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How to save money on parcel delivery

People from all over the world face the problem of parcel delivery to Russia. In 2023 it is hard to find a way of sending to the Russian Federation goods from shops or even personal belongings because of transport companies that refuse shipping cargoes to this territory. If certain courier services still carry parcels to this direction, then such delivery costs are quite expensive. One of these companies is Time Saving Machine and its team prepares three rules on how to save money on parcel delivery to Russia.

1. Plan the delivery in advance

An urgent way of delivery always costs more than an economy variant. So, please plan your shipping in 1 or 1,5 months before the required delivery date. In TSM company there are four types of transportation:

  • the most quickly way with air courier in 24–48 hours;
  • standard express shipment in 4–8 working days;
  • standard express shipment in 9–11 working days;
  • economy delivery in 21–28 working days.

All of them are different not only in time of supply, but also in price and terms of it.

2. Conserve space — don’t put too much

The calculation of the delivery cost depends on several factors, including the weight and size of the sending box. So if these two indicators increase, the price of shipping is rising. Remember, even the smallest present has its own dimensions and weight. It takes place in the parcel, adds some grammys to the box and influences the total weight of shipping.

3. Reduce the size with vacuum bags

If the budget is limited, but you need to send a lot of things to Russia, then use vacuum bags. They reduce dimensions of many types of items and help to save space even in small boxes without damage of sending goods.

Please, follow the link on the courier service Time Saving Machine website and contact the manager to order the delivery to Russia in 2023.

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