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The legal way of international shipping from Luxembourg to Russia in 2023

Before the events of 2022 the majority of imports and exports to and from Russia were managed by courier services like DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. Costs and terms of international shipments were different, but typically transportation from Luxembourg to Russia took from 2 to 7 days.

In 2023 the situation has changed. The global delivery firms have refused to serve the Russian Federation and left its citizens and legal entities without the ability to send or receive parcels from Europe. The only shipping provider that enables delivery from Luxembourg to Russia with an aggregator is Time Saving Machine.

What ways of shipping are available for delivery from Luxembourg to Russia?

In 2023 the TSM transport company’s team offers three kinds of parcel delivery from Luxembourg to Russia with different shipping cost, time and terms of transportation:

  • urgent delivery of goods from Luxembourg by air courier;
  • standard type of shipping from Luxembourg to Russia by courier from hand to hand;
  • economy variant of delivery from Europe to Russia by combined cargo with using the consolidation warehouse.

All of these options include the following services:

  • communication and support of a personal delivery manager;
  • help of experienced team in the preparation of transport documents for successful customs clearance in conditions of closed borders, 10 packages of anti–Russian sanctions and unstable political situation in the world;
  • pieces of advice for packaging items in a reliable cardboard box;
  • package of document into the envelope that protects attachments from mechanical damages, UV–rays, road dust and precipitation;
  • delivery by air courier from hand to hand;
  • monitoring the movement of the parcel or letter along the logistics route;
  • transportation under the signed agreement.

Delivery to Russia is carried out legally, because the logistics team of the courier company TSM have laid new transportation routes through the countries that are friendly to the Russian Federation, and the service managers take the filling of customs documents on themselves for the passage of the border without restrictions.

How much does it cost to make shipment from Luxembourg to Russia?

There are a variety of factors that impact international shipping from Luxembourg to Russia:

  • method of delivery;
  • parcel size and weight;
  • type of attachment;
  • additional service, such as insurance;
  • customs import duties;
  • wishful terms of delivery. Urgent shipping costs more than standard transportation due to faster delivery times;
  • terms of delivery. Transportation of goods with specific temperature regimes is more expensive than delivery of clothes.

Time Saving Machine logistics company offers three different options for shipping parcels from Luxembourg to Russia, including shipment by personal air courier, standard courier delivery and economy transportation. The cost of each way of delivery varies depending on the shipping time and logistic route, so the price ranges from 117 to 500 euros and over.

Despite the high prices, TSM provides a door-to-door delivery service from any Luxembourg city to any Russian city, town or locality. Customers receive support from a dedicated manager who assists them in completing customs documents and collecting all necessary certificates and passports for their cargo. TSM's turnkey delivery system offers the convenience of a personal courier who picks up and delivers parcels directly, while the company's monitoring system ensures that customers are always aware of the status of their shipment along the logistics route. To ensure complete satisfaction, TSM requires 100% prepayment and provides a contract for transportation to individuals and legal entities, guaranteeing safe and timely international shipping of goods.

How long does it take to send a parcel or documents from Luxembourg to Russia?

Despite the closed borders, parcels and letters arrive in Russia quite quickly:

  • express delivery by courier on plane takes 1–3 days;
  • standard type of transportation takes 5–15 working days;
  • economy variant of sending parcels from Luxembourg to Russia takes 21–28 working days.

What goods can be shipped from Luxembourg to Russia?

Luxembourg exports to Russia a variety of goods, including:

  • machinery and electrical equipment;
  • mineral fuels and oils;
  • chemicals and pharmaceuticals;
  • iron and steel products;
  • vehicles and transport equipment;
  • plastics;
  • optical, photographic and precision instruments;
  • textiles and clothing;
  • food and agricultural products;
  • wood, paper and paperboard.

What goods are prohibited for shipping from Luxembourg to Russia

There are some items that are generally prohibited for delivery:

  • drugs and narcotics;
  • counterfeit goods and pirated materials;
  • firearms and ammunition;
  • explosives and fireworks;
  • hazardous chemicals and waste;
  • sexually explicit materials;
  • animals;
  • perishable food items;
  • cultural artifacts and antiques;
  • radioactive materials and nuclear substances. 

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