delivery of documents for registration of US visas from Russia to the embassies of Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Armenia. The matter is that the US State Department has declared Russians a “homeless nationality”. It means that citizens of this country cannot obtain a state visa. Thus, visa processing for Russians takes place through the embassies of friendly countries.

Documents that are required for visa processing:

  • international passport;
  • nonimmigrant visa application;
  • receipt of payment of the fee;
  • photo 5 x 5;
  • certificate from the place of work with the terms of vacation;
  • income statement;
  • bank account statement;
  • education documents;
  • copies of documents that can confirm ownership of real estate on the territory of the Russian Federation.

For children:

  • birth certificate;
  • certificate from the school;
  • consent for the trip from both parents.

After submitting the documents, the counsel assigns an interview for the visa applicant, during which he or she asks questions about work, study, life in general and the purpose of visiting America. The purpose of the interview is to make sure that the applicant has no intention of immigrating to the United States. If during the interview the consul decides that nothing holds you in Russia and sees excessive zeal for departure in your words, facial expressions and gestures, you may be refused a visa.

As it is mentioned above, Russians can apply for a visa only through embassies in other countries. For someone it is easy to fly to another country, submit there documents, return home and then leave again for a personal interview. For the other one this task is hard to do, because for these actions you need money and time. In this case, we recommend using TSM express delivery that transports to the embassy of any foreign country the following items:

  • documents for visa processing;
  • visa fees and their payment on behalf of clients;
  • notarial documents;
  • references and letters.

As for Russians who live outside the Russian Federation, there are some instructions on how to get a passport at the embassy that may be useful. You need personally bring the following documents to the Embassy of the Russian Federation:

  • statement;
  • old passport and its copy;
  • the child’s birth certificate for entering information in the passport;
  • photo;
  • an application for recognition of a previously issued passport as invalid.

Do you need the delivery?Please, link the Time Saving Machine website and send a message to the manager in online chat.

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