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How to send a bank card abroad under the current sanctions situation. We are going to show you the example of delivery from Russia to Ecuador

Business in the 21st century is not limited to one state. Heads of organizations build communication with business partners and clients from other countries. The issue of finding a reliable international express service for the delivery of goods or documents becomes urgent. Previously, the transportation of goods and parcels lasted for weeks, today the logistics routes are so well established that the addressee in another country receives the parcel within 2-3 working days.

Despite the closed borders for import to the Russian Federation, the Time Saving Machine company's logistics team has found a way to import shipments from abroad. The export of parcels, letters and documents is working normally.

Time Saving Machine is contacted by customers with a request for delivery not only to Europe, but also to distant continents such as Australia and South American countries.

Today we will tell you about the delivery of a bank card from Russia to Ecuador.

A man called the Time Saving Machine service:

— Good afternoon. Could you calculate the preliminary cost of delivery from Russia to Ecuador. Are you sending only from Moscow or from any city?

— Hello! Not only from Moscow. Can I ask you where do you live?

— I live in the city of Orel. Then calculate two delivery options, from Moscow to the city of Quito, this is Ecuador and from Orel to Quito," the man replied.

— What are you planning to send? — asked the manager.

— A bank card.

The TSM manager announced the cost of delivery from Moscow and the time of arrival of the bank card to Ecuador from Russia.

— Well, I was expecting a much lower price," the client said.

— I understand, but only a few courier delivery services from Russia have a license to send plastic bank cards abroad. Therefore, the price is reasonable. Also, the card must have a zero balance and a bank statement.

— Yes, I know that. There is no money on the card. But it is still expensive for me, I will look for other ways of delivery, if I do not find anything, I will contact you.

— Let's calculate the delivery by another transport company, there will be longer terms — from 7 working days, but at a cheaper price," the manager suggested.

— Time doesn’t matter, the price is important. In the *** company, the cost is affordable. Will the bank card be sent directly from Orel to Quito?

— At first, the envelope will be sent to Moscow to the TSM office, then we will deliver it to Ecuador.

— That’s fine, I will contact the bank to request a statement on the card balance.

The client provided information for processing invoices and invoices: full name of the sender and recipient, phone numbers, indexes and addresses. He signed the contract for delivery services to Ecuador from Russia and paid for the transportation through the online service Robokassa.

In the TSM office, employees placed an envelope with a bank card inside in a waterproof bag so that the card would not get wet during transportation to Ecuador.

On February 25, the courier took the envelope with the card from the TSM office in Moscow, after 7 working days, the bank card was handed personally to the addressee in the city of Quito.

FAQ before sending a document or parcel from Russia to South American countries

“Do I need to bring an envelope with documents to Moscow or will it be taken from Orel?” The customer does not need to leave his home or office, the courier will arrive at a convenient time and place for the client. The courier will take the parcel, cargo, document from the sender's hands personally and hand it over to the recipient.

“What time will the courier arrive for the parcel?” When appointing a courier, the manager first specifies in which half of the day it is convenient for the client to transfer the shipment. There is a «courier call at a certain time» service, but it will require a small extra payment.

“What is the form of payment ?” Payment can be made in cash at the TSM service’ office in Moscow, as well as by transfer to the card of the General director of Aggregator LLC or by online service Robokassa.

Feedback from the client on the phone

Every day, in order to improve the service, the quality control department calls customers who have sent a parcel, correspondence, cargo through the TSM service. And here's the feedback we received about the delivery from Russia to Ecuador:

“Thank you, there are no questions about delivery. Initially, the price wasn’t affordable, but then the manager picked up the right rate.”

Need a delivery of parcels, letters or cargo to Ecuador?

Text us using the chat on the sites: or, contact us by phone +7(495)023-49-19 or text via WhatsApp: +1 (407) 864-4877.

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