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Navigating the Delivery Dilemma: Sending Items from Ukraine to Canada

If you're looking to send something from Canada to Ukraine, it can be quite a challenge to find a suitable company. Major international courier services like FedEx, DHL, UPS, Canada Post, and Canpar do not offer delivery services to Ukraine in 2023. This poses a problem for many immigrants from Ukraine who reside in Canada, especially with the increase in their numbers since February 2022. As a result, relatives and business partners are actively seeking alternatives to send documents, parcels, or small cargo to Ukraine.

Many compatriots hastily left their homeland, bringing only the bare minimum of personal belongings. Upon settling in a new country, they found themselves in need of familiar devices and important documents for schools, universities, employment, visas, and residence permits. Consequently, they must search for a suitable courier service to transport these items from Ukraine to Canada.

Fortunately, Time Saving Machine offers a solution. As an aggregator of offers from over 100 courier companies worldwide, our service allows for one order to involve 2-3 performers who can deliver anything between countries and continents. Whether you need a Canada-Ukraine delivery or vice versa, simply reach out to us and we will select a delivery scheme that suits your needs, ranging from the fastest option within 48-96 hours to the most economical one.

By partnering with us, you will receive the assistance of a dedicated personal manager who will guide you through the process. We will provide advice on packaging, ensure that all necessary invoices are completed for customs clearance, and enable you to track the progress of your shipment in real time. Additionally, we can help you navigate payment issues involving different currencies.

How to order courier delivery of a parcel or documents

When you have made the decision “I need to send something to Ukraine,” simply conduct an internet search.  However, be prepared for the challenge of finding a company that delivers to Ukraine in 2023. Even if you do find a courier, you will likely need to contact multiple companies to compare prices and choose the most suitable option.

However, we understand that you may have concerns about whether the selected offer is truly the best one for you. It may be worth investing a few more hours or days to explore other options. We would like to present you with an alternative. You can contact us directly or fill out the form on our website, providing us with the following information:

- The origin and destination of the delivery 

- The nature of the items you are sending 

- The approximate weight and size of the shipment 

- The urgency of the delivery 

Within 15 minutes, we will provide you with a transportation option that involves a hand-to-hand transfer through a transit country in Europe or Asia. We assure you that this option will offer the best price or time frame available in North America. 

Furthermore, we specialize in delivering special orders that other companies may refuse, such as fragile items, valuables, jewelry, and art objects.

How much will it cost to ship a package or documents? 

The cost of shipping from Canada to Ukraine depends on several factors: 

- The origin and destination cities

- The weight and dimensions of the package 

- The chosen delivery option: personal air courier, standard, or economy 

The price calculation often starts with the desired delivery timeframe, as this can affect the cost.

So, if I send something to Ukraine, how long will it take? TSM offers three options for you to choose from in order to manage your deliveries. 

The first option is the personal air courier service, where a dedicated employee picks up the package and takes a flight to a third country. From there, they deliver it hand-to-hand to the receiver in Ukraine within 96 hours. 

The second option is the standard delivery, where the parcel travels from your home or office to a pickup point. It then waits for convenient transport and reaches the destination city within a delivery time ranging from 8 to 12 business days.

For a cost-effective option, your package or cargo will be sent to a consolidation warehouse and wait for a suitable shipment by sea or air to Europe. From there, it will be delivered to Ukraine either by road or air. Due to this process, the delivery time can range up to 28 business days.

What is forbidden to import to Ukraine?

If you are unsure about what items can be sent to Ukraine through an international courier service, it is advisable to consult with customs authorities or contact TSM directly. Generally, it is not possible to import weapons, narcotics, hazardous chemical substances, and communication devices. If you intend to send humanitarian aid, it is recommended to reach out to a charity organization operating in Ukraine. Therefore, it is important to refrain from using international courier services to send weapons, ammunition, or anything resembling firearms, including toys or models.

If you are concerned about the possibility of your parcel being detained, Time Saving Machine can handle a variety of items including 

  • documents printed on plain paper starting from 1 sheet 
  • hard-cover documents: IDs, passports, diplomas, track records
  • personal belongings, gifts, books, toys, clothes, 
  • devices, accessories, 
  • furniture, interior decorations, artwork items, 
  • samples of goods, test parties, and 
  • cargoes weighing up to 2,200 pounds. 

We are also willing to handle items that other shipping and courier carriers may refuse. Please contact us and we will determine if it is possible to deliver your specific item.

What items am I not allowed to export from Canada using an international courier service? 

