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Exhibitions of Contemporary Art in Russia in 2024: Where to Take Place and How to Send Exhibits

It is important for an artist to demonstrate his works at exhibitions – this is the only way to declare his talent to the general public and open the doors to the world of art. Exhibitions are visited by collectors, so such events provide an excellent opportunity to sell paintings at a high price.

If you want to present a canvas at an art exhibition, you need to take care of the careful delivery of the work. Transportation of paintings requires careful treatment, since the canvases are poorly affected by excessive light, variable temperature, and humidity.

To safely send a painting in Russia, order turnkey delivery. In this case, the carrier takes care of packaging, preparation of documents and reliable door-to-door transportation.

Domestic experts annually send their works to contemporary art fairs, where they demonstrate their art and attract potential buyers.

In this article, we tell you what art events are planned in Russia in 2024 and how a painter can send a painting to another city.

Schedule of contemporary art exhibitions in Russia in 2024

In 2024, Russia will host three notable events in the world of art:

  • Art Russia fair: from 28 to 31 March 2024 in Russia.
  • Art Moscow: from 17 to 21 April 2024 in Moscow.
  • Port Art Fair: 28.05.2024 in St. Petersburg.

We will tell you in detail what each event represents.

About Art Russia fair

Every year in March, the Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center in Moscow is reformatted for a few days in the world of contemporary art. The international fair held a year earlier was attended by tens of thousands of people. More than forty-five million rubles worth of art objects were sold. The event was attended by twenty-four galleries and more than 160 artists, as well as photographers and sculptors.

At the international art forum Art Russia, experts realize their works and receive appreciation. The event helps the development of the domestic art market and opens up new artists to the world. Participation in Art Russia fair 2024 is a springboard for the development of a painter's talent.

A distinctive feature of the fair compared to other exhibitions is that the artists are personally present at their own stands. At Art Russia, visitors have the opportunity to ask questions to the author of the painting and buy contemporary art from the hands of the master.

About Art Moscow

Art Moscow is a sought-after exhibition of classical and contemporary art in Moscow. The fair is attended by artists, collectors, as well as various art figures from the country. The Gostiny Dvor exhibition complex will feature works from more than 140 Russian galleries.

Artists from all over the country will come to the vernissage. "Art Moscow" is a digest of Russian art history. The main Russian galleries present works from different periods. The exhibition will feature works by old experts represented by interior still life, baroque painting, as well as works by modern masters working with original graphics, classical photography, and collectible design, collages.

The exhibition in Moscow is a unique fair of old and contemporaary art in Russia.

About Port Art Fair

International exhibitions of contemporary art in St. Petersburg are held regularly. A significant event is the Port Art Fair.

Port Art is an event platform that develops the urban art environment. "Port Art" helps the public to get acquainted with works of contemporary art and gives artists the opportunity to demonstrate and sell their works.

Galleries and art associations participate in the fair. The Port Art Fair also invites independent artists to the exhibition.

For your convenience, the fair has a team of experts who conduct special tours and help with the purchase of contemporary art.

Step-by-step: packing paintings correctly – instructions from TSM employees

Customers who have ordered a delivery service from TSM have the opportunity to use the service of reliable packaging.

The purpose of the packaging itself is to deliver the artwork without damage. If you want to send a folded canvas in a tube, you should remove the picture from the stretcher. But the quality of the paint layer on the canvas should be high, since the paint can not only crack from such an impact, but also burst.

The painting on the stretcher will also be securely packed and shipped. You need to wrap it with ordinary kraft paper, then 2-3 layers of bubble wrap. After that, the canvas is placed in an outer box made of bars and plywood.

Plywood is a durable and heavy packaging option, so shipping costs increase due to weight. The production of plywood or wooden packaging will take several days, so it is better to order it in advance.

When transporting wet or incompletely dried paintings, care must be taken not to touch the surface of the packaging so as not to stain or damage the painting.

Cardboard borders should extend 8 to 11 cm around the perimeter of the painted raw parts to protect the work well.

The painting is then wrapped in polyethylene and placed in a wooden box made of cardboard or plywood.

How the international courier delivery service Time Saving Machine imports paintings to Russia in 2023–2024.

Foreign clients turn to TSM for help in organizing the import of paintings to Russia from abroad. The service of delivery to Russia of paintings purchased by domestic buyers from foreign sellers or in an online store is in demand.

In 2022, international courier services UPS, TNT, and FedEx, as well as other American and European companies, left Russia; DHL has maintained its presence in Russia, but only for export and with significant restrictions. The delivery of paintings to Russia became impossible due to the logistical blockade.

