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Legal way of sending passport and bank card from the USA to Russia in 2023 despite the sanction restrictions

The quitting of DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS from the Russian logistics market stopped the connection between the USA and Russia in 2023–2023. People cannot send parcels and documents to this country, but one transport company that is connected to the courier delivery aggregator still continues to import and export with the Russian Federation despite the political situation and closed borders. Its name is Time Saving Machine and this article will tell the customers a case from the practice of delivering a passport and a bank card from the USA to Russia.

How was it: delivery of passport and bank card to Russia

А man from Washington State called the courier service Time Saving Machine in Autumn 2022 and asked if it was possible to deliver a passport and bank card from America to Russia. The destination city was Moscow. The client knew that the transport connection between the United States of America and Russia was closed due to 10 packages of sanctions. He also did not understand whether his request for delivery was legitimate or not. The TSM manager explained that there is a legal way to deliver a passport and a bank card from America to Russia. The logistics route lies through the countries friendly to the Russian Federation and as for crossing the borders - the experienced team of the Time Saving Machine transport company takes care of completing the documents for customs. To make an application for the choosing of a tariff, the customer needs to send to the manager the following information:

  • Contact details of the sender, including surname and name;
  • The exact address of the sender with the postcode;
  • Name, last name and contacts of the recipient;
  • The exact address of the recipient with the index;
  • Estimated value of the attachment;
  • The date when the passport and bank card are ready for delivery;
  • Wishful time of transportation;
  • Necessity of additional service, such as insurance.

As soon as the manager received this information, he made terms and cost calculation of the international shipping to Russia and offered the client 2 options of transportation from the USA:

  • Urgent delivery with air courier in 2–5 working days;
  • Standard courier service within 9–11 working days.

Each of them includes:

  • Communication with a personal manager;
  • Help of experienced TSM team in the preparation of accompanying documentation for customs;
  • Packing a passport and a bank card in a cardboard envelope that protects items from damages;
  • Hand-to-hand delivery;
  • Tracking the movement of an envelope with a passport and a bank card along the entire logistics route.

The customer liked the offered courier service terms, chose the second type of transportation and asked how to send the letter with passport and bank card from America to Russia. The TSM manager explained that when the customer has chosen the tariff and prepared the passport and bank card for shipment, it is time to sign the transportation contract. This document has legal force, contains all the information about the delivery and serves as a guarantee of fulfillment of shipping obligations on the part of the transport company. When the delivery agreement is signed, it is necessary to make a 100% prepayment and send a receipt to the manager as confirmation in WhatsApp, Telegram or by e–mail, otherwise the logisticians cannot call the courier and book the carrier for sending a letter with passport and bank card to Russia.

It took 30 minutes to prepare the contract, invoice and make payment. The courier arrived at the sender the next morning, packed his passport and bank card in an envelope and after 9 working days delivered it to the recipient in Russia without delays at customs, additional taxes and the return of the shipment at the border back to the sender.

Questions that worried the customer while making an application for the delivery of a passport and bank card from the USA to Russia:

  • To deliver a bank card it is necessary to put plastic in an envelope, isn’t it?

For bank card international shipping from the USA to Russia it is not enough just to pack the plastic in an envelope. It is also necessary to provide more information about the cardholder: name of the owner, the card number, type of a payment system Visa or MasterCard, personal data and details from the passport of the cardholder, bank statement with the status of the account.

  • Is it possible to sign a transportation contract online?

The TSM transport company practices signing documents online through special services for a computer and smartphone. But the client will still need a printer for signing it, then to print out the bill of lading. The manager sends it already completed to the sender by e–mail. The document must be attached to the shipment and given to the courier, because the carrier comes to pick up the passport and bank card for transportation abroad only with a bill of lading or invoice.

  • How to pay?

The delivery service Time Saving Machine has a foreign currency account, so payment is available by bank transfer.

Review of passport and bank card delivery from America to Russia

Every week, a specialist from the quality control department calls Time Saving Machine's customers to get feedback on the urgent international delivery service.

The review that the quality control department received from the client by phone after ordering courier delivery of documents from the USA to Russia:

«I ordered turnkey delivery in TSM through WhatsApp, sent the data of the sender and recipient to the manager, and provided the information for the contract conclusion. The next day I met the courier and handed over my passport and bank card for delivery to Russia. After 9 days, the recipient called me and said that he had received an envelope with documents. Thank you TSM».

Do you need to send parcels or documents to Russia? Please contact the TSM manager and leave the request for delivery in one of the following forms:

  • in online chat on the company’s website;
  • in WhatsApp and Telegram;
  • by phone call;
  • or by e–mail.

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