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No problems with customs: how TSM transport company delivers parcels from the USA to Russia in 2023

Many Russians moved to America in 2023. Most of them still have relatives in the Russian Federation, so the demand for the delivery of parcels with gifts for beloved ones that stay in the Motherland has grown greatly in transport companies. DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS refused to serve the territory of Russia and therefore people were left in a hopeless situation. The problem was solved by the express delivery courier service Time Saving Machine, which has been carrying out international transportation around the world since 2014 and in 2023 found a legal way for parcel shipping from the USA to Russia.

What happens when a customer puts items in a parcel without the manager’s knowledge

The TSM manager took a call from a Los Angeles resident that sent a request for delivery from the USA to Russia in the Spring of 2023. The client was planning to send a parcel to Russia with marmalade and baby food to relatives. The manager of Time Saving Machine transport company explained that for calculating terms and cost of international shipping the customer needs to provide the following information:

  • when the cargo will be forwarded to the courier for delivery from the USA to Russia;
  • wishful terms and time of transportation;
  • dimensions and weight of the parcel;
  • description and photos of each item in the box;
  • exact address of the cargo collection in America with postcode;
  • exact delivery address in Russia with postcode;
  • sender’s contacts in Los Angeles — first and last name, phone number and e–mail;
  • recipient’s contacts in Moscow.

When the client completed this form, the manager offered the customer the following tariffs for sending parcels from the USA to Russia in 2023:

  • urgent delivery by air courier in 4–6 working days;
  • standard way of sending parcel in 10–15 working days;
  • economy variant of transportation in 21–28 working days.

The shipping time does not include the day of application registration, weekends and holidays, as well as the time spent at customs, but includes the following service:

  • help of a personal assigned manager with the preparation of documents for customs. It is important to complete the documents correctly because 10 packages of sanctions have been put against Russia and restricted delivery to this country not only for trade, but also as gifts;
  • selection of a reliable type of package. The TSM courier service team has been shipping parcels and documents all over the world since 2014 and got a huge experience in packaging for fragile cargo, paintings, art objects, books, clothes, footwear, medicines, electronics and food;
  • delivery by courier from hand to hand. The sender does not need to take the parcel and look for the office of the transport company. The TSM courier arrives to pick up the cargo in America and delivers the parcel to the recipient in Russia at any convenient place;
  • tracking the movement of the parcel along the logistics route through communication with the assigned personal manager and by track number.

The client chose the second option and quickly concluded a contract with the courier service. The document has legal force, contains information on delivery and serves as a guarantee of shipping from the USA to Russia. After the contract was concluded -  it was time for mutual settlements. Logistics delivery services do not put the courier on the delivery route without 100% payment.

On the appointed day the courier came to the sender and took the parcel with sweets. However the logistics operator’s team failed the delivery in a quick way.  It turned out that the client put medicines in the parcel and did not tell the personal manager about it. The customs inspectors were already ready to turn the goods back to the sender and impose a fine, but the situation was resolved by the manager. A TSM manager quickly reproached the documents and the cargo was released from customs. The parcel arrived from Los Angeles to Moscow without delay.

Questions that worried the customer while making an application for the delivery of sweets and medicines from the USA to Russia:

  • How to pay for delivery of sweets and medicines from the USA to Russia

Courier company Time Saving Machine practices online payment methods with a bank card. The transport company has a currency account, so the courier firm accepts money in any currency in the world.

  • How to track parcel movements from the USA to Russia?

When the courier picks up the parcel from the sender, the manager provides the client with a tracking number, which can be used for tracking the movement of the parcel along the delivery route. Monitoring is also available through communication with the manager, because an employee of the transport company monitors the progress of transportation.

Review of parcel delivery from America to Russia

Every week, a specialist from the quality control department calls Time Saving Machine's customers to get feedback on the urgent international delivery service.

The review that the quality control department received from the client by phone after ordering courier delivery of sweets and medicines from the USA to Russia:

«Thank you for your help in solving the customs issue. I will use the TSM service in future. I liked it».

Do not you know which courier service to choose for the delivery of a parcel to Russia? Trust the delivery of gifts to relatives in Russia with a reliable TSM service. Contact with manager and leave a request for international transportation in one of the following forms:

  • in online chat on the company’s website;
  • in the WhatsApp and Telegram messengers;
  • by phone call;
  • or by e–mail.

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