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Express delivery of parcels, cargo and documents by couriers from Ireland to Russia in 2023

Can you send something from Ireland to Russia in 2023? Global delivery services like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, as well as Ireland State Post, don't work for shipments to Russia, but there are other options available. However, political issues and sanctions could cause problems or delays in shipping. Finding a trustworthy delivery company may also be difficult under these circumstances. Many people need to mail important items, but it may not be easy.

The safest and most reliable way to send something to Russia in 2023

Researching and comparing different international shipping companies is crucial as there can be many hurdles involved. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Using a courier service based in Ireland that has experience delivering to Russia. Look into the company's track records, price lists and reviews from previous customers to gauge their reliability and quality of service. Check for any specialized services they may offer, such as express or customs clearance options, which can benefit your shipment's specific needs. So you'll easily find out if they deliver to Russia in 2023.
  • Finding a Russian courier service that operates in Ireland and arranging for them to collect and deliver the package. Russian shipping companies may focus on specific market niches, such as Caspian Sea trade, or transshipment between Europe and Asia. By specializing in certain routes and types of cargo, they can develop expertise, relationships, and economies of scale that enable them to compete against larger and more established players.
  • Using a peer–to–peer courier service, such as Sendle or Parcel Monkey, which connects private individuals willing to transport packages with those in need of delivery services. Arranging for a private courier to travel from Ireland to Russia, either by car or flight, to hand deliver the package.
  • Using a freight forwarder or logistics company that specializes in Russia.
  • Using a diplomatic or consular courier service if the documents or parcel are related to official government or diplomatic business.
  • An optimal choice for larger shipments would be employing the services of a cargo ship or ferry that commute between Ireland and Russia.
  • Considering alternative transit locations in Asia and utilizing local courier services to complete the last leg of the journey to Russia.

The Time Saving Machine company (TSM) conveniently gathers delivery offers from various courier and logistics companies for the transportation of letters, parcels, and cargo across different countries. TSM facilitates the expedited delivery of correspondence, parcels weighing up to 50 kg, and medium–sized cargo weighing up to one ton from Ireland to Russia through its online platform.

What can I send from Ireland to Russia?

Historically, people have sent items such as devices, clothing, cosmetics, and gifts from Ireland to Russia. The following items may also be popular:

  • Commercial goods: a vast range of commercial goods such as machinery, electronics, and consumer goods may be shipped from Ireland to Russia.
  • Documents: Companies and individuals may need to exchange legal documents, contracts, reports, and other paperwork across borders. Individuals wishing to pursue education, obtain medical treatment, or citizenship in Ireland must produce various documents such as a valid passport, a visa, evidence of financial support, proof of language proficiency, academic records for academic purposes, medical records for treatment, and supportive material for citizenship.
  • Personal belongings: Individuals who migrate or move may need to ship their personal belongings across borders.
  • Medical equipment: Ireland is known for producing top–quality medical equipment, which may be in high demand in Russia.
  • Cosmetics and beauty products: Ireland is also famous for producing high–quality cosmetics and personal care products that may be in demand in Russia.

People usually send Irish whiskey, traditional Irish clothing, crafts, souvenirs, music CDs or instruments, skincare and cosmetics products from Irish brands, and books written by Irish authors.

The transport of most items is subject to various regulations, such as customs and import/export laws.

Some relevant requests made on the internet include sending gifts for occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's day, and other special events. Also, some people search for online stores that offer delivery services, pricing, and quality products. It is important to note that shipping restrictions, customs regulations, and other factors may affect what can be sent from Ireland to Russia.

What are customs restrictions on sending parcels from Ireland to Russia in 2023?

In general, there are certain restrictions or requirements that need to be met, depending on the type of product being shipped, as well as its value, and destination. Russia prohibits the importation of certain goods, such as firearms, certain chemicals, narcotics, or cultural artifacts. In addition, there are import duties, taxes, or other fees that need to be paid by the recipient or the sender before the goods can be cleared by customs.

The list of restrictions includes:

  • Goods for military use or their production, delivered to Russia from the European Union;
  • Dual purpose goods, subject to export control;
  • Humanitarian assistance, which is possible only with appropriate permission.
  • Products manufactured in the EU (as well as the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries) and contained in the list of items restricted for import into the Russian Federation.

There are restrictions on the contents of personal parcels sent from the European Union to Russia. Thus, it is forbidden to send goods subject to sanctions restrictions, including food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products, certain types of weapons and explosives, as well as goods related to the violation of intellectual property rights. Before sending the package, it is recommended to study the full list of prohibited and restricted goods, which may be different for different EU member states.

