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How to send electronics to Russia in 2023

10 packages of sanctions have made the delivery of goods to Russia impossible from Europe and the United States of America. Large courier firms such as DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS refused to serve the territory of the Russian Federation, but some international transport companies found a legal way of sending parcels to Russia in 2023, among them Time Saving Machine, which makes shipments of clothes, footwear, cosmetics and even electronics to Russia from abroad.

What variants of gadget delivery does TSM offer from other countries to Russia

In 2023 the courier service Time Saving Machine offers 3 ways of shipping:

  • urgent delivery by personal air courier in 2–5 days;
  • standard courier supply in 5–15 working days;
  • economy type of transportation by using combined cargo and consolidation warehouse in 21–28 working days.

All of them includes the following service:

  • communication with personal accompanying manager that helps to complete transport documents on electronics for customs in a right way for legal transportation to Russia from abroad;
  • pieces of advice for reliable packaging of sending electronics. The courier company regularly makes deliveries of Apple gadgets from America to Russia and small household appliances from Europe to Russia, so the TSM team knows everything about packaging;
  • shipping from hand to hand that means the courier comes to the sender and takes the parcel from any comfortable place for the customer. It could be a flat, an office, a hotel and even a restaurant. Then the courier delivers the box with electronics to the recipient in Russia and gives it from door to door. It also could be any address;
  • monitoring of parcel movement along the logistic route. There is no direct delivery from Europe and the USA to Russia, so the way of shipping turns out to a long one;
  • international delivery according to the contract of transportation. This agreement is signed between the customer and the Time Saving Machine company, has legal force and serves as a guarantee of transportation of electronics to Russia.

How much does the delivery of electronics cost

There are several factors that affect the cost of delivery:

  • the length of the logistics route: there is no direct delivery to Russia in 2023 so the logistics of the TSM transport company have signed new partnership contracts with friendly to the Russian Federation countries. The more distance between the sender’s and the recipient’s cities and the longer the logistic route, the more expensive the delivery;
  • the weight and sizes of the parcel: the heavier the box and the greater its length, width and height, the more expensive the cost of transportation;
  • speed and type of shipping method: for urgency with delivery in 2–5 days by air courier the client will have to pay from 500 euros. For standard shipping in 5–15 working days the client will have to pay from 176 euros. For the economy variant n 21–28 working days by combining cargo with using a warehouse the client will have to pay from 117 euros;
  • additional service: if the client wants to get insurance, the price of electronics shipping will increase.

What data is necessary to apply for the delivery of electronics to Russia

To make an application for courier delivery, choose a tariff, sign a transportation contract and call a courier, the client should contact the TSM manager and give him or her the following necessary information:

  • photo and description of the electronics that the client wants to send to Russia;
  • technical characteristics of the item;
  • link to the website where you can buy the same model;
  • weight and dimensions of the parcel;
  • exact addresses of the sender and recipient with postal codes;
  • wishful terms and time of shipping;
  • the date of cargo readiness to be delivered to the courier for supply.

Do you still have questions? Please, follow the TSM website and connect with the manager in online chat or in WhatsApp and Telegram. He or she will give you the consultation and ask all your questions.

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