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How can I save up to 70% on delivery?
Choose only the company that offers the best combination of time and price. Delivery is especially inexpensive if you plan the shipment in advance. Road transport is 50% cheaper than air transport. Additional savings are provided by the compact packaging of the cargo.
How does the service work?
After you have left a request on our website or by phone, based on your time and budget requirements, our managers will select the best offer for delivery. After approval, a courier comes to you, picks up your postal item, and delivers it.
Will I need to carry anything far?
Our courier will pick up your postal item from anywhere in the world. The main thing is to specify the exact address from where you need it picked up. We have cars and trucks, and if something is really heavy, then movers will come, and if it is very heavy, then a crane and riggers will also come.
Where do I need to bring the parcel/cargo/letter to be sent?
Time Saving Machine has more than 5,000 offices in Russia and abroad. To find out the location of the nearest one, you need to contact a TSM manager by phone: +7 (495) - 023-49-19, or WhatsApp: +7 (985) 17-00-376. The central office is located at this address: Moscow Shukhova street 17k2, or you can call a courier so you do not have to go anywhere.
How can I weigh the package if there are no suitable scales nearby?
If there are no scales nearby, then you can use a household scale to weigh your body weight. To do this, take your parcel, stand with it on the scale, and subtract your body weight from the total weight. It is better to specify a little more weight of the parcel. In order to weigh the parcel, use a home scale, and the mobile app Roulette for iPhone or Virtual Ruler for Android will help you measure it.
What is volume weight?
The volume weight of the postal item (overall weight) is a calculated value that reflects the density of the cargo. Usually, a less dense object occupies a larger amount of space compared to a denser object with the same weight. The volume weight is calculated and compared with the actual mass of the shipment to determine which of the values is greater. The higher value is used to calculate the cost of the shipment.
In accordance with the advanced design and technology of modern transport, the carrier company needs to use the calculation of the volume weight in order to increase the efficiency of using the cargo space and avoid volume overload.
Using more compact and lightweight packaging reduces the volume of postal items and reduces the cost of shipping them.
How to properly pack a parcel?
If you decide to pack your postal item yourself, the packaging must be:
● free of damage and contamination;
● dry and does not leak;
● appropriate for the weight of the item(s) inside;
● without old labels from previous shipments;
● carefully sealed;
● properly marked.
If this is an international shipment, the parcel must be packed in front of the courier.
Do you pack postal items?
Couriers from the TSM delivery service have everything they need to reliably and efficiently pack any postal item - 17 types of cardboard boxes, 7 types of cardboard envelopes, 7 types of plastic bags for small shipments, 4 types of bubble packaging, tubes of different sizes, even containers for alcohol. You can also order wood and metal packaging from us; the production time is one business day. Packaging of letters up to two kilograms is free!
And if I have fragile things in my parcel?
If you decide to pack the fragile items yourself, then place them in the center of a tight box so that they do not touch each other. Carefully wrap each item in a soft packaging material. The item being sent should not be loose in the box, so you should fill the empty space with crumpled newspapers, cloth, or special filler.
In our company, we securely pack fragile items and put a “Fragile” marking on the parcel. We have a lot of experience, so you can count on our professionalism. However, no company can guarantee the integrity and safety of such items, so we recommend that you insure any postal item marked “Fragile".
Do you deliver art objects?
We do, and moreover, we help with registration of certificates from the Ministry of Culture, getting an invoice for sending across Russia and abroad, and we pack it securely.
What is an invoice?
In international commercial practice, an invoice is a document provided by a seller to a buyer which contains a list of goods and services, their quantity, and the price at which they are delivered to the buyer. You will need it for international shipping.
Do you insure postal items?
Yes, we do! You can get additional peace of mind thanks to 100% coverage against loss or damage during transportation. Deliveries will be insured in Ingosstrakh, Pari, and Spassky Gate. The cost can be from 75 rubles or 1% of the value of the cargo.
How do I find out the cost and terms on your website?
You need to enter the data in the online calculator form.
Is it possible to deliver in 24 hours?
We deliver goods in 24 hours to any place in the world. For more information, please call: +7(495)023-49-19
Can I send a package whose dimensions and weight are greater than the data stated in the order?
Be sure to specify the correct dimensions and weight, as a parcel that is marked as smaller than it actually is can be returned. In order to weigh the postal item, use a home scale, and the mobile app “Roulette” for iPhone or “Virtual Ruler” for Android will help you to measure it.
Do you pick up and deliver packages also during weekends and public holidays?
Sure, just make an agreement with our logistics department at +7 495 021 86 99
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