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How to send a parcel to another city

The question of how to send a parcel to another city is becoming more and more relevant with the development of Internet communication. The owners of recently opened online stores and small manufacturing factories, the novice online shoppers, organizers of joint purchases, and people who have many friends in different cities of the world often question themselves “How?”.

We will tell you how delivery services work, what way is more profitable to send a parcel and track it. Sometimes, the knowledge of non-obvious nuances in work of carriers makes it faster and easier to make a return of the goods that have not fitted the online store, or more profitable to organize the shipment of gifts, personal property, etc.

How do I prepare a package for shipment?

Every adult knows that before you send a parcel, you need  carefully to pack its contents. The better you wrap your things, the less risk of damage is. Each transport company or courier service has its own packaging requirements. It is enough to bring the cargo in a strong bag for some, while others ask to put it in a box or a plastic bag of a certain type. In any case, the operator needs to check the contents of the parcel and make sure that there are no prohibited items inside, especially when sending abroad. After the inspection, the cargo will be sealed with a special tape or packed in some other way.

The most common types of packaging are cardboard boxes and plastic bags. They are sold in places where parcels are received, and prices vary depending on the region and the service conditions.

Bags are used for clothing, soft toys, and other items that cannot be crushed or broken. They are marked, the address of the recipient, the point of issue or other information that can be used to determine the cargo destination are also given on the bags.

It is advisable to wrap fragile objects with air-bubble wrap, foam, and additional sheets of paper. Be sure to make a note on the packaging about the need for careful handling or use stickers with special symbols.

If you are concerned about the safety of your things, you should entrust the packaging to the specialists of the postal service, who act according to professional instructions and select the best materials.

How much does it cost to send a package?

To send a parcel, you first need to weigh and measure it. It is the weight and size that determine the cost of delivery. The tariff is also affected by:

  • type of sending (auto, air, railway, courier, express);
  • type of packaging (standard, custom, etc.);
  • declared value and insurance;
  • remoteness of the places of departure and destination.

The websites of transport and courier companies have calculators that allow you to make a preliminary calculation of the cost of sending. To find out the price yourself, just fill in the appropriate fields (country and city of destination; weight, height, length, width, etc.).

For example, a customer wants to send the product that was not suitable for you from Orel to Moscow by one of the transport companies in Russia — DPD. We put down the city of departure and destination, the weight and volume of the parcel in the calculator. For example, 1 kg; 0.4 m2. The website immediately shows the price of transportation. The postal article with the declared price of 1 ruble will cost 1,804.80 rubles. If you increase the amount of the declared price to 1000 rubles, the price of transportation will not change, and if 10 000, the price of transportation will increase to 1852.80 rubles. This delivery of the parcel in Russia by DPD will be carried out in just 1 day.

A check mark next to the word "fragile" in the calculator increases the cost of the service in some companies. Even if the cities are relatively close, the transportation will still be more expensive, although the delivery time does not change.

Things are different with the registration of parcels abroad. Here, the speed of transportation may differ significantly depending on the selected tariff. PEC is no longer engaged in delivery abroad, you need to look for another company or arrange courier delivery. For example, let's calculate how much it will cost to send a cargo of 1 kg from Moscow to Germany, to the city of Cologne by DHL. Sending a kilogram shipment with a minimum size will cost 6754 rubles with 1-day delivery.

Before choosing a carrier, you should compare the rates and conditions of different companies. It is often possible to deliver goods to  Russia and abroad in significantly different terms at the same price.

Tariffs for sending parcels and letters

Basic tariffs for sending parcels and letters are easy to find on the websites of delivery services. However, customers usually find out the cost of additional services only when they register. Related services include: SMS notification, packaging, additional labeling, insurance, delivery by cash on delivery.

Shipping tariffs within the country

You can see the ways in which goods are sent, the classes of parcels and the prices in the online calculator. It is enough to enter the names of the cities of the sender and the addressee — the carrier's website will offer tariffs and calculate the price.

Additional services and special conditions can increase the cost of sending parcels: delivery to hard-to-reach areas, assignment of the declared cost, return, etc.

Transport companies send parcels across Russia in different ways. First, as part of the combined cargo. This option involves road transport. Parcels from different senders are stored in the warehouse until the vehicle going in the right direction is fully packed. Secondly, delivery by air (the fastest option). Important documents or items that need to be delivered safely in person are sent by couriers who are fully responsible for this.

