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How international courier delivery services left Russia and why only TSM delivers shipments to Russia

On February 24, 2022 the world was divided into “before” and “after". Western countries have imposed the biggest ever number of sanctions against Russia — 5,500. Well-known car brands, fast food restaurants suspended their activities, and the premises of shopping centres were emptied. International courier express delivery services were not an exception and also suspended their activity in the Russian Federation.

How international express delivery companies DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS left Russia

On February 28, 2022, United Parcel Service announced that it has suspended imports and exports for Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, but for some time they continued to transport parcels, letters and cargo across the CIS when there was an air service. After the number of airlines had suspended flights from Russia, UPS started to deliver shipments only within the country, but after 2 days it also stopped domestic transportation.

Federal Express — is an American delivery service that carried out only imports for Russia, respectively, on February 28, 2022, together with UPS, it stopped its activity. The company's website states that delivery to Belarus and Ukraine has also been suspended, all shipments that are on the way will be returned by FedEx at its own expense, and those parcels and envelopes that are located in the recipient countries will be delivered. As for the shipments that were intended for Ukrainian citizens, they will be stored in a FedEx warehouse until the situation is resolved.

TNT Express is part of the FedEx company, specialsing in the export of parcels, letters and cargo from Russia. Until March 4, 2022, TNT operated normally in Russia, but after that it also suspended its activity in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The international express cargo and document delivery company DHL operated normally until March 4, 2022, delivering parcels, documents and cargo to and from Russia, as well as within the country. Since March 4, 2022, DHL has stopped importing shipments to the Russian Federation, but still exports.

So, the conclusion is that no international courier company has been delivering parcels, letters, and documents to Russia since March 1, 2022. A logical question is coming to mind:

How to deliver documents, parcel or cargo from abroad to Russia in 2023

There are many of our fellow citizens outside of Russia for various reasons: traveling, went on a business trip, went to stay with relatives or is running business with foreign partners. In any case, communication with the Russian Federation is necessary.

“How to send a parcel to Russia?”, “Is the delivery of documents to and from Russia relevant?”, “How to send personal items to Russia”, “How to send a bank card to Russia” — frequently asked questions in the Internet.

In addition, some companies have suspended the import of goods necessary for everyday use — auto parts for foreign cars, tires, household appliances, medicines.

Yes, there is a complicated situation around Russia, but it is quite solvable. The logistics team of the aggregator of international and Russian courier services of express delivery, Time Saving Machine, solved the issue of delivery of parcels, documents, cargo from Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa to Russia within two days.

To send a document or parcel to Russia, follow the instructions:

  • contact the company's manager in a convenient way — WhatsApp/Telegram +1 (407) 864-4877, by e-mail, by phone +1 213-459-5581;
  • specify the sender and recipient addresses with the index, contacts;
  • inform us about the type of shipment — parcel or document;
  • specify the weight and dimensions;
  • brief description of the contents;
  • set a time for the courier.

After receiving the detailed information, the manager of TSM will select the method and rate for the delivery of the shipment to Russia.

The time frames for the delivery of parcels, documents and cargo to Russia in 2023

Express rates within 1-3 days to Russia are currently not relevant, because delivery is carried out in a combined way — first by air to a TSM branch, then by land to Moscow. If you need delivery to other regions of the Russian Federation, then you should add another 2-3 days for air delivery.

How much does it cost to deliver parcels, documents and cargo to Russia in 2023

The cost of delivery depends on the distance between the sender and the recipient, on the dimensions and weight of the shipment — the larger and heavier the box or envelope is, the more expensive are the transportation services.

Prices change every day, because international services calculate their prices in € and $, the exchange rate of which is unstable.

Need a delivery of goods, documents or parcels from Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa to Russia in 2023?

Text us using the chat on the sites: or, contact us by phone +1 213-459-5581 or text via WhatsApp: +1 (407) 864-4877.

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