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Legal way of sending documents from Russia to the USA in 2023

The year 2022 shocked the world not only with events in the political arena, but also with the departure from the Russian logistics market of international courier companies DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS. People around the world have been left without the opportunity to receive and send parcels and documents to residents of the Russian Federation, even when it is really necessary.

The Americans were particularly affected, because a large number of Russians emigrated to the USA. Many of them left their Motherland light–handed and in a hurry, so they did not have enough time to prepare documents for employment on a new land of living. In order to socialize in America, emigrants from Russia have to ask relatives and friends who order certificates from different ministries in the Russian Federation. But if there are no problems to pick up the documents, then few people know how to send a letter to the USA from Russia.

Transport company Time Saving Machine (TSM) solved this problem and found the legal way of delivery from Russia to the USA despite sanction bans, closed borders and political situation.

Case from practice: delivery of documents from Russia to the USA

In September 2022 a resident of Saratov contacted the manager of the TSM logistics operator. The man wanted to send an envelope with the following documents to Los Angeles in urgent way:

  • Birth certificate of the sender’s son;
  • Child’s medical record;
  • Certificate of preventive vaccinations of the boy;
  • Set of documents legalized with translation for the USA;
  • Passport of the sender that was the father of the child;
  • International driver’s license of a man;
  • Sender’s Russian passport;
  • Copy of the sender’s son’s passport;
  • Copy of the passport of the child's father
  • Certificate of Divorce of the boy’s parents.

All the documents were in the original copies, so the client asked the manager to take special control of the delivery from Russia to the USA. The manager of courier service processed the received request and offered the client 2 delivery rates from Russia to the USA under the conditions of sanction shipping restrictions and closed borders:

  • the fastest way of delivery by air courier from hand to hand in 4–6 working days;
  • standard type of international shipping in 10–15 working days.

Each way of shipping includes the following service:

  • support of delivery from Russia to the USA by a personal manager;
  • help of experienced TSM team in preparing customs documentation;
  • reliable type of package;
  • monitoring of letter movement along the logistic route by tracking number or communication with personal manager;
  • delivery from Russia to the USA by courier from hand to hand.

The customer liked the offer and chose the fastest delivery times and provide the TSM manager the necessary information for making the application:

  • Shipping address in Los Angeles;
  • Contact person and phone number in the USA;
  • Address of the letter pick up by the courier in Saratov;
  • Contacts of the sender in Russia.

Delivery from Russia to the USA is organized according to the agreement for transportation and it was necessary to provide the client’s passport data. The conclusion of the contract took 20 minutes and after signing the document on both sides, the manager sent the client an invoice for 100% prepayment.

The courier came to the sender in Saratov the next day after leaving the application for delivery from Russia to the USA and took documents for shipping. The manager carefully controlled the process of sending the letter to America and the documents were delivered to the recipient in Los Angeles without damage and delays.

Questions that worried the customer while making an application for the delivery of documents from Russia to the USA:

  • What is the estimated delivery time for delivery from Russia to the USA?

The delivery time of documents from Russia to the USA depends on the selected tariff and the type of transport that the courier company sends the letter abroad. The client’s choice fell on delivery by air courier that flies from Russia to America by plane with transfers in friendly to the Russian Federation countries, so transportation takes up to 6 days without including the receipt of the letter from the sender, the time spent on customs, weekends and holidays. In the announced period 1–2 days are also laid for the solution of force majeure circumstances, if they arise.

  • What is the shipping cost for delivery of documents from Russia to the USA?

The price depends on several factors: shipping method, distance between sender’s address and destination, size and weight of package, shipping carrier additional service, such as shipping insurance. The courier service accepts only non–cash payments, so customers need to make a bank transfer from the card using the details provided by the manager in any currency of the world.

Review of  letter shipping from Russia to the USA

Every week, a specialist from the quality control department calls Time Saving Machine's customers to get feedback on the urgent international delivery service.

The review that the quality control department received from the client by phone after ordering courier delivery of documents from Russia to the USA:

«The TSM courier company was advised to me by a friend who also emigrated to the USA and ordered certificates in this country for the placement of children in school. The team of the transport company works perfectly. Thank you for helping out with the delivery from Russia to America».

Do you need to get documents from Russia in the USA, but don’t know how to deliver the letter? Please, connect one of the TSM menagers in one of the following forms:

  • in online chat on the company’s website;
  • in the WhatsApp and Telegram messengers;
  • by phone call;
  • or by e–mail.

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