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Invoice — what kind of document is it and how to complete it for international delivery

An international cargo delivery needs a package of accompanying documents. Among them there is an invoice. If there is no this document with a parcel, the customs won’t allow the shipment to cross the border. So an invoice is the most important document for export.

It is completed in English language and contains the following information:

  • name and details of the sender and recipient;
  • date of registration;
  • number of document;
  • country of departure;
  • full description of the cargo — weight, quantity, quality, dimensions;
  • cost per unit;
  • total cost;
  • terms of payment;
  • terms of delivery.

The Time Saving Machine company works as an aggregator and has direct contracts with a lot of international courier services so there should be three or more copies of invoice with the parcel depending on the chosen sending provider. All these copies of invoice must be certified by the exporter with signature and stamp on every list of paper.

It is important to notice that the customer needs to describe the shipment in the most detailed way. For example, if you send the samples of fabric then you need to indicate the composition, manufacturer, producing method and application area.

To complete the invoice is simple for the TSM team. They have been filing out these documents every day for several times. That’s why it is better to trust the invoice completing to the manager of the Time Saving Machine company. Because even one incorrectly written letter could be a reason of the cargo returning to the sender out of the customs.

If you need international delivery and want to get help with filling out the invoice, please, go to the website of the TSM company and contact the manager.

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