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Terms and cost of courier delivery from the USA to Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries of the world

In the delivery of parcels, letters and commercial goods, the cost and time of transportation play a decisive role. In 2023 individuals and legal entities value their money, time and comfort. People are not ready to overpay and send shipments with bad conditions. So the TSM team prepared a list of 7 reasons that influence the price, terms and time of delivery from the USA to other countries.

Distance between the sender’s and recipient’s cities

The continent where the USA is located stays far from Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, so the cost of shipping parcels, commercial cargo, goods from online stores and documents from America to lands abroad depends on the distance between the sender’s and the recipient’s cities. How close is the delivery location, then it is shorter the courier’s logistics route, so the supply from the USA will be cheaper and faster.

The Time Saving Machine aggregator offers 3 kinds of international delivery:

  • the most fast and expensive way of shipping by air courier in 2–5 days with possibility of hanging over the goods to the customer on weekend or holidays;
  • standard way by courier in 5–15 working days;
  • economy variant of supply in 21–28 working days with using consolidation warehouse and combined cargo.

Weight and dimensions

The cost of shipping a parcel from the USA weighing 0,5 kg will be cheaper than to send a box of 25 kg. Also it is necessary to note the sizes of the cargo because in the logistic world there is such a thing as volumetric weight that influences the price of supply.

Cargo space

The number of sending boxes abroad also affects the terms and cost of delivery from the USA. Depending on the taken cargo space the manager selects transport ways for these parcels. It can be: plane, ship, container, train and truck. All of them have different speeds and expenses.


Goods must be securely packed for international transportation. For example, fragile items made of glass and ceramics are put in an air–bubble wrap, placed in a cardboard box without touching the walls of the container, and then the empty space is filled with a special material such as corrugated kraft paper.

The same requirement applies to the paintings shipment. It is necessary to make a plywood box according to the size of the canvas. Also there are a lot of types of cargo that need to be crated. All wooden packages should go through fumigation. It takes an additional expense and time.

Desired terms of transportation

It is always necessary to pay more for speed. If the client wants to send a present with a Hermes bag to his beloved in the UK, for example, in 2 days in order to give a gift at her birthday party, he should be ready that this delivery will be more expensive than the standard way of shipping in 5–15 working days. It is also necessary to note that before the holidays, courier services are more busy, so it is better to take care of delivery in advance.

Necessity of special conditions

The price of transportation can rise, if the attachment of the parcel needs to be delivered with the temperature regime. It can be cosmetics, medicines, paints or professional equipment. Also special conditions can be needed by shipping of large–sized industrial machinery for which it is necessary to make special non–standard mounts.


The estimated value of the goods also is a reason for changing terms and price of delivery. Although the aggregator has a reputation where goods are not lost, there are such expensive attachments of parcels that should be better to insure them. This cost is calculated individually and added to the basic tariff.

Do you need to send a parcel from the USA to Europe or Asia? Please, follow the website of aggregator and contact the manager in online form or in the official company messengers — WhatsApp or Telegram and leave your application for the delivery from the USA.

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