Tariffs for sending abroad

You can find out the price of a parcel sent outside of Russia in the same way as for transportation within the country. It is enough to enter the regions of departure and destination in the online calculator on the website of the transport company or courier service. Do not forget to specify the correct weight of the cargo (with packaging).

Let us have a look at a package weighing 1 kg, sent to the city of Guangzhou, China.

DPD will deliver the package according to the DPD CLASSIC international EXPORT tariff, the price of services will be from 4168.95 rubles, delivery will take 5 days.

DHL offers different options. It will cost 8237 rubles to send a parcel with documents from the office. Delivery time – starting from 3 days.

Knowing the tariffs of different companies, you can find the most suitable option for the cost and time of transportation. Interestingly, the cargo can`t be sent by plane to all countries. For example, you can only deliver by road to Abkhazia. But you can send a parcel from Russia only by airmail to Georgia, Australia or Armenia.

How much does it cost to send a book post?

If you need to deliver documents or correspondence, it is better to send them by book post. This is a type of a letter that has an impressive weight. Inside there may be a stack of papers, a magazine, advertising brochures, manuscripts, books, photos. The maximum weight of the book post during transportation in Russia is 2 kg, abroad — 5 kg.

Book posts can be simple and have a declared value. The latter involves cargo insurance in case of loss. The amount of the declared value affects the tariff. The larger it is, the more expensive the shipment will cost.

If the post item with the same dimensions as a book post has no correspondence inside, it is classified as a small package. They most often run from China to Russia. Numerous products purchased in online stores are sent to us: electronics, household items, office supplies, clothing. If the Russians do not like them for some reason, then they issue refunds. You can send a low-quality or unsuitable item to the seller through any delivery service, the main thing is to choose a more favorable tariff.

How fast can I send a parcel to China and how much does it cost?

When delivery times matter, it is better to use the services of air couriers. These are special services whose employees are engaged in express transportation. You can arrange a parcel in this delivery service in a convenient way. First, call the courier at home. The specialist will issue a parcel from Russia, issue a cash receipt and report the track number, which is used to track the shipment status. Secondly, you can come to the office and do everything with the help of an operator.

For example, let's compare the conditions of different companies.

Sending a parcel weighing 0.5 kg from Moscow to Guangzhou

Service Delivery time Approx. price
Pony Express 6–8 days 4608 rub
DHL 3 business days 7171 rub

As you can see from the table, the DHL price is almost twice as high as the one offered by Pony Express. But there is a chance that the recipient will pick up the cargo in 3 days after sending. Many companies don't allow you to make an online calculation of cargo transportation in Guangzhou. To find out the price of sending a parcel, you need to make an individual request.

It is also important to remember that the final price may differ from the preliminary (approximate) one, since the basic calculation does not include the cost of additional services. You will need to pay extra for the notification of the parcel delivery, the declared value and other related work.

Another way to quickly send parcels from Moscow and Russian regions to China is courier delivery. It is especially necessary in case of an emergency need for forwarding. In this case, only air service is used, the cargo is transferred personally to the recipient. This is the most reliable way to ensure the safety of things.

How much does it cost to send the cargo by a transport company?

If you are thinking about how to send a large package to another city, you should consider the options offered by transport companies. More often, their services are used by entrepreneurs engaged in wholesale purchases. Businessmen send parcels in large containers. Individuals are offered the delivery of combined cargo, which can include clothing, bicycles, dishes, souvenirs and other goods. Popular transport companies include: TC KIT, SDEK, "Business Lines", PEC.

Each company has its own price for parcels in Russia and abroad. You can find out the rates on the official websites of the carriers through an online calculator.

Sending parcels weighing only up to 20 kg

The popular Russian postal service is state-owned, but there are many restrictions. In particular, the maximum package size can`t exceed 1.9 x 1.3 x 3.5 m, weight - 20 kg for parcels in Russia. Cargo weighing more than 30 kg and with a length of more than 1.5 m can`t be sent abroad. Theoretically, a large and heavy item can be shipped, but not in any department. Most often, such goods are processed at points located near railway stations.

Size is not the only postal restriction. There is a wide list of prohibited items for forwarding. This includes dangerous and explosive substances, chemicals, and dozens of other items. It is better to clarify the full list before packing, so that there are no misunderstandings.

What are the types of shipments?

As there are different ways to send a parcel in Russia and abroad, so there are different types of shipments. They are usually divided into letters, book post, small packages, parcels.

Types of book posts

As mentioned above, a book post is a format for sending paper attachments. Its weight is 0.1-5 kg. There are simple, registered, class 1 and valuable book posts.

