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How to send parcels or documents from Australia to Russia in 2023

After a lot of anti–Russian sanctions from Western countries, people are wondering — is it possible to make a delivery of parcels, documents, samples and commercial cargo from Australia to Russia? DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT refused to serve the territory of the Russian Federation, so what should the Australians do if they need to send even personal belongings to Russia?

Fortunately, there is a courier delivery service Time Saving Machine that continues to make shipments to the Russian Federation from all over the world and today the TSM team answers the three popular questions about such supply.

What kind of information is necessary for international delivery from Australia

If you want to send a parcel from Australia to Russia, please, contact the TSM manager and give him or her the following information:

  • weight and size of the shipping;
  • description of all things in the box for export from Australia;
  • sender’s address — city, street, house, floor and flat;
  • recipient’s address in Russia;
  • date of cargo readiness in Australia;
  • wishful time of parcel delivery to Russia from Australia;
  • necessity of additional service — insurance, packaging and special conditions of transportation.

This data helps menager to calculate the rate and tell the customer terms of delivery according to available tariffs.

What kind of tariffs are available for TSM clients

Despite the present situation between Russia and Australia the Time Saving Machine team continues to make shipping from Australia to Russia and offers the customers three tariffs:

  • urgent way of delivery by air courier in 1–3 days;
  • standard transportation of goods from Australia in 5–15 working days;
  • economy variant of supply in 21–28 working days using a consolidation warehouse and sending parcels by general cargo.

Each rate differs in price, time and type of transport, but there are the same services:

  • connection with personal assigned manager and his or her help in completing the documents for customs;
  • reliable packaging of fragile items in air bubble wrap;
  • monitoring of the parcel movement;
  • delivery by courier from hand to hand.

How much does the shipping from Australia cost

The delivery cost depends on the several factors:

  • distance between the sender’s and the recipient’s cities;
  • weight and size of the parcel;
  • nature of items in the box;
  • time of transportation;
  • necessity of additional service.

Do you need to send parcels or letters with documents from Australia to Russia? Please, do it with the delivery service Time Saving Machine. Follow the link to the website of company and contact the manager.

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