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How to deliver goods to Russia from the USA in 2023

The political differences between America and Russia have affected business between these two countries. Delivery from the USA to the Russian Federation has difficulties in 2023. Many international transport companies refused to serve the territory of Russia and stopped sending parcels in this direction. There also appeared sanctions lists that contain notes of different things and products prohibited by customs for shipping. Despite all of this the Time Saving Machine logisticians have found legal methods of delivery from the USA to Russia.

Turnkey delivery of presents by courier from hand to hand

There are many Russians living in America whose families have stayed in Russia. The Time Saving Machine transport company helps to keep relatives in touch and delivers gifts from beloved from America to recipients in the Russian Federation from hand to hand, even if the goods are included in the sanctions list.

3 tariffs are available to customers in the direction of delivery from America to Russia in 2023:

  • urgent way by air courier in 2–4 days;
  • standard courier service in 5–15 working days;
  • economy variant in 21–28 working days by combined cargo and through the consolidation warehouse.

Each of them includes the following service:

  • connection with personal accompanying manager;
  • advices for reliable packaging;
  • help with documents for customs;
  • delivery from hand to hand;
  • work according to the transportation contract and 100 % prepayment;
  • monitoring the parcel movement on the logistic route.

While ordering the delivery of goods through the courier service Time Saving Machine, you can also insure the cargo for an additional cost.

Purchase of goods for currency instead of russian clients

Russian banks are disconnected from the SWIFT system, which means that payments from local cards in foreign online stores are impossible. To solve this problem the TSM team has got a currency account and acts as an intermediary between Russian clients and American sellers for a small commission. The company buys in the USA electronic gadgets, household appliances, brand clothes, footwear, bags, accessories and other products.

In 2022–2023 Time Saving Machine without difficulties shipped iPhones, Macbooks, printer for photographer, echo sounder for fisherman, brand items from Guess and Machael Kors, perfume.

Do you need to send a parcel from the USA to Russia? Please, follow the website of logistic operator, contact the manager in online form, WhatsApp or Telegram, and leave there a request for shipping.

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