Simple book post

This method is suitable when you need to send cheap attachments. There is no provision for insurance, assignment of the declared value, or notification of delivery. A track number is issued. The recipient must come to the pick-up point for such a parcel.

Registered book post

It allows you to send valuable attachments. It comes with a notification of receipt, so it is important to hand the book post in person to the addressee or his representative (by proxy). As in the first option, the sender is given a track number to track.

Class 1 booking post

Class 1 departures reach their destinations by plane or by the fastest way possible, if there is no air service. The book post is delivered to the addressee personally. A notification, which the recipient must sign is provided.

Valuable book post

It is a registered shipment that is used to transport valuable attachments. The declared price must be specified. This allows you to receive compensation in case of loss of the book post. The amount of compensation includes postage and the estimated amount.

Types of parcels

A parcel is a universal type of postal item in Russia and around the world. The following can be transported in it:

  • printed products;
  • electronics, home appliances;
  • clothing, textiles, haberdashery;
  • household items.

Parcels can be packed in boxes and plastic bags. The first option often involves the use of fillers to protect fragile objects. The second one is suitable for unbreakable shipments.

The sender receives a tracking number for tracking.

The parcel may have a declared value, which is partially or fully compensated in case of loss of the cargo. If necessary, you can order an SMS notification service. If the items are sent in Russia, they accept cash on delivery.

Parcels in Russia

Parcels going through Russia may contain any attachments, except for prohibited ones.

It is easy to reduce the cost of delivering items of non-standard dimensions and large weight by dividing the parcel into several small ones. But this is only possible if the contents of the cargo are several items or consist of parts. Serious transport companies help to solve the problem of transporting bulky and heavy items (over 1000 kg). For example, TSM partners transport such goods on pallets, wrapped with suitable packaging roll materials.

Parcels abroad

Parcels abroad are issued taking into account the same standards for weight and dimensions. However, even with the same shipping distances within Russia and around the world, the transportation time may be longer, since some time is needed to pass through customs.

Small packages

Small packages are small shipments weighing no more than 2 kg. Such cargos are sent mainly abroad. This option is not suitable for sending fragile items.

The minimum size of a small package is 105 x 148 mm, because it is difficult to put a sticker on a smaller envelope to indicate the recipient and sender`s addresses.

The maximum size of a small package is calculated by adding the values of length, width, and height. The total indicator should not exceed 90 cm. The maximum length is 60 cm. Canvases, posters or drawings in rolls (tubes) also have size restrictions.

When sending small packages abroad, customers are required to indicate the declared value. In addition, they must complete the CN 22 declaration.

Registered small packages

The main difference of small registered packages lies in the fact that they are assigned international track numbers, which consist of 13 characters. If the speed of delivery is important, packages are sent by airmail. When it is important to record the fact of delivery, the recipient is given a notification in which he is obliged to sign. This notification is then returned to the sender.

International 13-digit track numbers consist of numbers and letters. The codes of shipments going through Russia have only digital components. These numbers are indicated on the checks that are issued at the time of registration of parcels. If the receipt is lost, it can be restored at the office where the service was issued.

Express shipments by EMS

EMS shipments are parcels that are delivered in a short time. Shipments can be processed at post offices. At the same time, you should specify that express delivery is required. Also, EMS shipments are processed in specialized departments and couriers who travel to customers at requests (to their home or office). To call a courier, call the nearest service office. EMS shipments are provided with 13-digit track numbers. However, it is important to understand that this service is significantly inferior to the comfort of using courier services

To issue an EMS parcel, the sender must make an application, specifying:

  • last name, first name, patronymic;
  • sending date;
  • home or office address;
  • contact phone number;
  • comment (if necessary).

The courier will contact the sender using the phone number from the request to specify the arrival time. They will bring with them the documents that you need to fill out. When the sender pays for the service, the courier will pick up the parcel and provide a receipt with the track number.

Everyone can calculate the price of sending on the online calculator. To do this, select the "Courier" option. It is interesting to note that parcels smaller than 60 x 70 cm can be packed for free.

Is there always a track number?

When issuing a letter, book post or parcel, transport and courier companies issue receipts for payment for services. In such a document, a numeric or alphanumeric number is always indicated. You can use it to track shipments in Russia. Whether the route of the parcel abroad will be known depends on the shipment class. Small packages are usually not tracked abroad, and the location of valuable and registered ones can always be found by tracking. If it is important for you to know at what stage the delivery is, it is better to inform the operator about it at the time of registration.

