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What happened with deliver parcels and documents from Monaco to Russia in 2023

Following the world events in 2023, major transportation companies like DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS have suspended their services to the Russian Federation, causing inconvenience to the residents of Monaco. Solution has been found through an aggregator platform that connects different courier delivery services and one of them continues to provide shipments of parcels, cargo, and documents from Monaco to Russia fast and reliably in a legal way. 

Available type of transportation from Monaco to Russia

TSM has been providing international logistics services around the world since 2014. When Europe and America announced their intention to terminate transport services with Russia in 2023, this courier delivery service quickly laid new logistics routes for sending parcels from Monaco to Russia through countries friendly to the Russian Federation. 

In 2023 TSM offers three available tariffs based on the urgency of delivery:

  • The first variant provides an urgent way of transportation by a personal air courier taking 2–5 days with prices higher than 500 euros;
  • The second type of express delivery includes a standard express delivery by courier that takes 5–15 working days providing a cost of more than 176 euros;
  • The third way is an economy variant of sending parcels and documents from Monaco to Russia with delivery time 21–28 working days by combining cargo and  using a consolidation warehouse and has a price more than 117 euros.

The cost of delivering a package to Russia depends on several factors such as:

  • the transport company’s shipping expenses;
  • the chosen tariff;
  • the delivery speed;
  • shipping location;
  • package weight and size.

The faster the shipping of goods from Monaco is, the more expensive the delivery becomes, with the package's destination heavily influencing the transportation charge. Moreover, larger and heavier packages might cost more due to their size and necessary handling measures.

By choosing TSM, customers receive an array of services such as assistance from a personal manager in completing customs paperwork, experienced TSM employees handling the collection of certificates and passports for cargo, courier delivering the package from hand to hand for an effortless experience for the sender and recipient, and tracking parcel movements based on logistics routes.

To ensure reliable and guaranteed delivery, TSM requires full prepayment and a signed transportation contract from both individuals and legal entities for their shipping from Monaco to Russia. 

What documents are necessary to be prepared for delivery of goods from Monaco to Russia?

Every international shipment requires careful preparation of customs documents. Depending on the type of item being shipped, additional documents may be necessary. That's why Time Saving Machine transport company offers a manager to help with completing all necessary documents for the cargo. The Monaco sender receives guidance on which specific documents are required for each type of item being shipped. For standard commodities such as personal belongings, the required documents include:

  • invoice;
  • bill of lading;
  • packing list;
  • customs declaration form.

How to order international shipping from Monaco to Russia

For parcel delivery from Monaco to Russia it is necessary to give the TSM manager the following information:

  • the sender’s and recipient’s addresses;
  • names, surnames, phone numbers and e–mail;
  • photo and description of attachments of the parcel;
  • wishful time of delivery;
  • date of readiness to start delivery from Monaco to Russia.

Then, please, sign the transportation agreement , make 100% prepayment, receive customs documents from the manager, pack your items in a parcel and wait for the courier.Do you need to send parcels or documents from Monaco to Russia? Please, follow to the website of TSM and contact the manager.

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