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Now or never: how to deliver documents from Russia to Canada in 2023 despite of sanctions

In 2022 many Russians emigrated to Canada, who had relatives in Russia. So despite the sanctions, there is a demand for international delivery with short shipping time between Russia and Canada in 2023. In addition Canadian employers are not against hiring specialists from Russia and send them invitations by mail. The courier service Time Saving Machine helps out with delivery, whose team has been serving 240 countries since 2014 and has not refused ships to and from Russia during the unstable political situation.

The fastest way of shipping from Canada to Russia

In March 2023 an application from Canada was received by the manager on the website of the Time Saving Machine courier service. The client needed to deliver documents from Russia to Canada. The sender was in St. Petersburg and informed the recipient in Edmonton that there was no shipping from Russia to Europe, the USA and Canada after the world events of February 2022. The sender asked the recipient to find a reliable courier company that continues to serve Russia despite the unstable political situation and sanctions.

The client said that he had found TSM and read blog articles on the website of the courier firm. The last one made the customer convinced of the company’s reliability and so the client decided to compare options, calculate how much it would cost to deliver a letter from Russia to Canada and how long it would take.

The manager of the courier firm Time Saving Machine explained to the customer from Canada that other courier services, such as FedEx international, UPS and TNT, have problems with delivery from Russia because they refused to serve this specific country. TSM has no problems with shipping from Russia to Europe, the USA or Canada and to select a tariff, the client needs to send the following information:

  • the address of the letter collection in Russia;
  • the format and number of pages in the envelope attachment;
  • the date when the documents are ready for delivery from St. Petersburg to Edmonton;
  • delivery address in Canada;
  • wishful shipping time;
  • delivery deadline

The client quickly sent the necessary data and informed the manager that the documents were ready for shipment and the delivery needed to be as fast as possible. The manager said that it was the fastest delivery by courier in 6–8 business days.

The shipping rate includes:

  • communication with a personal manager who helps in the preparation of accompanying documentation for export from Russia to Canada;
  • delivery from hand to hand under the contract of transportation;
  • monitoring the location of the letter along the entire route;
  • reliable type of package.

The client was satisfied with the proposed service and he provided the necessary information for signing the contract:

  • name and contact details of the sender in Russia;
  • exact address of the sender in St. Petersburg with postcode;
  • name and contacts of the recipient in Canada;
  • exact address of the recipient in Edmonton the index;
  • passport details of the customer delivery services from Russia to Canada;
  • estimated cost of documents in the letter.

Making the contract took only 20 minutes. The signing took place in an online format. After that the client made a 100% prepayment to the current account of the courier company Time Saving Machine. On the appointed day, the courier took the letter from the sender in Russia and after 8 working days the documents arrived to the recipient in Canada.

The client’s questions for the manager before ordering of the documents delivery from Russia to Canada:

  • Why do you need the sender’s email?

In TSM courier company each customer is assigned a personal manager for international shipment support. He or she helps the client with the preparation of documents for customs. This includes filling out the bill of lading. The document is sent to the sender by email. It must be printed and attached to the letter being sent for export.

  • Canadian credit cards do not pass. Probably blocked. How to pay for delivery of documents from Canada to Russia? Is it possible to make a transfer to a bank account or give it in cash to a courier?

Cash payment in the courier company Time Saving Machine is not provided. Settlements with individuals are carried out through a reliable payment acceptance service Robokassa. TSM transport company has a foreign currency account, so payment is available in any currency in the world. If there are problems with the payment, the delivery service team allows payment from a third party. They can be a relative or a friend of the customer. The main thing is to provide a receipt for the execution of the operation.

  • How to track the letter movement along the logistic route?

Monitoring the movement of documents along the delivery route is carried out by the track number or through communication with the assigned personal manager, who ensures that the letter arrives the recipient in time.

Review of  documents delivery from Russia to Canada

Every week, a specialist from the quality control department calls Time Saving Machine's customers to get feedback on the urgent international delivery service.

The review that the quality control department received from the client by phone after ordering courier delivery of letter from Russia to Canada:

«Thanks for helping out. The sender from Russia despaired of finding a courier service that would carry documents for export from Russia and told me to choose the transport company by myself. So I found TSM and was very happy. The service is excellent. Delivery is fast. That’s what I needed!»

Are you planning to get a letter with documents or parcel from Russia, but cannot find the career that would do it? Please, choose the reliable courier service Time Saving Machine and leave the request for delivery to the TSM manager in one of the following forms:

  • in online chat on the company’s website;
  • in the WhatsApp and Telegram messengers;
  • by phone call;
  • or by e–mail.

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