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How to send a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023

In 2022, Russian banking payment systems have faced the blocking of Visa, Mastercard and Mir cards outside the country and the refusal of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay services to serve Russian customers. In this regard, Russian citizens cannot pay for goods and services on foreign websites, receive a salary from a foreign employer, or make digital payments on vacation abroad.

The Russians were not confused and decided to issue bank cards in the CIS countries, Turkey, Serbia, and Thailand. At the same time, there is a need to send a bank card by courier service to Russia.

For example, a relative, acquaintance or work colleague who permanently resides abroad has issued a local bank card for himself, but you will use it. Or the card is remotely issued for you, and physical sending is carried out from abroad.

The transport blockade and suspension of the work of international courier services on the territory of Russia made direct delivery from abroad impossible. Sending a bank card from Asia, the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa to Russia has become a quest. The average user does not have the experience to identify deception, understand the competence of the carrier to get the best solution.

Is there an available option to send a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023?

Yes, it is. The logistics team of the TSM international courier service has found alternatives for the delivery of parcels, documents and bank cards from Belarus to Russia.

The actual state of affairs while sending a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023

The transport blockade by the EU and the refusal of international postal services to work with the Russian direction significantly worsened the situation. UPS, Federal Express, TNT Express, DHL stopped shipping to Russia.

The authorities of the EU countries notified the Universal Postal Union about their refusal to issue mailings to the territory of the Russian Federation, therefore, the Russian Post stopped receiving shipments from unfriendly countries as a forced measure.

Due to the disconnection of most Russian banks from SWIFT, the possibility of paying for delivery services of an envelope with a bank card from the United States to Russia has put many at a dead end.

The decision to send a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023 using the international courier delivery service Time Saving Machine

The TSM concierge service consistently provides services for the delivery of a bank card to Russia from Belarus in 2023, bypassing transport and legal restrictions.

The positive result is based on the comprehensive application and implementation of the following principles:

  • a combination of several ways to deliver a bank card through reliable trusted partners;
  • knowledge in the sphere of customs legislation, which allows you to properly execute the accompanying documentation;
  • cooperation with international and Russian courier services, transport companies;
  • availability of current accounts in foreign banks;
  • the use of transit points in neutral or friendly states for their further dispatch to the destination address.

Important! TSM International courier service has built a route bypassing the blocked borders of Russia and successfully uses it to deliver parcels, cargo and documents from Belarus.

What is important to know and do when sending a bank card to Russia from Belarus in 2023:

  • the cardholder must be the recipient or the sender;
  • during the invoice process, be sure to specify the name of the owner in exact accordance with the bank card — in order to avoid mistakes, TSM employees will fill out the invoice in Russian and English themselves;
  • it is important to describe the attachment in detail if you are sending not only a bank card. TSM employees will take over the description, indicating the quantity and cost of each unit of the document being sent in US dollars;
  • there should be no funds on the balance of the payment card — for this you need to attach the original of the bank certificate, which confirms this fact.

Be careful! In the invoice, any attachment has its own price. For a bank card, TSM recommends specifying a small cost in USD, which will be equivalent to the bank's tariff for issuing the card, and preferably a little lower.

How to send a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023

Sending documents from Belarus to Russia consists of the scrupulous work of TSM specialists, which includes:

  • mapping a route;
  • providing a choice of delivery rates;
  • calculation of the delivery time of a bank card from Belarus to Russia;
  • prompt and competent order processing.

How much does it cost to deliver a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023

The TSM customer receives a reasonable and up-to-date cost of delivery of a bank card to Russia from Belarus before applying for delivery of the shipment. The client service managers receive detailed information from the sender about the planned shipment, after which they prepare an offer for the client. The situation when the price “suddenly” has changed on the way is excluded.

Please provide the following information to calculate the cost of delivery of a bank card from Belarus to Russia:

  • urgency of delivery;
  • dimensions and weight — the cost of delivery directly depends on these parameters;
  • the exact addresses of the sender and recipient for the delivery of the envelope with a bank card.

Important! The prices are valid on the day of the invoice. International logistics services make calculations in € and $, the rate of which is constantly changing.

The term of delivery of a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023

Urgent delivery from Belarus to Russia has temporarily moved into the field of theory due to logistical constraints. Consider the delivery time of the bank card from Belarus to Russia starting from 8 and up to 14 working days, depending on the remoteness of the settlements of the sender and recipient.

Keep in mind that international transport routes are forced to include bypassing the closed borders of the Russian Federation.

Important! The accompanying manager will inform you of the specific dates during the conclusion of the contract.

How to arrange the delivery of a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023

Please prepare the following data for the TSM International Service Manager:

  • sender and recipient addresses — postal code, country, settlement, street, house/block number, apartment number;
  • sender and recipient contacts: email, phone number with messengers;
  • type of shipment — documents or parcel;
  • the purpose of the shipment - personal use (information for customs services);
  • at the request of the client, the courier will provide the package for the shipment — a special extra strong envelope with opening control.

If an urgent pick-up of an envelope with a bank card is required, then this information should be reported to a TSM specialist.

Important! We recommend temporarily blocking the card for the time of shipment.

How to pay for the bank card delivery service from Belarus to Russia

After signing a contract for delivery services from Belarus to Russia, the TSM manager sends an invoice or a link for payment via the online payment acceptance service Robokassa. We accept cards issued by any banks and any currency for payment.

This will help to avoid problems with blocking Russian Visa and Mastercard cards or non-functioning services such as Apple Pay.

The contract and related financial matters are under the jurisdiction of the countries where TSM offices are located.

Advantages of cooperation with TSM to deliver a bank card from Belarus to Russia:

  • the coverage area of the service is 240 countries and 155,000 settlements in Russia, which allows you to quickly deliver any type of shipments;
  • minimal terms of delivery of a bank card from Belarus to Russia due to competently built logistics chains in conditions of transport blockade;
  • support of TSM specialists from the client's first request to the delivery of an envelope with a bank card to the recipient in Russia;
  • real time tracking of the shipment;
  • Additional services: insurance, packaging, execution of accompanying documents, provision of the opportunity to pay for services through their own current accounts.

TSM courier service specialists have been on the international delivery market since 2014 and know exactly how to arrange the delivery of a bank card from Belarus to Russia in the shortest possible time, even under sanctions against Russia.

The recipient and sender ALWAYS:

  • know at what stage of delivery an envelope with a bank card is located — a personal manager is in touch and can quickly clarify the location of the shipment;
  • receive the envelope at the time agreed by the parties;
  • have a guarantee of the safety of the bank card;
  • are provided with an individual approach from preliminary consultation to the actual delivery of an envelope with a bank card in Russia;
  • receive a cash receipt for paid services.

It is more than possible to send a bank card from Belarus to Russia in 2023 under the conditions of sanctions and restrictions.

Methods of communication with TSM managers for processing the shipment:

*- prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation

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