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Mass addressed mailing of corporate presents to clients and business partners abroad and across Kazakhstan in 2023

The Republic of Kazakhstan has become a link in logistics and business between Europe, the USA and Russia. Kazakhstan companies expanded their business ties by opening additional offices and branches around the world. Also a large number of the republic residents left Kazakhstan for abroad by invitation to study at a university and to work. So it is necessary to send gifts for the New Year to make partnerships stronger and build a foundation for the future. The delivery service Time Saving Machine works in this direction since 2014 and will help you with mass addressed mailing gifts. 

How to organize mass addressed mailing of New Year's gifts in Kazakhstan and abroad in 2023

The New Years and Christmas holidays are a time of giving presents to your relatives, paying attention to the business partners and reminding yourself to companies that you would like to work and sign a contract in the future. Previously you should take care of preparing holiday assortment and delivery service. The last one will be very busy before the New Year holidays and corporate gifts may be late to the recipient. To avoid this the delivery service Time Saving Machine offers a service of mass addressed mailing gifts across Kazakhstan and abroad.

In November and December of each year mass address mailing of New Year and Christmas gifts has a big demand among TSM customers. Such way of sending presents from Kazakhstan to a partner abroad has a lot of advantages:

  • TSM manager match rates for the sender and helps him with the preparation of accompanying documents for each individual international parcel;
  • courier takes parcels for mass address mailing in one day and delivers them to the TSM office, where TSM’s team pack and mark gifts. After this they send packages to different addresses of Kazakhstan and foreign countries;
  • TSM has a wide geography of express delivery and send gifts from Kazakhstan to the USA, Europe, Russia and the CIS.

To send a gift to partners in the republic for the New Year holiday with TSM is as easy as to send a parcel abroad from Kazakhstan. It is just enough to place an order for transportation. The client should send to the manager the following data to make an application for courier delivery in Kazakhstan and abroad:

  • the sender’s address with the index;
  • Name and Surname of sender with contacts;
  • company list with corporate details;
  • the recipient’s Name, Surname, contacts and address with index; of sender with contacts; 
  • wishful delivery terms for a gift for the New Year 2023;
  • weight and dimensions of each box.

How much does the courier mass addressed mailing of gifts cost

The delivery company Time Saving Machine works on 100% prepayment and send parcels around the world every day. The cost of each shipment depends on several following factors:

  • the distance between the place of dispatch and the place of delivery;
  • complicated logistic route;
  • urgency of delivery;
  • weight and dimensions of parcel.

You can calculate the price of express delivery on the company's website or through communication with the manager. The last one chooses the optimal tariff according to wishful terms, based on the request of the client. After accommodation on the terms of delivery, the manager makes a contract for transportation with the customer of the service, issues an invoice for payment, and then logisticians put the courier on the route. Payment for courier mass addressed delivery is available in Russian rubles, world currency and tenge.

Advantages of the international courier delivery service Time Saving Machine

Time Saving Machine works as an aggregator and has signed direct contracts with such international courier delivery services as:

  • UPS;
  • AVIS Logistics;
  • Aramex;
  • FedEx;
  • EMEX;
  • DHL;
  • Smartdelivery;
  • TNT.

A large number of reliable companies connected to the TSM platform allows clients to choose wishful rates according to terms and price for several delivery directions at once without wasting time. The last one is really important before the New Year and Christmas. Also  the courier service transports abroad:

  • all kinds of merch products – diaries, calendars, pens, business cards holders, bank card holders, notebooks and note paper boxes;
  • christmas tree toys;
  • decorative christmas trees;
  • sanctioned goods from Europe to Russia in agreement with the manager.

Please pay attention there is an individual list of sanctioned goods that the local customs will not allow to enter the territory of Kazakhstan. You should avoid such presents as alcohol, meat products, knives and lighters for Kazakhstan business partners, although TSM transports these types of products.

You may support business partnerships and remind yourself through sending:

  • printing goods with your company's logo will remind Kazakhstan business partners of the wish to continue the cooperation;
  • a set of Christmas decorations with the symbol of 2023. If you send such a gift to Kazakhstan it means that you want to notice the effectiveness of one colleague or one department from the entire company. For example, the support manager or the Head of the foreign trade department;
  • handmade chocolate box in the form of Christmas trees, balloons or snowmen. Please pay attention that while sending food, customs services request a certificate of conformity and a receipt for the purchase, so you need to prepare these documents in advance.

Make strong business relationships with partners and order the mass addressed mailing of New Year's gifts by courier in Kazakhstan and abroad through TSM at the following contacts:

  • phone +7 (727) 310-20-18;
  • e–mail:
  • WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber: +1 (407) 864-4877
  • write to online chat on website:

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