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How to send parcel or documents from Brazil to Russia in 2023

В 2022–2023 a lot of Russians had gone to Brazil because of the warm climate, comfortable living conditions, available accommodation near the ocean and a dynamically developing economy. People move to Brazil to spend winter, study, work or marry and found a family.

This picture could look perfect if there was not one «but» — 9 packages of anti–Russian sanctions from Western countries and refusal of international transport companies to serve cities in Russia. Tourists and citizens cannot carry shipments to their Russian beloved with gifts and presents and as for legal entities they cannot supply commercial parties of the goods.

Fortunately there is the courier service Time Saving Machine that helps Brazilians to send documents and parcels from Brazil to Russia.

Main points of sending parcels and documents from Brazil to Russia

If you want to order the cargo delivery from Brazil, please leave a request to the TSM anger for making tariff and send him or her the necessary information for calculating the rate:

  • the sender’s contacts and address in Brazil with the postal code;
  • the recipient’s contacts and address in Russia with the postal code;
  • the date of shipment readiness for delivery from Brazil to Russia;
  • the weight and sizes of the box;
  • description and photo of items in parcel;
  • wishful terms and conditions of transportation;
  • the necessity of additional services. It could be insurance and more reliable packaging.

After receiving this information the manager picks up the tariff for the client. Usually cargo from Brazil to Russia is transported in three ways:

  • urgent delivery by air courier in 2–4 days;
  • standard supply in 5–15 working days;
  • economy shipping in 21–28 working days.

Each rate differs in price, terms and type of using transport, but has the same service:

  • connection with personal assigned manager;
  • help of the manager in completing the necessary documents for customs;
  • reliable packaging of fragile items;
  • payment in Brazilian currency;
  • monitoring of the parcel movement along the logistics route;
  • delivery by courier from hand to hand.

If the client is satisfied with one of the offered rates the manager makes an application for a courier. Logisticians of the TSM company won’t put a courier on the delivery route without a signed transportation contract from customers and getting 100 % prepayment to the courier service’s bank account.

How much does it cost to send parcel to Russia from Brazil

The price of international delivery depends on the following:

  • weight and dimensions of the box;
  • nature of goods in parcel;
  • distance between the sender’s city in Brazil and the Russian’s recipient;
  • necessity of special transportation conditions, such as temperature, for example.

Anyway, don’t worry, the Time Saving Machine managers will select the suitable tariff for the client’s budget.

If you need to send parcels or documents from Brazil to Russia, please, link the website of company and contact the TSM manager.

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