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How to send a passport from Apopa to Russia in 2023

Despite the sanctions against Russia in 2023, such legal procedures as obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, visas, marriage, registration of property rights have not gone away. All of them require a passport. Situations when this document remains abroad for some reason are not uncommon.

However, in 2023, sending a passport to Russia has become a difficult trial. There are a lot of random carriers, scammers and non-professionals on the market. And to lose a valuable document during the shipment is at least unpleasant.

Is there a reliable way to send a passport from Apopa to Russia in 2023?

Exists! Take a closer look at the TSM international parcel, cargo and document delivery service, which has been successfully delivering passports from Apopa to Russia since 2014.

The actual state of affairs with sending a passport from Apopa to Russia in 2023

The transport blockade imposed by the EU and the refusal of international courier services to take orders for the Russian direction complicated the situation in the postal industry. We have put on pause the sending of parcels and documents to Russia by UPS, FedEx, TNT Express, DHL.

The decision of the EU countries and Australia to terminate cooperation with Russia has officially been received by the Universal Postal Union. In this regard, the Russian Post has stopped receiving parcels and documents from unfriendly countries.

Payment for delivery services with Russian bank cards has also become a problem. But what about the cases when an urgent dispatch is required, for example, an envelope with a passport from the USA to Russia?

People living on the territory of Apopa have faced the need to look for alternative payment and logistics mechanisms.

The decision to send a passport from Apopa to Russia in 2023 using the international delivery service Time Saving Machine

Within the framework of strict transport and legal restrictions, the TSM concierge service has implemented a working solution for the delivery of a passport from Apopa to Russia in 2023.

The successful result is based on the following principles:

  • combined delivery methods and routes;
  • competent execution of customs and accompanying transport documents;
  • cooperation with verified international and Russian courier services, transport companies;
  • availability of current accounts in foreign banks;
  • availability of TSM branches in the CIS for transit of shipments to the destination address.

Important! The TSM International courier service carefully approaches the construction of a passport delivery route bypassing blocked air and ground territories.

Requirements for sending a passport from Apopa to Russia in 2023:

  • it is prohibited to send a passport by regular courier services;
  • sending a passport is not issued as commercial documentation in an envelope, but by parcel;
  • the carrier must have a valid license for the international transfer of identity documents;
  • the sender or recipient of the passport must be its owner. A TSM employee will fill out an invoice in which he will indicate the name and surname of the person to whom the document belongs to;
  • In the case of obtaining a passport by a third party, the legislation requires a documentary explanation and confirmation of the reasons for the delivery of the document by the courier service and justification for the impossibility of its self-dispatch or receipt by the owner.

Important! If a passport is found in the parcel, it will be returned to the sender. The cost of the refund in this case is compensated by the sender.

How to send a passport from Apopa to Russia in 2023

Sending documents from Apopa to Russia consists of the following stages:

  • building a route and selecting a delivery rate;
  • calculating the delivery time of a passport from Apopa to Russia;
  • making an order.

Calculation of the cost of passport delivery from Apopa to Russia

TSM always gives its customers reasonable calculations of the cost of delivering a passport from Apopa to Russia before processing the shipment. The personal manager first receives detailed information from the sender about the future shipment, then calculates a price offer for the client. A sudden change of the rates during delivery is impossible.

To correctly calculate the cost of services for sending a passport from Apopa to Russia, please provide the TSM manager with the following information:

  • Type of shipment — parcel ;
  • Dimensions and weight — determines the delivery rate of the cargo;
  • The exact addresses of the sender and recipient of the parcel.

Important! Please note that the prices are valid on the day of invoicing. International logistics services carry out calculations in € and $. The exchange rate of these currencies is constantly changing.

The deadlines for passport delivery from Apopa to Russia in 2023

Express rates in the Russian direction are temporarily put on pause due to logistical barriers. Now the delivery time of the passport from Apopa to Russia is from 8 to 14 working days. This includes receipt of the document by the TSM representative office in the CIS and delivery to Moscow and additional 2-3 days for air delivery to the recipient in Russia to take place.

Remember that international transport routes are built with a forced bypass of the closed borders of the Russian Federation.

For instance, the delivery time of documents from Brussels (Belgium) to Novosibirsk takes 8-13 working days in 2023.

Important! The personal manager will inform you of the specific dates during the process of execution and conclusion of the contract.

Making an order

We ask you to prepare the information for the registration of sending a passport from Apopa for the TSM manager in advance:

  • the addresses of the sender and recipient of the passport — postal code, country, settlement, street, house/block number, apartment number;
  • sender and recipient contacts — phone number linked to messengers, e-mail;
  • type of shipment — parcel;
  • scan of the sender's passport — for the correct execution of the contract for delivery services;
  • Upon request, TSM specialists will pack the shipment in accordance with international transportation rules.

If an urgent pick-up of an envelope with a passport is required, then this condition must be reported to the TSM manager.

Important! If you have any questions during the sending, always contact your TSM personal manager.

How to pay for the passport delivery service from Apopa to Russia in 2023

The client pays for the passport delivery services from Apopa according to the invoice issued or through the online payment service Robokassa. TSM accepts bank cards and the currency of any country for payment, which avoids restrictions on Russian Visa and Mastercard or Apple Pay services, etc.

The contract and related financial obligations are governed by the law of the countries in which TSM offices operate.

Advantages of cooperation with TSM on passport delivery from Apopa to Russia:

  • international network of service representative offices — 240 countries and 155,000 settlements in Russia;
  • minimal terms of passport delivery from Apopa to Russia in conditions of transport blockade;
  • comprehensive support of TSM specialists at all stages of delivery;
  • online tracking of the shipment;
  • additional services: insurance, packaging, execution of accompanying documents, payment via own settlement accounts.

TSM courier service specialists know how to quickly and reliably deliver a passport from Apopa to Russia in the shortest possible time and on the shortest possible route.

The recipient and sender ALWAYS:

  • are aware about what stage of delivery the parcel with the passport is on — the personal manager is constantly in touch and will promptly clarify the location of the shipment;
  • receive the envelope at the time agreed by the parties;
  • have a guarantee of the safety of the bank card;
  • are serviced on the basis of an individual approach;
  • receive a cash receipt for paid services.

Sending a passport from Apopa to Russia is real even considering transport and payment restrictions.

Methods of communication with TSM managers for processing the shipment:

*- prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation

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