What are the shipping costs and the shipping time from Ireland to Russia?

There are various factors that affect shipping rates for parcels and letters from Ireland to Russia. These include the weight and size of the package, the chosen shipping method and the distance between the origin and destination.

The relationship between Russia and Western countries has been complicated, with the latter imposing ten packs of sanctions against the Russian Federation. They have closed air traffic with Russia and foreign transportation companies are no longer allowed to serve the country. This has made it difficult for courier services to adjust to the import and export bans. However, despite the challenges, Time Saving Machine, an international delivery service, has managed to cope with the task. We continue to provide daily transportation services abroad, but the cost of our services has increased.

A number of logistics–related factors have contributed to the rising cost of international shipping. With closed borders and canceled direct flights to Western countries for Russia, the Time Saving Machine team has had to forge new routes through countries that are friendly to Russia. Longer transportation distances and additional costs for fuel have led to higher prices.

As well as developing new logistics routes, the TSM courier service management has also signed agreements with new partners from Asia. Before 2022, sending a small package weighing up to 1 kg and measuring less than 30x30x15 cm could cost around €25–€70. By 2023 the price has doubled or even tripled.

Payment for companion services is included in the rate, along with covering fuel costs. If you're shipping something internationally, it'll also result in extra fees for higher airfare and processing at the airport.

At Time Saving Machine, we believe in fair pricing and won't exploit any challenges we might face during international transportation. However, please note that these factors can still impact the overall cost of shipping:

  • desired timeframe for transportation;
  • estimated worth of the contents;
  • nature of the goods being shipped;
  • distance between the shipping and receiving cities;
  • transportation conditions required;
  • weight and size of the cargo;
  • need for insurance coverage.

The TSM manager chooses the tariff based on the client's request, and even with the same criteria, shipping costs can differ because of changes in currency exchange rates and seasonal delivery patterns. The price depends on the desired delivery time.

The Time Saving Machine company presents a trio of distinct alternatives for global transportation:

  • Swift air courier service: This option transports shipments from Ireland to Russia within 2–5 days. A personal courier travels to another country before finally delivering the package to Russia on behalf of a solitary client.
  • Regular shipping: Typically lasting between 5 and 15 working days, this option waits for a sufficient amount of cargo before departing, resulting in a cheaper price for the client.
  • Budget delivery: Taking between 21 and 28 working days, this method combines cargos using a consolidation warehouse. The package or letter ultimately lands in a local storage unit where it can remain until transportation as part of a larger set of consignments.

If you want to save money, plan to ship 1–2 months in advance.

What documents are required to deliver a parcel from Ireland to Russia?

The necessary documentation for courier delivery from Ireland to Russia in 2023 varies depending on the type of goods involved and the destination country's customs regulations. To ensure compliance with all requirements, it is recommended to seek guidance from a courier service provider or customs broker.

For businesses, required documentation may include:

  • a commercial invoice;
  • certificate of origin;
  • import/export license;
  • tax ID or VAT number;
  • bill of lading or airway bill;
  • export and import declarations.

For individual senders, required documents may include:

  • valid passport or ID of the sender and recipient;
  • packing list showing the weight and dimensions of the goods;
  • insurance certificate, if the package is insured;
  • proforma invoice;
  • import/export declaration if the shipment's contents are subject to customs regulations due to their nature or value.

At TSM, we offer various services to deliver your personal items, such as valuables, documents, CDs, and flash drives from Ireland to Russia. You can count on us for fast delivery. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Assistance with customs documentation from a personal manager.
  • Experienced employees who handle all necessary certificates and passports.
  • Turnkey delivery by a courier who can pick up from your location, whether it's your home, work, or hotel.
  • Urgent delivery options from and to Ireland.
  • Door–to–door delivery for added convenience.
  • Constant monitoring of the parcel's route through our logistics system. In present circumstances, we tend to keep the exact delivery path confidential. This implies that relevant parcel information can only be obtained by engaging in dialogue with the chat manager.

At Time Saving Machine, we offer international transportation services for both individual and corporate clients who make a 100% prepayment. Our agreement ensures a secure and dependable delivery of your goods.

No matter what you need to be delivered, trust TSM to get the job done quickly and efficiently! Соореrаte with us for fast and safe shipment from Ireland to Russia for your parcels, documents, and letters, including customs clearance. Visit, text us in Telegram and WhatsApp.

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