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How can Russians from Israel send parcels to Russia in 2023?

Israel became a haven for many Russian emigrants after the events in the world in 2023. But not everyone could take their relatives, friends and businesses to a new location. The last one still stays in Russia so the necessity of parcel delivery from Israel to the Russian Federation and in the opposite direction has increased.

In 2023 it is possible to send documents and cargo from Israel to Russia through the Time Saving Machine transport company.

Shipping from Israel to Russia and in the opposite direction with TSM in 2023 — instructions for use

In 2023 in the courier service Time Saving Machine is available to send parcels from Israel according to three tariffs:

  • urgent way of delivery by air courier in 1–3 days;
  • standard type of transportation in 5–15 working days;
  • econome variant of sending parcels from Israel to Russia in 21–28 working days.

Firstly, the TSM team delivers parcels and letters from Israel to the office of transport company in Moscow and then makes shipments locally across Russia. Each type of transportation contains different conditions — time, terms and price. But all of them have the possibility of tracking parcels from Israel. Monitoring of cargo from Israel to Russia is available through the customer’s communication with a personal accompanied manager.

To order the international supply in TSM, the client needs to sign the contract for transportation, make a 100 % prepayment according to the invoice and give the manager the necessary for the courier calling information:

  • description of each item in the package;
  • size and weight of the box;
  • sender’s address with the postal code;
  • recipient’s address in Russia;
  • date of readiness of the cargo for shipment;
  • wishful terms and time of delivery;
  • necessity of cargo insurance or special conditions of transportation.

As for the delivery in the opposite direction — from Russia to Israel — these three mentioned tariffs are also available. The Time Saving Machine courier service delivers medicines and pills from Russia to Israel in a regular way. All transportation services are also suitable for sending documents to Israel or parcels with personal belongings.

As for the transportation of letters from Russia to Israel, they are packed in a reliable cardboard envelope and delivered by couriers from hand to hand.

The price of delivery in both directions depends on the following factors:

  • distance between the sender’s and the recipient’s addresses;
  • weight and sizes of the parcel that the customer wants to send;
  • description of each item in the box;
  • wishful conditions and terms of shipping;
  • date of cargo readiness for delivery by the courier.

Do you still have any questions? Please, follow the website of the TSM company and get an answer from the manager.

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