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Reliable method of express delivery of parcels and documents from Malta to Russia in 2023

For European residents, delivery to Russia in 2023 is something complicated and incomprehensible. There are many sanctions against this country, Russian transport is blocked in Europe, parcels to and from Russia are not passed by customs and courier services refuse to accept applications for delivery to Russia.

What to do if it is necessary to send a parcel or documents to Russia, from Malta? Despite the strict restrictions of working with the Russian Federation, there is still an international delivery option.

Present situation in delivery from Europe to Russia

The events in the world in 2023 entailed 10 packages of sanctions against Russia from Western countries, the closure of borders and the refusal of DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS from servicing the territory of the Russian Federation. So it has become difficult to import and export with partners from Russia, because customs has prepared lists of goods that are prohibited for delivery to the Russian Federation, and does not allow parcels from Russia to Malta to pass the border.

What should Russian emigrants who live in Malta and business partners do? How could they send documents or parcels with a birthday gift for their beloved from Malta to Russia? There is still a way to deliver parcels and documents from Malta to Russia. The transport company Time Saving Machine has been delivering worldwide since 2014 and has found a legal way of shipping from Malta to Russia despite strict restrictions.

How can delivery to Russia be legal in 2023?

In order to make sending a parcel from Malta to Russia legal, the TSM courier service had to:

  • abandon the old transportation schemes;
  • lay new logistics routes through friendly to the Russian Federation countries;
  • conclude contracts with new terminals and partners.

The delivery routes have lengthened, but the logistics company managed to keep the delivery time at the level of 2019, when there was no quarantine due to Covid–19. Also, the team of the delivery service Time Saving Machine takes care of completing the accompanying documents for international shipping from Malta to Russia and communicates with customs instead of the client. As a result, parcels and documents cross the border without delays and fines.

What tariffs are available in TSM for shipping goods from Malta

In 2023 there are 3 ways of letter and parcel delivery from Malta to Russia:

  • urgent variant by air courier;
  • standard express delivery by courier from hand to hand;
  • economy type of transportation by combined cargo through consolidation warehouses.

All of these shipping methods include the following service:

  • assigning a personal support manager to each client;
  • assistance of the experienced courier company team in the preparation of documents for the cargo for successful customs clearance under strict restrictions;
  • help with packaging;
  • delivery by courier from hand to hand in the following formats — from door to door; from the door to the airport, from the airport to the airport, from the airport to door;
  • monitoring the movement of parcels and letters along the logistics route.

Each shipment from Malta to Russia with TSM is carried out under a transportation agreement and after 100% prepayment. This document has legal force, contains all information about the cargo and acts as a guarantee of delivery obligations fulfillment by the courier service.

How much does it cost

In 2023 TSM offers, the following shipping rates of export from Malta to Russia:

  • within 2–4 days with price over 500 euros;
  • within 5–15 working days with cost more 176 euros;
  • within 21–28 working days in 117 euros and higher.

A lot of factors affect the cost of parcel and documents delivery from Malta to Russia. Such as:

  • size and weight of the parcel. The larger and heavier the parcel is, the higher the price of international delivery to Russia will become;
  • shipping methods. Planes, trucks, ships, trains have different fuel expenses, so some of them are cheaper;
  • speed of transportation. The urgency always costs more;
  • additional service, such as insurance.

How long does it take

In 2023 TSM has tariffs of different speed and costs:

  • urgent delivery by air courier is carried out in 2–4 days;
  • express shipping method by courier takes 5–15 working days;
  • economy option assumes the delivery of parcels and documents within 21–28 working days, because the goods are stored in the consolidation warehouse and waiting for the truck, container, train or plane that is going to carry the combined cargo after it is filled.

The delivery time includes 2 additional days to solve the issue in case of force majeure, but does not contain:

  • spending time for courier call application;
  • preparing documents for an international shipment;
  • day of picking up the cargo from the sender in Malta;
  • weekends and holidays.

What documents are required for delivery to Russia from Malta

Each international delivery requires special attention in the preparation of documents for customs. For example, for sending paintings, the customer needs to get an export permit from the Ministry of Culture, and for transporting food, the client needs to provide a certificate of origin. In the Time Saving Machine transport company, the manager helps with filling out the documents for the cargo. The assigned manager informs the sender in Malta which documents are necessary to be prepared for each specific type of goods.

Here is the basic set of documents for the delivery of standard items, such as personal belongings:

  • invoice;
  • bill of lading;
  • packing list;
  • customs declaration form.

What information is it necessary to provide the manager with for getting the shipping rate?

For shipping parcels from Malta to Russia, please, give the TSM manager the following information:

  • the sender’s address in Malta;
  • name, surname, phone number and e–mail;
  • the description of each item in the parcel;
  • the recipient’s address in Russia;
  • the recipient’s personal  data;
  • wishful time and terms of delivery;
  • date of cargo readiness for shipping.

Need to send parcels and documents from Malta to Russia? Please, contact the TSM manager on the company’s website and provide  the necessary information about the cargo for preparing tariffs, terms and cost for international delivery.

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