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Turnkey delivery from Liechtenstein to Russia in 2023

Liechtenstein exports chemical and wooden products, industrial machines, textiles, furniture, wine and canned food, dentures to Russia. When such courier companies as DHL, TNT, UPS and FedEx had left the Russian logistics market and refused to serve its territory, people felt confused and did not know which transport company would continue to deliver parcels and documents from Liechtenstein to Russia.

Such transportation offer appears in the Time Saving Machine (TSM) delivery service that has been carrying goods around the world since 2014, and is still connected to the aggregator online platform, sending parcels from Liechtenstein to Russia with personal belongings, samples, spare parts, commercial shipments and documents even in 2023, while its most colleagues in the transport area refuse to accept applications for express delivery to this country.

Available types of international shipping from Liechtenstein to Russia with TSM

Time Saving Machine offers its clients three different methods of delivery of goods from Liechtenstein to Russia:

  • delivery by personal air courier that takes 24–72 hours with shipping cost from Liechtenstein to Russia over 500 euros. This type of transportation is the fastest one and the most expensive. It is suitable for urgent small parcels and letters;
  • standard express delivery from hand to hand by courier takes 5–15 working days with a price over 176 euros. This way is slower than the first one but it is more cost effective;
  • economy type of sending parcels from Liechtenstein to Russia by using combined cargo and consolidation warehouses. It takes 21–28 working days with shipping cost over 117 euros.

Each tariff includes the next services:

  • help of personal accompanying manager with completing of custom documents for sending of parcels and letters from Liechtenstein to Russia;
  • pieces of advice on reliable packaging;
  • tracking of parcel movement along the logistic route;
  • international delivery by courier from hand to hand in accordance with the transportation contract.

What documents is it necessary to prepare for shipping from Liechtenstein to Russia

In 2023 delivery from Europe to Russia is complicated because of 10 anti–Russian sanction packages. So customs is able to stop parcels, cargo and documents on the way to this country. To avoid these negative consequences  on the logistic route every client in TSM gets help from a personal accompanying manager that fills documents on cargo in the right way and  makes sure that customs does not have any questions.

There are general documents that should be required for shipping from Liechtenstein to Russia:

  • commercial invoice;
  • packing list;
  • bill of lading;
  • export declaration;
  • certificate of origin. 

The package of documents for customs can be changed depending on the type of sending cargo. The TSM managers monitor this information and know what documents are necessary to be prepared for successful delivery to Russia without delays at the border.

What information is it necessary to give to the manager for submiting the application

To order the delivery from Liechtenstein to Russia, please, contact the TSM manager and provide the following information:

  • the sender’s full name, contacts and address with postcode;
  • the description of cargo type with photo;
  • the estimated value of each item in the parcel;
  • the size and weight of full cardboard box for shipping from Liechtenstein to Russia;
  • the recipient’s full name, contacts and address with postcode;
  • the wishful terms and time of delivery;
  • the date of cargo readiness for shipping.

What is prohibited to send in parcels from Liechtenstein to Russia

Both countries have a list of prohibited goods for import and export. In general, it is prohibited to send:

  • dangerous items;
  • drugs;
  • counterfeit goods;
  • weapons and war ammunition, explosives or any other goods that are considered illegal or restricted by the country of origin or the destination country.

What has the TSM team already delivered from Liechtenstein to Russia

The Time Saving Machine company delivers a lot of things to Russia, among them:

  • clothes and footwear;
  • accessories;
  • electronics;
  • cosmetics;
  • samples and commercial cargo;
  • raw materials;
  • furniture;
  • electronics;
  • different types of documents, such as passports, diplomas, certificates, contracts, instructions.

Do you need a reliable shipping provider with turnkey delivery service for sending from Liechtenstein to Russia parcels, cargo or documents? Please, follow the TSM logistics company’s website and contact the manager and order the international delivery of your goods.

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