Canada's export restrictions are primarily based on agreements with other countries, such as CETA with the European Union and Canada-US TCA. For exporters, there are quotas, separate regulations, or prohibitions on items such as wood, sugar, peanut butter, textiles, and dog and cat food. 

In terms of non-mailable items, it is prohibited to send anything hazardous, explosive, or illegal. It is also advised to avoid sending images or texts depicting sexual activity or any articles that propose to deceive the recipient, such as lottery scams or pyramid schemes. 

There are also specific issues when it comes to shipping dangerous goods, including lithium batteries. That's why it's best to consult with us. We will thoroughly check everything and determine the required packaging and suitable carrier.

There are certain items that are not allowed to be sent within Canada:

  • firearms
  • flammables
  • drugs
  • magnets
  • alcohol
  • vape products

When it comes to liquids and substances, it's important to use proper packaging. At TSM, we include packaging costs in the shipping fees to ensure that the parcel is delivered in the appropriate package unit.

If you're planning to send aerosols, perfumes, fragrances, household cleaning liquids, paint, or electronics with lithium batteries or batteries separately, it's important to be cautious. 

It's worth noting that most shipments from or to Canada pass through the US borders during their journey. As a result, all carriers must comply with the relevant laws and restrictions in both countries.

What are the typical items that companies and individuals send from Canada to Ukraine?

 In general, the following items are commonly sent in 2023:

  • Passports, birth certificates, and proofs of kinship
  • - Diplomas and certificates of education
  • - Employment records
  • - Visa documents, invitations, and bank statements related to account status
  • - Medical documents such as test results, x-rays, descriptions, conclusions, diagnoses, and data CDs
  • - Personal belongings including clothes, accessories, books, and household appliances
  • - Valuables and jewelry
  • - Art objects
  • - Medicines and drugs for individual use, provided there is a prescription from a doctor.

People also send popular brand gadgets like iPhones, Macbooks, and other devices from HP, Dell, and Intel that are cheaper and available in Canada. They also include brand clothes from Canada Goose, Naked&Famous, Reitmans, WonderBra, and bags like Herschel Supply in parcels to Ukraine. Additionally, people often send presents with top Canadian makeup brands like Bite Beauty, Nude Lipstix, and Deciem.

As for companies, their shipments usually contain:

  • contracts, invoices, 
  • certificates, 
  • powers of attorney, acceptance certificates, 
  • engineering specifications, 
  • samples of products, as well as small parts and components. 

They may also include flash drives.

Why do customers choose Time Saving Machine?

TSM offers a convenient service that allows you to order the delivery of various items, such as letters, documents, parcels, and even equipment, without being limited to a specific courier service. With their platform, you can quickly calculate the transportation cost and rest assured that you will receive the most economical offer for your specific needs. The advantages of TSM are: 

  • Door-to-door delivery format, where a local courier picks up the shipment from the sender and another courier delivers it directly to the recipient. This ensures a seamless and efficient delivery process, especially for shipments between Canada, USA, Europe, Ukraine, and back.
  • The delivery network of TSM is not limited to any specific region, as they have representative offices in 240 countries worldwide. 
  • Payment can be made in various currencies through several convenient methods for the client. 
  • The platform eliminates the need for customers to spend time searching for the best offer, as TSM has partnerships with 128 companies. It only takes an average of 3 minutes to fill out the application form, and multiple options with different conditions are provided to suit any budget. 
  • TSM employees handle all the logistics, including route planning, invoice preparing, and even packaging recommendations. The sender simply needs to wait for the courier to arrive. 
  • In urgent situations, TSM's express delivery service for parcels and correspondence can truly be a lifesaver.
  • We offer a convenient solution for delivery, with no minimum weight restrictions even for items as small as one sheet of A4 paper. 
  • We specialize in handling fragile items, art objects, rarities, and non-standard items, ensuring they are carefully packed in wooden boxes with soft filling for added protection. 
  • In addition to their delivery services, TSM provides consultations on customs clearance in complicated cases. We understand the complexities of customs regulations and can offer guidance and support to ensure a smooth process.

When using TSM, customers can expect personalized service from their own dedicated manager. This manager will keep in touch throughout the delivery process, explaining the expected cost and delivery times, as well as providing consultation on any questions or concerns regarding customs regulations, special requirements, and terms that may apply to the packages and shipments during their journey.

So don't wait — trust your shipments from Canada to Ukraine to Time Saving Machine today and get the fast, safe delivery you deserve! Visit, text us in Telegram and WhatsApp. Contact through chat, website form, or call +1 213-459-5581 to get started.

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