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What is most often delivered by courier to Burkina Faso?

Sending business correspondence

Time Saving Machine Company performs courier delivery of accounting, legal and other business cor-respondence for legal entities and individuals to Burkina Faso from Russia and in the opposite direction.

Delivery of documentation

Our courier service helps companies, non-profit organizations and citizens to promptly exchange documentation, which speeds up the approval and conclusion of production, trade and other contracts, and the solution of many tasks.

Sending mail

Thanks to the urgent delivery of letters across Burkina Faso, it is easier to organize communication between business partners and maintain private contacts.

Sending postcards

Courier delivery from Burkina Faso to Russia and in the opposite direction is carried out as soon as possible, with confidentiality.

After Angelina Jolie’s visit to the refugee camp in Burkina Faso, the flow of parcel deliveries to West African territories from developed countries of the world has increased. The Time Saving Machine company is one of the courier services that helps people to send cheap parcels to Burkina Faso in 2023.

Shipping packages to Burkina Faso

People use the delivery service TSM to send to Burkina Faso parcels with:

  • humanitarian assistance;
  • textile things;
  • items of personal hygiene;
  • healthcare products;
  • electronic gadgets.

Also in Burkina Faso arrived a number of highly specialized experts that help Africans to establish home life and improve their level of living. So these goodwill ambassadors also need to get their personal belongings which are staying at their homeland on another continent.

How to send a package to Burkina Faso?

There is a simple algorithm of actions to arrange the parcel delivery to Burkina Faso through the Time Saving Machine company. Please, link the TSM website and contact the manager with one of the convenient ways by: online chat, messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram or e–mail. You can also fill out an online application form for delivery with the following information:

  • the sender’s address — postcode, country, state, city, street, house, floor and flat;
  • the sender’s contacts — name, surname, telephone number and e–mail;
  • the description and quantity of each item in the parcel;
  • the weight and sizes of the box;
  • the recipient’s address in Burkina Faso — postcode, city, street, house and flat. If it is the refugee camp, please, tell the manager the name of the organization;
  • the recipient’s contacts — name, surname, telephone number and e–mail if he or she has them.

Based on this information the manager chooses a suitable rate. For each international shipment, the manager makes a contract with the client, where he or she notes the time and cost of Burkina Faso courier service. The Time Saving Machine company works equally with individuals and legal entities.

How much to send a parcel to Burkina Faso?

The delivery service TSM uses all types of transport from airplane flights to multimodal variants that combine ships, vehicles, containers and trains. That’s why the Time Saving Machine company has different tariffs. These are the most popular of them:

  • the urgent delivery by plane in 24–72 hours without including the time for making customs documents;
  • the standard way by courier service in 9–15 working days;
  • the economy variant by multimodal type of transport with using consolidation warehouses in 21–28 working days.

All these tariffs are different not only in time of delivery, but also in cost. There are four parameters that depends on the price of courier service to Burkina Faso:

  • the distance between the sender’s country and the recipient in Burkina Faso;
  • the weight and size of the parcel;
  • the speed of shipping;
  • the type of chosen transport.

Regardless of the delivery price, each tariff of the service from the Time Saving Machine includes:

  • connection with the personal manager that helps the customer to send a parcel;
  • filling out transport documents;
  • monitoring of parcel movement along the logistics route;
  • shipping by courier to Burkina Faso from hand to hand.

There are also some additional services that the client can get in the TSM company by paying over the cost of the tariff. Among them are packaging of fragile goods in a more reliable way and insurance of all items in the box.

How do I send a letter by courier service to Burkina Faso?

If you want to send a business or private letter by courier to the addressee Burkina Faso:

  1. contact us — we accept requests through clients' personal accounts on our website, e-mail, popular messengers, by phone;
  2. tell us when and where you need to deliver the shipment;
  3. listen to the manager — he will suggest possible options;
  4. agree on a suitable solution.

The courier will arrive at the appointed time, and if it is an emergency order, even at the end of the working day (a service at a special rate), and will pick up the correspondence. Then your mail will be sent to the addressee.

If you send documents for signing, the courier can wait for them and bring them back (the features of the service are taken into account in the cost).

Delivery geography

TSM employees and partners deliver cargo to 150 000 settlements in Russia and 240 countries. Due to extensive infrastructure and usage of all types of transport express delivery covers 99% regions of the World.

Delivery speed

The speed of orders execution is dictated by the clients’ needs. Express delivery of mail and cargo in-side the City is possible within an hour. The period of delivery to other regions — is a maximum of a day. To speed up the work, couriers deliver shipments by taxi and planes.

