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Legal assistance
What items are prohibited for transportation?
In accordance with article 22 of the Federal law "On postal communications", in express shipments, the following items are prohibited for transportation on the territory of the Russian Federation:
● fire alarms, pneumatic devices, gas guns, ammunition, edged weapons (including propellant), electric shock devices and spark gaps, the main parts of firearms, and explosive and other devices that present a danger to life and health of people;
● narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors, potent drugs;
● strong, radioactive, explosive, toxic, or caustic substances;
● flammable and other dangerous substances and objects (material objects);
● poisonous animals and plants;
● perishable food, beverages;
● items and substances that, by their nature or packaging, may pose a danger to the life and health of people, contaminate or damage other items, and means of special communication.
List of items and substances prohibited for shipment by air:
● explosives;
● gasses, compressed, liquefied, dissolved, aerosols;
● flammable and other liquids;
● highly flammable solids;
● oxidizing agents, organic peroxides;
● toxic and infectious substances;
● narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors;
● radioactive materials;
● corrosive substances;
● medicines that have flammable, oxidizing, toxic, corrosive, or narcotic properties;
● batteries, both separately and in equipment, and devices without providing passports or safety data sheets confirming their safe air transportation;
● miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles, including substances dangerous for the environment: magnetized material, any material that has a narcotic, toxic or other dangerous properties, matches, lighters, dry ice, etc.;
● alcoholic beverages with a strength above 70 percent in containers of more than 5 liters in the original packaging;
● equipment, instruments, devices, chemicals, household supplies, cosmetics, test samples containing hidden dangerous goods;
● firearms, pneumatic and edged weapons, electric shock devices;
● animals and plants;
● food, beverages.

How is the cost of the postal item calculated?
The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the cargo being sent, the size, and the exact address of departure and delivery address, and moreover, the cost is affected by the urgency of delivery and the type of delivery: air delivery is faster, but, accordingly, the cost is higher; a car takes longer, but is cheaper.
When will the postal item be delivered?
We offer express delivery in 24 hours and regular delivery. The status of the postal item can be tracked on the website of the company that made the shipment. To do this, you must enter the invoice number. If we have contract with you, you can track the order in your personal account on the website
When and how do I pay for delivery?
We issue an invoice to legal entities, which can be paid by bank transfer. Individuals can pay by bank transfer in several ways through Robokassa: by bank card, Qiwi wallet, Yandex Money, Alfa Bank, WebMoney, Samsung Pay, Halva.
I send parcels quite regularly – can I get a discount?
Yes, you can, but it's all individual and depends on the geography and volume. For more information, please contact us at +7-495-023-49-19
How do I sign a contract with your company?
There are 2 possible ways to conclude a contract:
● Fill out the application form on the website in the "Legal entities" section.
● You can also sign a contract at the central office at the address: Moscow 115162, Shukhova street, 17k2. There is a security gate, so it is better to inform our managers about your visit in advance by phone +7(495)-023-49-19, so that they will prepare a pass for you in advance.
How do I get access to my Personal Account?
To get access to your personal account, you need to sign a contract with our company. You just need to go to, to the “For legal entities” and “For physical entities” sections, click on the "Contract" button, and then fill out the form with your contact details in the pop-up window. You will receive a document by e-mail that you need to print, fill out, and sign, then deliver the documents to any of our addresses by yourself or by mail. Additional information will be provided by phone: +7 (495) 023-49-19, email:, or WhatsApp: +7 (985)170-03-76
How soon will you be able to pick up my parcel?
The courier usually comes to you between 09: 00 and 18:00. But by agreement, we can pick up the postal item within half an hour from the moment of contacting the company.
What languages does the courier speak?
Our couriers speak all the languages of the world. If, for example, you are in Spain, then your parcel will be picked up by a Spaniard and they will speak to you in Spanish.
Should I expect a courier at the pick-up address of the parcel?
You do not have to wait for the courier and deliver the parcel in person; it can be received by any person who you left it to. The parcel will be picked up from any address that you specify.
Will the courier notify me of their arrival?
If you want the courier to notify you of their arrival, then specify this when placing your order. Please specify your local phone number, as couriers in different countries usually use a personal phone number.
How do I find my tracking number?
You can find out your tracking number at the time of departure from the courier or the next day from our managers by phone +7495-023-49-19, by WhatsApp +7-985-170 03-76 or via chat on our website. The invoice number itself is always indicated on the invoice.
What should I do if the package arrives damaged?
Before you put your signature for the received package, be sure to check its integrity, because by putting your signature, you confirm that you agree to receive the package. After that, it is almost impossible to dispute the damage.
Is basic insurance included?
Basic insurance is not included.
Can I purchase additional insurance?
Sure. For extra peace of mind, your postal items can be insured in Ingosstrakh, Pari, or Spassky Gate. The cost can be from 75 rubles or 1% of the value of the cargo.
What does the parcel insurance cover?
Cases of loss or damage to the parcel. If you follow our packaging guidelines and receive an electronic tracking number, loss and damage is almost impossible.
Can I insure anything I want?
There is a list of items that are not recommended to be sent by courier services. These include items of high personal value, fragile items (glass, dishes, porcelain), and appliances with LCD displays. The equipment should be sent in the original packaging with the appropriate filler. In case of damage to such items, you must provide checks, invoices, receipts for the items, as well as photos of the packaging and filler.
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