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Packing parcel rules for sending abroad

In 2023 delivery service Time Saving Machine continues to cooperate with such international transport companies as UPS, TNT, DHL and FedEx. Their couriers pick up cargo, parcels and letters from senders all over the world then supply to the TSM’s office and only after that the shipment goes abroad. So there are some packing parcel rules for sending boxes with different items. Without following them the courier may refuse to get the cargo from the sender.

Packaging requirements from UPS

UPS company provides the sender free packaging for the goods in the form of cardboard boxes in different types:

  • Express box has the next size — 315 mm * 95 mm * 460 mm. It suits for sending documents and cargo with weigh less than 13,5 kg;
  • Express tube has a trilingual form and the next size — 970 mm * 190 mm * 165 mm. It suits for sending for drawings, illustrations, posters and everything other items that can be rolled up;
  • UPS box 10 kg has the next size — 410 mm * 335 mm * 265 mm. It is suitable for parcels with weight less than 10 kg;
  • UPS box 25 kg has the next size — 484 mm * 433 mm * 350 mm. It is suitable for parcels with weight less than 25 kg;
  • UPS Express Pak has the two sizes — 450 mm * 410 mm and 325 mm * 408 mm. They are suitable for documents and shipments with a flat shape.

The only requirement for packaging of 10 kg and 25 kg shipments or while using the manufacturer’s package the sender needs to use a double pack that means the box in box. Such a way guarantees the strength increase of the container’s walls. If you send abroad, for example, the electronic goods in the manufacturer’s box, please, clean it from stickers. It should be new without damages and marks. Shoe boxes are not suitable for transportation.

If your shipment weighs more than 25 kg, make sure that the package can support the weight and volume of the cargo. Usually the manufacturer writes this information on the side of the box with a gap not less than 8 sm. The empty race is filled by special granules. If it is ok, please, tape joints of the box in three layers and fasten them by metall clips. Make a stick on the side of the package that it is a heavy load and fill the empty space between shipping and packaging by foam or corrugated cardboard instead of crumpled paper.

While sending by UPS the client must attach accompanying transport documents to the top of the box and put a duplicate of them inside the package.

As for inner packaging UPS offers:

  • air bubble wrap that consists of two fused polyethylene sheets in the form of cells filled with air. It protects fragile items from shaking during transportation and contact with other goods in the box;
  • graneles of expanded polystyrene or craft paper for filling the empty space in the box to avoid shipment’s displacement inside the package;
  • foamed polyethylene for amortization. It is suitable for packing books or wooden items to avoid rubbing and not damage the edges of the products;
  • corrugated cardboard for making cells inside the box;
  • foam for reliable fix of items inside the package.

Packaging requirements from TNT

The couriers from TNT also won’t pick up the package with damages or holes, but the company gives the senders only envelopes for documents and letters. So the sender’s box should be new, clean and dry. The size of the box must match the contents of the shipment. All stiffening ribs and the center of the package should be taped. The delivery service cares about cargo safety especially if it does not fit in a box. Sharp and dull protruding elements must be reliably wrapped.

Parcels with weight more than 23 kg must be marked with a «heavy load» sticker. If the parcel weighs over 30 kg, the company assigns an additional fee for delivery. If the weight of the shipment is over 70 kg, then such a box is fixed on a pallet.

As for irregular shaped cargo the items are placed in a plywood box with a special filler in empty spaces, fixed on a durable wooden pallet with using belts. There should be no extra marks and barcodes on the package. You also must not place the new one on top of the old marks.

Packaging requirements from DHL

In DHL type of package depends on the following characteristics:

  • fragile cargo or not;
  • necessity of protection from wet or shake;
  • special temperature regime;
  • additional packaging for liquid and bulk shipments.

As for fragile goods the client should use a double packing method. First of all you need to put the item into an air bubble wrap, place it in a box with filler, seal it with sticky tape, then put it in another box with bigger size and fill the gaps with paper, textile or filler again. The boxes must be new, clean, without unnecessary marks and have double walls for safety.

As for liquid and bulk items they are packed in four stages: firstly in sealed containers or bags, secondly in foam, thirdly wrapped with tape in several layers and only after that placed in a cardboard box.

The client must securely tape all joints and stiffeners, as well as the center of each side of the box. While using double packs, for example for electronic gadgets, there should be a gap not less than 14 sm. In DHL it is prohibited for use: twine, single–malt scotch, craft paper. If the package weighs more than 30 kg, then it needs to be tied on all sides with plastic straps.

As for electronic gadgets they should be packed one by one in each different box.

As for clothes and shoes these items should be packed in reliable cardboard boxes.

As for bulky cargo it should be wrapped and placed on pallets.

As for delivery of industrial equipment, engines, car spare parts they need to be packed in wooden boxes that are made of high–quality wood or placed on a pallet. Before shipping all these items its liquids must be drained away to avoid problems during the delivery.

DHL has separate recommendations on packaging for each type of cargo. DHL team also offers to the customers the following types of free packages:

  • envelopes with sizes: 35 * 25 * 1; 35 * 25 * 1; 33,7 * 18,2 * 10; 33,6 * 32 * 5,2;
  • boxes with sizes: 33,7 * 32,2 * 18; 33,7 * 32,2 * 34,5; 41,7 * 35,9 * 36,9; 48,1 * 40,4 * 38,9; 54,1 * 44,4 * 40,9;
  • tubes with sizes: 47,5 * 15,5 * 13,4 and 97,6 * 17,6 * 15,2.

Packaging requirements from FedEx

The FedEx express delivery company the clients can send boxes with weight not more than 68 kg and with maximum dimensions — 274 cm in length and 330 cm in width. If the weight of the parcel is more than 68 kg, it is necessary to be placed on a pallet which can keep 997 kg.

To ship heavy items through FedEx, as well as fragile goods, it is necessary to pack them by the «box in box» method with a gap of 8 cm. This empty space should be filled by special material.

As for delivery of bottles with liquid must be placed vertically and between them should stay cardboard separators for stability.

Different transport companies have their own requirements and don’t worry the TSM manager will inform you about the packing rules according to the type of your cargo. Please, go to the delivery service website, contact the manager and leave an application for international transportation.

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