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How much does delivery of parcels and documents to Russia cost in 2023

The years 2022–2023 have become a record for the emigration of people from Russia. So today there are many Russians living in the West and Asia who cannot send a parcel or documents to their relatives and friends that stay in their motherland. But even when people find a transport company that makes shipments to Russia, they still have a lot of questions. This is especially for the terms, conditions, legality and cost of transportation to the Russian Federation.

The TSM team has prepared answers to the most popular customer questions about the cost of delivery to Russia from other countries.

How is going the shipping to Russia from other countries after the introduction of sanctions

Before the events of February in 2023, the worsening of the global political situation, 10 packages of anti–Russian sanctions and closed borders, people actively used such courier companies as DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS for shipping to Russia from all over the world and ordered the delivery service in an aggregator.

Nowadays when famous courier companies have stopped serving the territory of Russia, people send parcels and letters through the logistics operator Time Saving Machine, whose team has been transporting around the world since 2014 and quickly solved the problem with delivery to Russia after the publication of the bans.

In 2023 the courier service TSM has partners from friendly to Russia countries and established logistics routes of transportation to the Russian Federation from all countries of the world in a legal way by planes, trucks, trains and ships.

How much does the international transportation of parcels and letters to Russia cost and what depends on the price of delivery

In the courier firm Time Saving Machine you can order the shipping to Russia for 117 euro, 170 euro, 500 euro and more. Such a range of prices is obtained due to several factors that affect the cost of delivery:

  • the distance: in 2023 there is no direct delivery to Russia from the USA or Europe because of sanctions, closed borders and refuges of the most international transport companies to serve the territory of the Russian Federation. But experienced logisticians of the TSM courier service managed to build new logistic routes for the delivery of parcels and letters to Russia through friendly countries. Therefore, the longer the distance between the sender and the recipient, the more expensive the shipping to Russia;
  • the weight and sizes of the parcel: the heavier and more voluminous the cargo, the more expensive is the transportation;
  • speed: the faster the delivery is needed, the higher the price;
  • type of shipping method: multimodal delivery method with using a storage at warehouse is always cheaper than transportation by air courier on plane in 24 hours;
  • additional service: if the client wants to get insurance, for example, the price of shipping will increase.

What tariffs are available for TSM customers for delivery to Russia from abroad

Although the logistics routes for the delivery of parcels and documents from Europe and the USA to Russia have become longer, the Time Saving Machine team managed to keep the 3 tariffs of transportation and save the shipping time at the level of 2019:

  • urgent delivery by air courier in 24–72 hours;
  • standard courier way of shipping in 5–15 working days;
  • economy type of transportation in 21–28 working days through consolidation warehouses by combined cargo.

Each variant has differences in terms and cost of delivery, but has the same content of services:

  • assigning a personal support manager to the client;
  • help from the TSM team in completing transport documents for the customs for legal transportation to Russia from european countries, the United States of America, Africa and Asia;
  • reliable package of documents and parcels;
  • shipping from hand to hand that means when the courier comes to the sender and takes the parcel or documents for delivery from any place — the customer’s flat or office, for example — and delivers the box or envelope from door to door to the recipient to Russia on address to office, flat, hotel, restaurant or aeroport;
  • tracking of parcel or letter movement along the logistic route.

In the courier service Time Saving Machine international transportation is carried out only after signing a contract between the firm and the client. The document has legal force, contains all information about the sender, the recipient, the items in the parcel and terms of delivery from America to Russia or from Europe to Russia and serves as a guarantee of transportation. Based on this agreement, the courier company’s team issues an invoice for 100 % prepayment.

How to save money on the delivery to Russia

If you compare the price of delivery from Europe and the USA to Russia in 2019 before lockdown and in 2023 after 10 packages of sanctions and events of February in 2023, then the cost of transportation has significantly increased. Nowadays it is not always possible to reduce the price of shipping because transport companies have seriously grown up the expenses of delivery to Russia from anywhere in the world. That’s why courier services not often give discounts for international shipping, because they don’t want to work in minus, but there are still a couple of ways to save money on delivery to Russia from other countries:

  • plan delivery in advance, because you always have to overpay for urgency;
  • put items in a parcel like tetris, in this case you will be able to use a smaller cardboard box and won’t pay extra for the dimensions;
  • use vacuum bags which allow you to reduce the volume of things up to 70 %;
  • use lightweight forms of box filler when you want to protect the attachment of the parcel from damages during transportation;
  • don’t put too much in the box, because the more attachments in the package, the heavier the box and, as a result, the higher the cost.

The team of the courier delivery service Time Saving Machine knows everything about packages, so if you find it difficult to answer the question — how to pack the cargo correctly — please, contact the TSM manager and he or she will give you the consultation.

Do you still have questions? Please, follow the international transport company’s website and contact the TSM manager in online chat or in one of the available messengers — WhatsApp and Telegram.

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