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How TSM delivers parcels, documents and commercial cargo from the USA to Russia in 2023

The events of February 2022 have spoiled the already tense relations between the United States of America and the Russian Federation. Foreign brands had to leave Russia, several sanctions were put up against Russia and at the same time international delivery services refused to work in Russia. In one moment DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS left the Russian Federation, so it could be impossible to send a parcel, documents or commercial cargo from America to Russia if there were not the TSM.

The Time Saving Machine company is an aggregator of different carriers that are connected to the platform and offer a lot of delivery variants. Some of them are placed in friendly to Russia countries. So the TSM team has considered new types of logistic routes to provide customers with a way of legal shipping parcels and documents from America to Russia. It happens like this:

The cargo from the sender in America is picked up by a courier from any of the delivery services with which TSM cooperates. Then the courier brings the parcel to the Time Saving Machine partner office in Europe or Asia where the courier of another transport company from a country friendly to Russia takes it for delivery to the recipient in the Russian Federation.

Don’t worry, the cargo won’t be lost. The logistics chain is debugged. Partners are reliable. The TSM logistic operator has delivered parcels and documents since 2014 all over the world and does this according to the agreement. Also the Time Saving Machine team signs a contract with all customers. This document serves a fulfillment of obligations guarantee for international transportation by the courier service and contains full information about the cargo.

Do you need to send a parcel with personal belongings, presents and even samples or do you want to send a letter with important documents to Russia from the USA? Please, follow the TSM website and contact the manager, who helps you to choose a tariff and order the delivery.

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