Delivery Options

Express delivery from or to Burkina Faso is not possible only for cargo that is legally prohibited for shipment.

Service Restrictions

Urgent delivery to Burkina Faso of shipments any size and configuration weighing up to 1000 kg is carried out.

Dimensions and weight

The parcel is assigned an identification number. It is enough to enter it into a special line of the online service and click the "Track" button to see the status of the shipment on the way to the addressee. You can find out the number from the courier or manager.

Delivery cost

The price of services by the basic rates, developed for Letters, parcels, cargo. Increased rates are provided for urgent shipments. The cost includes only the expenses necessary for high-quality delivery.

Prohibitions for dispatch of some items and substances

Our service operates in accordance with Russian legislation including the latest version of Law No. 176-FZ «On Postal Communications». This means that we comply with the regulations for the shipment of items and substances, do not accept delivery of shipments from the prohibited list. You can check out the list of this items and substances in the PDF file below.

The list of prohibited items and substances

More that 15 delivery rates for dispatch of letters, parcels and cargo

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Frequently asked questions

How can I save up to 70% on delivery?
Choose only the company that offers the best combination of time and price. Delivery is especially inexpensive if you plan the shipment in advance — road transport is 50% cheaper than air transport. Additional savings are provided by the compact packaging of the cargo.
How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your wishes on time and budget, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item and delivers it.
Will I need to carry anything far?
Our courier will pick up your postal item from anywhere in the world, the main thing is to specify the exact address from where you need to pick it up. We have cars and trucks, and if something is really heavy, then movers will come, and if it is very heavy, then a crane and riggers will also come.
How can I weigh the package if there are no suitable scales nearby?
If there are no scales nearby, then you can use a household scale to weigh your body weight. To do this, take your parcel, stand with it on the scale and subtract your body weight from the total mass. It is better to specify a little more weight of the parcel. In order to weigh the postal item, use a home scale, and the mobile app “Roulette” for Iphone and “Virtual Ruler” for Android will help you measure it.
How to properly pack a parcel?
If you decide to pack your postal item yourself, the packaging must be:
● free of damage and contamination;
● dry and does not leak;
● corresponds to the weight of the postal item;
● without old labels from previous shipments;
● carefully sealed;
● properly marked.
If this is an international shipment, the parcel must be packed in front of the courier.
Do you pack postal items?
The courier of the “TSM" delivery service has everything to reliably and efficiently pack any postal item - 17 types of cardboard boxes, seven types of cardboard envelopes, 7 types of plastic bags for small shipments, 4 types of "bubbles", tubes of different sizes, containers for alcohol. You can also order wood and metal packaging from us, the production time is one business day. Packaging of letters up to two kilograms is free!
How is the cost of the postal item calculated?
The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the cargo being sent, the size, the exact address of departure and delivery address, moreover, the cost is affected by the urgency of delivery and the type of delivery: air delivery is faster, but, accordingly, the cost is higher, the car is longer, but cheaper.
When and how do I pay for delivery?
We issue an invoice to legal entities, which can be paid by bank transfer. individuals can pay by bank transfer in several ways through Robokassa: by Bank card, Qiwi wallet, Yandex Money, Alfa Bank, WebMoney, Samsung Pay, Halva.

Advantages of parcel delivery

delivered shipments
Saving time

Saving time. The developers of the online service have created a website through which, in a single window mode, the site user compares the prices and terms of all courier services connected to the platform, and logistics specialists have developed the shortest delivery routes. Depending on objective conditions, the transportation can take an hour, a day, or take up to three days.

Up to
1000 kg
The envelope,
the package,
and the piano.

The envelope, the package, and the piano. We will transport the shipment of any size and weight. We will even help with moving to another country or another continent, carefully transporting any archive with documents there.

60 min
time saving
From A to Z or why we work turnkey

From A to Z or why we work turnkey. Turnkey delivery of documentation abroad is a full support: assistance in filling out supporting documents, packaging, calling a personal courier, if it is import or export, then assistance with customs clearance, as well as insurance. We make sure that your shipment is delivered in one piece and on time.

1 000 000 000 ₽
Insurance policy
up to 1 billion roubles

Insurance policy up to 1 billion roubles. The risks arising during delivery abroad and in Russia, according to the insurance policy, are assumed by us. We carefully check the supporting documentation, pack the shipment securely, which is important for obtaining a refund. If there is an insured event or a disagreement with the delivery service, we take measures to eliminate the difficulties encountered until a positive decision is reached. Please note that insurance is charged separately in the amount of 1% of the declared value.

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