How can I save money when sending a parcel?

It can be very expensive to send a parcel abroad. To save money, you can do the following:

  • compare prices of multiple delivery services and choose the best option;
  • prefer a favorable price to the speed of delivery (ideally, if the deadline does not matter);
  • send a large package with several small ones.

Managers of companies that provide services give their customers advice on how to reduce the transportation price.

What about customs clearance?

If you need to send a parcel abroad, the first thing is to fill out the customs declaration CN 22. This is a small sticker containing several graphs. The lines with the shipment name and the cost must be filled in in Latin letters. Information about the weight is entered by the delivery service employee after weighing the parcel.

You can fill out the declaration form remotely on the website and print it yourself. This will significantly save the time of registration.

When sending cargo with the help of transport companies abroad, you can entrust the filling of declarations to managers who will do everything for you. This is very convenient: it saves time, eliminates the risk of errors when filling out forms.

How to pack?

The parcel will go through loading, unloading, marking, warehousing on its way. Unfortunately, not every employee in the logistics chain is as careful as possible about shipments. In addition, there are various risks on the road. Therefore, it is advisable to provide for all possible unforeseen situations and carefully prepare things for shipment. It is best to pack valuable and fragile goods.

Do not use your own boxes and packages of arbitrary colors and sizes, it is more correct to take the packaging that is offered by the delivery service. Do not immediately seal the parcel, especially going abroad. According to the current rules, the employee of the transport company or the courier needs to make sure that there is nothing prohibited inside the package. Do not try to cheat. In any case, the shipments are carefully scanned by a scanner or manually by security personnel at airports and customs officers at checkpoints.

Issuing and sending a parcel

Once you have decided on the service that will send the package to the recipient, pay due attention to the issuing process. If you don't know what data you need, call the selected cargo carrier and specify that. Find out the working hours and the time when it is better to come, so as not to get into a large queue (if you don't call the courier to your place).

Let's figure out what data is needed to send a parcel by mail:

  • last name, first name, patronymic of the recipient and sender;
  • exact recipient and sender addresses;

* postal codes of the recipient and sender addresses;

  • phone numbers of the recipient and sender.

Now let's see what data the recipient needs to send the parcel by a transport or courier company to the pick-up point:

  • last name, first name, patronymic of the recipient;
  • contact phone number.

Additional details of the recipient will be needed if you send the parcel to a person`s home, office or other place-it is important to specify the exact address. As you can see, the conditions for providing information are much more loyal for courier and transport companies.

Useful tips

We suggest taking into account a few useful tips to quickly, simply and correctly send a parcel.

  • If you want to completely save yourself the hassle of sending your parcel, it is better to entrust the work to commercial express carriers that provide a full range of services — from the courier`s arrival and filling out forms to insurance and customs support.
  • It will be faster to send a parcel to Russia or abroad at the beginning of the business day. There are usually fewer people willing to process the cargo in the morning, and you don't have to wait. The best option is to call a courier, who will arrange everything and pick up the parcel.
  • Do not forget your passport. It is more difficult to send a parcel without the document, you will have to spend more time, send it later or on another day.
  • It is useful to have cash. There may be a hardware failure, the terminal may not work, and you will have to go in search of an ATM.
  • If you send several packages, you need to fill out the appropriate number of forms.
  • The attachment inventory should be presented to the specialist in an open form, so that they can verify the contents of the cargo.
  • Keep a payment receipt — it contains a track number that can be used to track the parcel movement. Take a picture of the code if you are afraid of losing the receipt.

No matter which service provider you contact, make sure that the forms are filled out correctly. Due to an error in the last name or first name, the recipient won't be able to pick up the parcel, and due to an incorrect address, it won't reach the right place at all.

How do I track the movement of a sent parcel?

Now let`s talk about how you can send a parcel to another city, but at the same time know exactly which way it is moving. The track number allows you to control the movement. You can use it to learn step by step:

  • what the geographical location of your post item is;
  • at what processing stage the cargo is at a particular transshipment point;
  • what the approximate date when the parcel will arrive at the delivery point is.

Some transport companies may even show the current location of the cargo on the map.

The ability to track parcels is especially relevant for buyers who want to send the goods back to the seller. This option will allow them to understand when the purchased item will be in place, in order to promptly remind themselves and demand a refund. This feature is also useful for eliminating the recipient's bad faith.

There are several ways to find out the status of a parcel. This can be done on the delivery service's website or on third-party specialized sites.

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