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How to avoid problems with customs control while ordering goods from the USA with courier delivery

Many businessmen from the United States do not export goods because they do not want to receive a fine from customs. The inspectors really have the right to issue a penalty, prohibit the cargo delivery to abroad, turn the parcel back to the sender and even destroy the items at the customs post. But in fact there is nothing terrible in communication with customs. You just need to know the several nuances.

The TSM aggregator team explains how to avoid problems with customs inspectors and send the cargo from the USA to Europe, Africa or Asia.

Make documents

It is necessary to prepare a package of accompanying documents to send a parcel from America abroad. All goods are divided into several categories and each of them has its own list of documents, but there is something common:

  • contract;
  • invoice;
  • packing list.

The TSM managers know all nuances and help the customers to complete this package of accompanying transport documents for customs.

Do not send prohibited goods abroad

In every country there is something that the law does not allow to export. America is no exception. As a rule the ban on export concerns the flora and fauna of the land. In the USA there are:

  • plants and seeds;
  • alive and stuffed animals;
  • horns and bones;
  • features of birds;
  • corals, shells, starfish, sea urchins and others of marine fauna;
  • natural pearls even in watches, jewelry, decor or musical instruments.

Also people cannot send from America such goods, detail, accessories that are connected with special development. Among them:

  • parts of plane and aviation equipment;
  • space products and engines;
  • telecommunication and engineering security tools;
  • high–power lasers and sensors;
  • equipment for working with the raw materials.

Customs strictly prohibits sending of weapons including swords, crossbows and bows. The list of banned goods added by some household tools — axes, saws, hammers — as well as drugs with pornography.

The import bans of the country where the sender is going to deliver the cargo also play a role in forbidding the export of parcels from the United States. For example, in 2023, for transportation from America to Russia is prohibited the following types of items:

  • cosmetics;
  • batteries;
  • power banks;
  • autoparts;
  • raw natural materials;
  • thermal imagers;
  • echo sounders and sonars;
  • pressurized cylinders, such as hair sprays, shaving foam, deodorants;
  • laser devices — pointers and measuring instruments;
  • laptops and tablets;
  • phones;
  • any clothes and shoes that cost more 300 euro;
  • knives;
  • goods from 10 packages of anti–Russian sanctions from the USA and the Europe where you can find any bags, purses, cosmetics;
  • any equipment and electronics, that are more expensive than 750 euro;
  • cameras, video cameras and acoustic systems which price is more than 1 000 euro.

Tell the truth

Underestimating the cost of the shipment is obviously a bad idea. Customs inspectors often ask the senders to show them links to online stores where they can find the same things that a person is going to send from the USA abroad, even if these items are used for several years. Customs closely monitor exports, so they check every supply along and across. The fraud will come to light and cause a fine.

There are really a lot of customs requirements. To deal with them the TSM manager will help the customers. Please, follow the website of aggregator and leave there an application for international delivery from the USA in online chat or WhatsApp and Telegram.

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