Time Saving Machine continues to conduct international transportation, despite the restrictions, having opened a branch in the CIS in 2022, through which documents, parcels and goods are delivered from 240 countries to Russia and vice versa. The company's capacity allows to transport any non-prohibited cargo, including paintings, to Russia.

Transportation is conducted by air transport of partner organizations. At the same time, the risk associated with storage and repackaging is eliminated, and delivery is carried out from hand to hand in an abbreviated time. If urgent delivery of paintings to Russia is required, the company offers the services of an air courier who will easily deliver the goods from anywhere in the world to the Russian Federation in 24-96 hours.

The customer simply indicates the delivery address, signs the contract, and pays for the service. TSM takes care of further actions for international delivery to Russia.

Before sending the painting to Russia, a one-time service agreement is signed with the client. After placing the order and receiving the payment, the courier arrives at the specified time to receive the cargo.

Documents for importing paintings to Russia

For local artists, there are no problems since no special documents are required to transport works of art through the territory of Russia. If you need to send paintings from the United States to Russia or from other country, then a certificate from the Ministry of Culture of the sending country is required for international delivery.

According to the current Russian legislation, works that have reached the age of 50 years are considered modern. Since such works are allowed to be imported and sent from the Russian Federation to any country, the export of paintings abroad after the exhibition is not a problem if there are appropriate permits. The certificate must contain a record confirming that the work is not a museum exhibit and of cultural value.

At the border, works of art are scrupulously checked. The import/export certificate is shown to the customs officer, who scans the package through an X-ray telescope. If anything, suspicious is found, the box is opened, and the contents are checked.

To avoid delays at the border, order services from a logistics company that has "eaten the dog" on the transportation of art objects.

The cost and time of delivery of paintings to Russia from abroad in 2024

At TSM, customers ask whether it is possible to send a painting across Russia as soon as possible or how to deliver paintings from Europe to Russia. On the eve of Russian exhibitions, customers are interested in how to urgently send a painting to Moscow or organize express delivery to Russia.

Courier delivery workers help customers organize international deliveries around the world and select the best conditions.

Courier delivery rates depend on numerous factors:

  • route distances
  • the weight and size of the painting
  • urgency of delivery
  • degree of packing.

Time Saving Machine offers the possibility  of express delivery of art objects in a short time from 24 to 100 hours to any destination. If the package with paintings weighs more than 30 kg, then the best option is to send it by air freight from eight working days. If the delivery of paintings from abroad is not urgent, then an economical rate is better, in which the transportation is carried out within 20-27 working days.

How to apply for the delivery of a painting to Russia in 2024

To send a painting using TSM, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • call TSM and tell them what will be sent. Specify the weight and dimensions, as well as the packaging material if required. You will need to send a photo of the painting.
  • send the available documents: a receipt and a certificate from the Ministry of Culture of the country of departure.
  • name the city of departure and delivery.
  • agree on the delivery time.
  • Next, the responsible manager offers a suitable tariff.
  • If the customer represents an organization, a company card with details will be required. An individual needs to send a copy of the passport.
  • sign a contract.
  • choose a convenient payment option and pay.
  • Specify a convenient time for the courier to arrive.

During transportation, the customer is provided with comprehensive support by the responsible manager. A special number is provided to track the shipment.

How can a foreigner get money from the sale of a painting in Russia?

Foreign Master of Art who bring their works to Russian exhibitions intend to sell the painting at a high price, so they choose locations where they can sell paintings. There are always enough visitors who want to buy a painting at fairs. Each painter decides for himself which fairs to participate in. Collectors of paintings are everywhere.

Art sellers faced the problem of receiving payment for the sale of paintings from buyers in Russia. Since 2022, Russian banks have been disconnected from SWIFT, making it impossible to transfer money from Russia to foreign accounts.

TSM has a multi-currency account and acts as an intermediary for sellers and artists to receive payment for paintings from Russian buyers. A contract is signed with the buyer, and TSM receives payment from the buyer in rubles, which it then converts into any currency and transfers to the customer.

Export of paintings from Russia abroad

At the end of the exhibition in Russia, foreign participants must import the purchased paintings or return the exhibits to their homeland.

The Time Saving Machine company organizes the collection of works in Russia and carefully transports paintings from hand to hand to the specified country in the shortest possible time.

The client is only required to write the delivery address, sign the contract, and pay the tariff. The TSM express service takes care of the rest of the actions for the international delivery of paintings from Russia.

Complying with the laws and ensuring reliable packaging ensures that the transportation of the paintings will be carried out without problems at the border and damage.

To calculate the international delivery of paintings or transportation in Russia, please contact TSM in the most convenient way:

by phone: +7 (495) 023–49–19;

in the messenger: +7 (985) 170–03–76;

 by e-mail:;through the feedback form on the website

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